Somewhat predictably there’s something of a Harry backlash today and although most of it is thoughtful and considered, the odd headline uses phrases such as ‘losing the dressing room.’

The Telegraph in particular seems to have it in for Redknapp and after printing a piece by Alan Hansen before the Madrid game suggesting he had taken Tottenham as far as he could, an article by Jason Burt claims that he has reached a ‘crossroads’.

Amongst other things, the article says: “Redknapp has also reached a crossroads. Aged 64, he may be experiencing unprecedented success, but he doesn’t appear to be enjoying it.

“He looks like a man who is ill at ease, perhaps betraying a growing tension between him and the Spurs chairman, Daniel Levy, while also knowing that there is a significant groundswell of support that he should be the next England manager.”

It then goes on to suggest that the England job is an inevitable destination: “If things go according to plan, then Redknapp will succeed Fabio Capello as England manager after Euro 2012 but football rarely works to smooth timetables.

“The knowledge that he is likely to go may, at some point, hasten that departure while one of the astonishing features of the reaction to the 4-0 defeat to Real has been the anger directed at Redknapp by Spurs supporters. That will not have gone unnoticed by Levy, who reads emails sent to him and often responds.”

Why the Telegraph has chosen to lead the crusade is unclear, but does Harry to continue to be backed or should, as the paper suggests, Levy move to replace him before 2012?



  1. leave alone, i am happy with what Spurs have done in the last 2 seasons if i`m honest. I am not saying that is completely down to harry he inherited a team that just needed organizing properly, to be fair though he did it well and quickly. He plugged a gap in defense with Gallas and got in Van the man both on the cheep. he got Gareth believing in himself and has assisted in turning around Gomez. so all in all not sure who would do a better al round job? suggestions?

    • Redknapp has got nothing to do with the success of Gareth Bale. He is extremely talented and was always going to be a top player. Let us not forget that Harry Redknapp refused to play Bale and wanted to shift him out of the club until he was forced to play him following the injury to Assou Ekotto. I also remember Redknapp being openly critical of Bale to the media and stating that he had not progressed as he thought he would. Also the signing of Van Der Vaart was more down to Daniel Levy than Harry Redknapp.

        • No, he’s saying, your giving Arry too much credit. Bale was excellent at southampton. Infact most players we brought to Tottenham were great, but for some reason they could’nt play at spurs. Why.

  2. Who gives a f**k what the media think. I certainly don’t. What do they know? It’s only their bullsh*t opinions. And who cares what Hansan thinks? Has he managed in the champions league??? Stop reading and dealing in rumours and opinions I say. But that’s just MY opinion lol

  3. Utter crap.
    Redknapp isn’t ready for the England job until he’s won something significant with Spurs anyway – or the media will remind us of that fact everytime he has a poor England game.
    If they’re trying to manufacture a situation where he gets sacked, appointed England boss and then lined up to be sacked again, then they’re doomed to failure at the moment frankly. He’s the first coach to get Spurs to 4th in over 20 years and the first to get them into the champions league ever… and on course to do it again – so I think he’s got more time on his side than any other manager.
    He had a crap managerial performance on Tuesday, but he does have one bad match out of every 10 or so… but he is human. Losing the dressing room? More like figuring out who’s up to the job and who clearly isn’t! (Mr Jenas… after you…)


  5. It comes with the terrotory really…Rednapp opts to use arguably the least esteemed of all daily smut rags (the sun)to play his media hand…deep down, i reckon he has done as much as he can with us. The amount of time he dedicates to conferences -radio shows and news papers is in stark contrast to that of all the managers which currently surround him …Ferguson-Mancini-ancelotti even dare is sa ‘the fraggle’ all have one thing in common…class! Rednapp does nothing to endear himself to us, evrery chance he gets he speaks sarcastically/dismissively of our wants or needs. Needless to say he has previous in the ‘anti spurs fan’ stakes..Funnily enough the media speak of our 2 points from 8 games, always,always without mentioning that we finished back to back seasons in 5th. I am a lifetime spurs fan, never have supported Harry, judt respected his tenureship as an external member of the faith…club first!!!!


