A few weeks ago we asked whether you would be happy to see Spurs take back Michael Carrick from Manchester United – a question that was met with a resounding ‘No’.

Recently there has been growing talk of another Spurs man making a return from Old Trafford, so would we be more excited at the thought of Dimitar Berbatov in a Lilywhite shirt once again?

We are all aware of the Bulgarian’s sour demeanour when he’s not a first choice, so imagine how dischuffed he feels at the moment. At present, Berbatov is the leading goalscorer in the Premier League, but despite scoring at the weekend, he is expected to lose his place once again when Wayne Rooney returns from suspension.

He is two goals ahead of City’s Carlos Tevez, but he is poised to sit glowering on the bench and if the Argentinian overtakes him in the race for the Golden Boot, then that could really be the last straw.

Sir Alex Ferguson, for his part, is reported to be ready to offload and we know that Spurs will be chasing a striker. The papers are joining up the dots and if we ignore the fact that some of them are throwing Gareth Bale into the mix, would we be happy to see Dimitar Barbatov back at the Lane?



  1. Yep the geezer is class and proven in premiership. can play 1 up on his own like he did against bolton and when we beat them with 10 men. He never gives the ball away and has good movement, Scores fabulous goals. People say he’s lazy, but it never got in the way of me enjoying the two seasons he had for us. He is a Tottenham Player and i believe he would love to return where he was treated like a king! we took teddy back and he left to go and win stuff which he immediately did. i cant blame the guy too much although painful when he left. Fantastic footballer and current top scorer in premiership. would love to see the him link up with our other cultured players i.e modric, van der vaart. Think of the skill ! bring back the berb would be better than weighing out 40m for a player that may need a season to acclimatise to the pace of the premiership!

  2. Yes definately

    He has the ability to play upfront on his own, I have never seen anyone hold up the ball as well as him, and he is a goal-scorer.

    He left us just after he won us silverware, and during a period when we were a poorer side, now he would be the missing piece.

    If not him I like the look of Edison Cavani very similar player whilst Forlan even with his age would take the premier league by storm, he has a massive point to prove and in the world cup made Suarez and Cavani look ordinary in the Uruguay Team

  3. I would take him back any day. But he won’t leave Manchester United.The moment he feels not needed, he’ll retire and work in his charity foundation…

  4. Now that’s a tough one. Would I take back the top scorer in the premiership who scored 46 goals for us in 2 seasons when our 3 forwards have all failed to deliver this season? Berba is exactly what we need and with Lennon and Bale on the flanks would score at will. Don’t blame him for going to Manchester United as he is no different to any other footballer; hated the way he did it but that’s the modern game sadly.

  5. No thanks to berba, He is a good player but selling Bale and possibly Modric is a step back even if we got berba in exchange. If we are serious about closing the gap on the other 3 we won’t ever do it by selling our young and best players to them.

  6. Hellooooooo?


    Any Spurs fan not wanting to to have either Carrick or Berbs in thier team is crazy!!

    Yeh you have modric, but we (Utd) have Anderson, Fletch, Gibson, Scholes, Et all. Football is a team game and both Carrick and Berb would be welcome additions to ANY team in the EPL.

    The questions that should be raised are “At what cost?”. Where both players would be welcome additions, to Chelsea their worth is relativelly small, where as for the bottom half of the table their worth is considerably more.

    For Spurs?? Ok admitedly their worth is relativelly small, especially due to the history between the player and club, but consider this:

    A situation arrises where either of the two before mentioned players becomes available to spurs, in a cut price (Maybe Exchange), where their value could be purelly used as a ‘Sweetener’ in Spurs favour.

    Personally as a Utd fan, id like to see Bale, Modric Et All stay at Spurs, have them confound their possition in the top 4 at City and Liverpools expense, and see both Carrick and Berb stay at Utd accepting the possition in the team they get given.

  7. Whilst I agree with all of you that his is a proven player. He also behaved like a stubborn little tyke and I would not want to see him in Spurs shirt. Last thing we need is a player who thinks he is too big for the club.

  8. I personally would take berbs back. he is a good player and would suit our style under harry i reckon. as long as he sorts out his attitude and wants to play for spurs i would buy him for maximum of 12million. i would also sell vandervaart and buy rossi. rossi offers more pace, a bigger goalscoring threat and better attitude (i have a feeling vdv is 2bigtime). i also think if we get a solid centre back (cahill of bolton) and a new goalkeeper (neuer ideally but he prob will go a superclub)we could do damage to the prem next year. my team would be
    gk- gomes(if no1 else)
    def- walker/corluka, dawson, cahill, bae
    mid- lennon, hudd/sandro, modric, bale
    att mid- rossi
    fwd- berbs

  9. Heard romours that Fergie is planning a 30mil bid plus Berb for Bale. I would take that any day, we can invest the 30mil in getting someone like Young from villa and will solved part of our striker problems

    • I heard a rumour. Brilliant. What some geezer in the pub mentioned it. By the way, Tottenham are likely to bid for Messi in the summer.

  10. Hells, yes. He puts goals in the net for fun. But what makes anyone think he’d want to come back to Spurs? He dropped us like a hot potato.

  11. Seriously does no one remember how much trouble he caused? He really won’t want to come to WHL. Get a grip… Every time he visits WHL he is booed off by all….
    Enough of this nonsense it’s a non starter.

    • Yeh and Rooney caused problems at Utd, Tevez at City, Barton at Newcastle.

      The best players sometimes come with baggage!!

      Take the list of the most influential players in the EPL. Names like Henry, Viera, Keane, Cantona, Zola, to name but a few of the higher profile cases. ALL HAD ATTITUDE PROBLEMS!!

    • Good memory,

      Ok so yeh, but it doesnt happen very often.

      I actually thought of another too. Involving Berb and a loan swap for Campbell I think it was.

      My point being that SAF will not be swapping Nani for Snieder, and will not be swapping Berb or Carrick for Bale, same as when he wanted Cantona he didnt bow to the pressure and put Irwin in the deal.

  12. Quite frankly you are a mutt. A Stupid mutt with a diseased ear. One of those weird dogs that drags its arse on the floor becuase it has worms.

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  13. has any one forgotton Robbie Keane held us to ransom said he would not play for us !!!!!! so we had to sell him to Liverpool threatened to go on strike so where is the diff. between him and BERby who mad KEane look good
    ans:in a heartbeat i would have him not for bale though!

  14. would like berba back at the lane he is the player we are missing. however not at bales expense. Good experience only problem is that its still not sdolving the fact all our strikers are soon to decline all 28+ need to buy a young striker. conor wickham. even if he has only just signed a new deal!


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