More bizarre transfer rumours have been circulating this week and hot on the heels of the Jermain Defoe / Craig Bellamy swap deal, came an unlikely suggestion that John Terry will be forced out of Stamford Bridge at the end of the season, with White Hart Lane a likely destination.

While we may be unhappy to finish fifth, over in West London, when you don’t win the title, they expect the manager to be sacked and a clearout of half of the first team. So you can see Abramovich making sweeping changes at Chelsea, but it seems far fetched to say the least to expect England’s new captain to be in a Lilywhite shirt for 2011-12.

Theoretically though, would you welcome a player of Terry’s ability to the Spurs squad, or would his past misdemeanors and history with Ledley King be too much for you?



  1. he may be a total cunt but that has nothing to do with football and if you was looking for a strong cb that ticks all the boxes then yes please and thank you very much….End of the day you build from the back the winners of the league always have a strong back 4 and keeper and then a strong box to box to cm and that forms the spine of your team…..

  2. Can you imagine him at Spurs, I bet all the players won`t invite him round for dinner, they would be thinking on the lines of chelsea where ever you maybe dont let your wife near john Terry.Anyway he is one Arse hole scum, do not need him, let him go to Arse-anal, dont think he has tried french bit on the side yet.

  3. I wouldn’t want him at spurs. If he was out injured, and I was down the lane cheering on the boys, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the game knowing that the wife was home all alone. The worse kind of modern footballer. Overpaid and immoral. It’s in his genes. His whole family are scumbags.

  4. I fucking hate Terry, the shifty eyed cunt can stay where he belongs sucking his best mate Lamps off, fucking wanker.

  5. Well we all have one thing in common the twat is a cunt ,
    signing him ? no thanks he is well past his best and havent
    we got enough centre backs now ! when there all fit .
    Thanks to Nicko though ha ha well funny and so true .


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