  6. Redknapp has been fantastic for us. Some of his decisions recently though have been poor – the biggest is taking an in form Modric and moving him to the left – and then playing Jenas in this critical role. Even though Harry is 64, the reality is that he has not had that many BIG games – and even though it is strange to say it, he will hopefully learn this soon enough. He is an odd fellow, but you can’t argue with the facts. He did fantastic to take us out of relegation, took us to 4th and this year we are still in with a fighting chance of 4th again – not to mention Champions League quarters – so if you just evaluate him on the raw facts, it would be crazy to get rid of him. Remember, many had misgivings on Jol – and Ramos was the tactical genius. Look what that got us.

    • Well said! This journey is as new to Harry as it is to the players as it is to us the fans- HARRY IS GOING TO MAKE MISTAKES! To become better you need to learn from your mistakes and to be fair Harry has had to learn so quickly because i didn’t expect us to make the jump to 4th so quickly and i don’t think he did either!Sir Alex made mistakes to get to where he is now and still does make mistakes- We as fans need to support the team and manager- for the first time we actually have some sort of consistency in terms of manager, player selection (thats really hard to get with a team as injury prone as Spurs)etc, This season has been in no way a failure and whatever happens we should get behind everyone at the club as we all want the same thing- SUCCESS!COYS!

  7. The most telling thing for me is that the day after a 4-0 drubbing by Real, our manager was where? On the TV again, for the Chelsea Man U game. Can you honestly see Wenger, Fergie, Mancini, Ancelotti or Jose himself doing this? No, and not just because they’d be too ashamed to, but because I think they’d be too busy working on putting things right. Going over videos, finding ways to get Defoe to score a bloody goal now and then, getting Charlie some extra sprint training to get him running faster than long shore drift!

    I am extremely grateful to Harry for what he’s achieved so far, but I wish he’d been appointed 10 years ago as I feel that he sees Spurs as his swansong in the PL before taking the England job or going off to Qatar to clean up. He’s just not as hungry as his rivals, which is a crying shame given his obvious talent.

    • spot on mate…..nothing to do with personal taste. The fact is ,,,he has no class…top level nouse or selflessness. All qualities of an insecure no it all…he like Defoe and company cannot get enough of the lime light.not where you find many genuine winners really, basking in the suns (rays of glories) is generally where you’ll find has beens and wanna bees…

  8. Harry could of done way more and I cannot wait for him to take the england job. Maybe he can take the greedy jew with them. Buying Steven Pinaer are u taking the mic. Wheres Santo’s, why would u play jenas or even crouch over Defoe. These two take all the shine when the players are playing well. But it’s obvious they don’t want to win nathing! Who did they invest in and to cap it off, If u don’t win nathing how are u goin to get world class players in. It’s not rocket science.

    A Spurs fan who just watches.

  9. At the end of the day this is the beginning of the demise, we can only go down from here away at the Bernabeu in the champions league with a strong chance at 4th was the situation just a few weeks back.
    Now we have little chance of 4th a cricket score in the champions league. and its all because of 1 reason and something that I was adamant should have been dealt with in the summer. NO STRIKERS SIGNED.

    Fucking Pav and Defoe have well and truely ruined us in the league, Crouch ruined us with what he did the other day, and you know what fuck it, we aint going to get winning related paid bonuses for this shit unlike the spurs squad, Levy and Redknapp should have forked out the cash on someone, we will struggle until the end of the season because of this mark my words.

    And who will it hurt most us the fans

    • Jay! how do you blame everything on Pav?? Strange. Pav is another glorious reason why Harry hasnt got enough about him to take us further. The only striker capable of doing anything, yet never, ever given a chance because Harry has his little favourites who are shite! Crouch, Defoe, Jenas. Remove these and we might get somewhere.
      Thanks Harry its been fun, but too many times we suck due to a lack of tactics and team selections. We need some youth and a long term plan in our management.
      BRING in JURGEN KLINSMANN and in a few seasons we will be playing with a team of young talented, hungry players.

