At the risk of making myself about as popular as the West Ham supporters on here last week I ask the question, ‘Would you be tempted to cash in on Gareth Bale?’

Gareth put pen to paper on a new deal in the week and that showed what we all know – that he loves it here at the Lane. However, that won’t stop the transfer rumours coming back once this season is over.

We all know what a genius this player is and how exciting it is to watch him in full flow. Not only does he win games and scores goals, the thrill that he brings when he’s on the ball is a throwback to some of the other great players of the recent past – Waddle, Ginola, Anderton (when fit and firing). He’s a player in the Tottenham mould, that’s for sure.

However, there was something inevitable about his latest hamstring injury and although no-one at Spurs will be particularly sorry about his absence for Wales at the weekend, he risks missing vital league games and at least one of the ties against Real Madrid.

So what do we have – a genius whose can turn it on consistently season after season, or an injury prone player who other teams are starting to work out?

We all know where the squad needs strengthening and some new faces up front are badly needed for the new season. No-one really can say what transfer fee he would command, but £40m would be a decent war chest for Harry to go spending with. Add to that the money Levy has promised and a few quid for our current strike force and that’s a tidy sum. Next season, after a few injuries that £40m could come down, and the clubs that spend that sort of money may have lost interest.

Spurs should no longer have to sell their best players and I wouldn’t advocate this for Modric, but he turns it on week in week out. I love watching Bale in full flow and I hope he stays fit and keeps doing it for years. I’m not saying this is a good idea, I’m just asking the question – at what point would an offer for Bale be too good to turn down?



  1. I for one wouldn’t swap Bale for Torres at the moment and Torres was £50m. If I was Harry, I might be tempted by Torres + £10-20m though, so I guess £65m might do it. If Bale is happy to stay, though, I wouldn’t cash in for any money as it sends out the wrong signals…

  2. Bale has just signed a new 4 and half year contract, and said everyone wants to stay and be successful at the club
    We are not talking Arsenal here where every player they have, it seems, has had enough and wants out because they cant stand not winning anything, Fabregas for instance is desperate to get out and once he goes they all will. Wenger has lost all the players respect in the dressing room, and arsenal will struggle next season

  3. why dont u F**K off asking stupid bloody questions
    and stop annoying your own supporters
    Exceptfor the ones who dont go, and ar part timers,these ar the ones who would sell their grandmother to so they think it would bring us to the so called next F******G level
    crap and this is crap


  5. 40 million???? F*** OFF! If we did the unthinkable, then about 70-80 million would be acceptable. Bale would be irreplaceable, and clubs would hold us to ransom knowing the money we have available from his sale. Barring a dramatic loss of form or a serious run of injuries, its better we keep him until his contract runs out than ever sell.

  6. It comes down to many variables really. At the moment the Brand of Bale is huge, he is the next phenomenon.

    Not only is he the biggest impact player we have on top of that their will be Shirt sales, sponsorship, TV rights that put Tottenham probably with the football they have played this season at the very top of broadcasters wish list.

    There is no price whilst he wants to stay at Spurs.

  7. Recession = £140mil

    He is still worth more because he can assist 8 goals per game (just that our strikers are average)

  8. i dont know what price i would accept for bale, but it would certainly cost tottenham my support. fuck being a selling club anymore.

  9. Bale is still potential. He has had three or four fantastic games (so did rocket ronnie -= remember v’s Southampton 3 x 30 yard screamers?),whilst not negating age differential. Bale is young but this hype surrounding him is nothing short of ridiculous. He has the ‘potential’ to be a world class player, but isn’t yet and has a lot to prove and long way to go yet. He has been marked out the game far more than running a game. I think he has done the sensible thing by wanting to develop further for us. Due to the fact he is still potential and his potential on-going back problems (look at Rio and Gerrard when they were younger) that may affect him for years – therefore, 50m and he’s yours! Only be Barcelona and City (not a chance for City) would be stupid enough to pay that money for potential with a risk of injuries over next three four years. Lets face it for 50m you could buy half the Brazil under 21 team!!! Would you not swap 50% of Brazil under 21 for Bale (for example), I would!!

  10. £2.40 for me i want a larger and I am all out of cash!

    Is that sounding as stupid as your question?…ask a stupid question get a stupid reply!

  11. Why are we even debating these articles??? You think Man U fans debate whether Rooney or Nani or Vidic is for sale and at what price they would sell him??? They don’t! If we want to be considered a big team then these articles need to stop appearing! As i want my team to move forward and try and win things, I wouldn’t want Bale to leave! He has an understanding with van der Vaart, Modric, Lennon and consistency is what we need! the reason why we have always underachieved is because we were never consistent! When we were just starting to get somewhere our best players in Keane and Berbatov left- remember what happened then??? And thinking about it we still haven’t replaced them especially the one who actually scored the winner AGAIN for Man U!COYS!

  12. Some players have worked out that if he is near the touchline, he can be stopped by barging him into touch, but he can get round that by cutting in from the touchline.

    I think Crouch has got a bigger prob now that the continentals have worked out how to play him

  13. Considering that Bale has just signed a new contract. I just thought that new contracts just put up the price on a player.
    However I think taht Gareth is one of those rare footballers that actually enjoys playing football with the money aspect coming second.
    He has a lot of growing up to do, so I believe he will be playing for Spurs next season.
    Harry R will probably become England manager after the Euro 2012 finals and perhaps after that Bale will feel it’s time to move on. We will see, and whatever the opinion of us fans, Spurs and Bale will do what they think is best for them. The fans don’t really, at the end of the day count for much.

  14. I won’t swear in my reply but I do agree with other posters criticisng this article – if you put this question of our past great players who were so important in the victories and honours they won for us, like Mckay, Blanchflower, Jones, White, Greaves, Ardiles, Hoddle, Villa, and so on, it only serves to illustrate our fall as a once great club and the present state of the game.

  15. I would not sell bale I would sign him on the same contract as messi with a buy out clause of 250m for messi and for bale at 100m.

  16. As a Man utd fan I think bale is good, bit not as good as you spurs fans think he is! He is worth about 25 million MAX! He is good but inconsistent

    • £25 Mill: That makes him far too expensive for your lot then, so we wont need to worry when the rumours start that SAF want’s him!


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