When it comes to games between Spurs and Wigan there isn’t a great deal of ‘previous’. No obscure league cup ties from the 1970s crop up, so at the risk of being obvious when you think of a memorable win over Roberto Martinez’ men, there’s only one place to go.

On 22nd of November 2009, Wigan travelled to the Lane and what happened that day astonished every single member of the crowd. I had personally witnessed the 9-0 over Bristol Rovers in 1978, but I had never expected to see Spurs chalk up nine goals in the Premier League.

Crouch scored the opener and at half time it was just 1-0 and the second half deluge was unexpected to say the least. When people look at the score in years to come they will point at Defoe’s five goals (three more than he has in the league this season).  However the real architect was Aaron Lennon, who tormented ex-Spur Erik Edman and laid Defoe’s goals on the proverbial plate.

Lennon found the net himself before strikes from Bentley (via Kirkland) and Kranjcar sealed the incredible win. At the other end, Paul Scharner pulled one back on 57 minutes with a blatant handball.



  1. Oh happy days this was before defending in numbers had swept into the premiership. Now when Defoe gets in the box there is eight Eric Edmons waiting and the Goalkeeper in World class form even though he has helped get is team in the bottom three. This funny old game is now a shocking game every week and the biggest smiles every week belong to the bookmakers making loads of money on games. No not through betting scams but energised Teams in relegation trouble all raising there game and causing the biggest energy relegation battle in Football history caused by panic from Managers and Players not wanting to leave the money laden pemiership and the status it commands . The sad fall out from this fear is long injuries caused by players whose only thought is to get the ball back has quick has they can legal or not. The most saddest thing of all is damaged hearts through running beyond there hearts capacity’s the latest a young under 21 player luckily suffering from palpitations this time. So i expect Wigan to be running far beyond there capacity’s and if we don’t score first then we will face a difficult game from another desperate team. COYS

    • oh let it go dav. not every player is on drugs. saying there all on drugs is saying none of them have any talent and that they need drugs to play well

  2. I thought Scharner showed a good sense of humour after the match when talking about his handball goal. If you recall, this game was around the time France beat Ireland off of Henry’s handball assist, and there some calls for that game to be replayed.

    After the 9-1 pasting, Scharner admits to handling and offers Spurs a replay! Made me chuckle.


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