  10. Assumptions & speculations of a man has no justification. I am of the opinion that a manager excells with the assets (players) that go with it. As far as can be seen, he had taken over a team that was depleated with injuries (& most importantly we have a moderate financial backer who for business reasons is not a lavish & reckless spender. )What can you achieve as a manager who rigs up a makeshift side game after game just trying to make ends meet with a shoe string budget.
    Well done Harry , I salute you

    • I don’t think u know who are backer is. Joe Lewis is not a moderate financial backer mate. The man’s loaded.

  11. First of all Lennon is a COWARD
    Secondly harry is doing a decent job but this is as good as its going to get so enjoy

    • How is Lennon a coward! If you don’t feel well you don’t go to work do you! You would insult him and call him a self centered idiot if he had played and had to be taken off in 10min saying that all he cared about was playing Real Madrid and not about the team…He has played in big games already this season- AC Milan- Remember he set up the goal- without him we wouldn’t be in the quarter finals and I’m sure he wanted to play against Macelo- a left back who is known for attacking not defending and make him look like a twat! Really if the players actually knew what some fans said about them…!COYS!

  12. Some of you people are ridiculous. I don’t like Redknapp the man, but he has done a tremendous job and he still is, doing a great job. We reached the quarters finals for Christ sake, before being beaten by a side with a £80 million pound player and a £56 million pound player on the bench. We got further than the Goons and are probably going to get as far as Chelsea. We are still in contention for a Champs league place via the league, albeit we will probably fall short. But you know what, if we finish 5th that still equals our second best Premier League finish. We generally play exciting football, beaten the goons away for first time in 17 years. We also reached Wembley twice under Redknapp in previous seasons. So, we lost to one of best teams in world, get over it.

    • If thats something for a tottenham fan to be proud of then mate thats really sad. Sounds like ur happy for the no success lol.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Let’s get things into perspective. When we were 3-0 in Basel who would have thought we would have been in the Qtr Finals facing Real Madrid? This has been a season of progression even if we don’t make the Champs League again. Yes the squad needs a freshen up (particularly upfront) and I’m sure Harry and Levy have already identified their targets – let’s just hope that we strike early next window rather than leave things to the last minute.

  13. I like Harry but four things have caused this Media wicth hunt Firstly his media job has cause him to fall out with various players all season Bentley Keane Dosantos Pavlyuchenko Van der Vaart Lennon and the departed bent Taarabt have all found themselves on the end of Harry’s media job. All managers have a hard job when they have a mike pushed into there faces just after a game Harry chases the mike or the radio and his colum in the sun mean he has plent of time to say the wrong thing. This is Harry’s gaffs when Bent missed an sitter he said Sandra could have scored , I have to take Van off he is not fit to last the 90 mins Van said he is fit about Lennon he said he left it to the last min and i had to replace him he was not happy. Then he said we can win the league and ever since we have had injuries and bad form followed this statment. He then followes this up by saying we cant compete with the wages of the big clubs and now his latest one is we will not get fourth for a long time again if we fail this year and its looking hard to finish in the top four. This tells me Harry is not the next England Manager because he will get slaughtered by the press and players if he repeats is media gaffs and if i was Harry i would stay with Spurs and prove he is a great manager but second best to his son Jamie in the media circles. This is what he should do when asked about England and is players tell the media about tatics and leave his thoughts about players in the dressing room. He also needs to pick a team who play to our strenghts 442 this was his problem against Madrid he brought Defoeon at 5f 7 we had no height to get out of our area he should have brought Huddlestone on and he would have helped in defence and Palyuchenko at 6ft2 would have won a few headers that Defoe couldn’t do. Harry can get us in fourth if he stops trying to win a cup we have no chance without a fully fit Squad to pick from and at the moment we have not got that and nearly a full team out on loan has not helped our cause. in Harry we trust COYS

  14. Rednapp is our messiah – and to call for his head after taking Spurs into the champs for the first time ever? Beating the current holders, and the Italian champions, as well as the german champions and dutch champions on the way is no small feat. being beaten by Mourinho’s Real is cannot be a disgrace. Similar to Arsenal fans who called for Wenger’s head after the Barca game, fickle fans and fickler reporters……

    • At least Arsensal have decent name brand players, with the potentail of signing some great players. Can Tottenham say they can do the same lol. I am a realistic Tottenham fan who knows the club only want to take our monies and make more for themselfs.

      Harry and levy out


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