Harry Redknapp has moved quickly to deny that some of Spurs’ best players will leave the club if we fail to qualify for the Champions League next season. Fears may have been heightened by Daniel Levy’s comments that he would have to trim the squad.

Heurelho Gomes had suggested yesterday that stars may leave if the club didn’t claim fourth place, but Redknapp has insisted the likes of Gareth Bale and Luka Modric are not for sale.

Harry said: “Not a chance. Absolutely rubbish. They’ve all got contracts, none of them are leaving.

“When Daniel said that we might have to trim the squad, he was talking about a lot of players on loan. That’s what he is talking about.”

The speculation will no doubt continue, but it seems that all concerned are happy. Gomes’ comments were fairly harmless, but the press will latch onto anything and they certainly won’t help.



  1. i hope so whats the point of having all these great players just to sell them because of failure to get into the champions league once? its bound to happen just cos we made it last year doesn’t mean we should get it every year. i’m sure the budgets arent as bad as ppl suggested anyway as we are a very well run club. strict wage budget. not like chelsea or man city.

  2. Players to go, like…

    Keane – £5Mill, O’Hara – £5Mill, Naughton – £2Mill, Hutton – £5Mill, Kranjcar – £7Mill, Pavlyuchenko – £10Mill, Some Kids – £1Mill……

    Total= Enough to buy 2 top strikers……

  3. This is obvious what Levy meant when he made his comments last week. The press have then whipped it up into something its not, especially the appalling john richardson at the daily express. Im sure he just bases his stories on whats happening on his championship manager game

  4. You can quote any fictitious price you like but the reality is who wants them permanently? All of those cited were available for a decent offer, but no-one came in for them.Lets hope West Ham stay up at least, that’s one poor buy gone for silly money to start with! But getting King and Woody off the payroll is a massive problem, unless divine intervention happens that is!

  5. I thought those prices were fairly low. If you consider the recent prices quoted for unproven players. Well, lets see what unravels….

  6. John Richardson,urgghhhhr……… any mention of him and i don’t know whether to laugh or vomit. Maybe we should have a sweepstake on the next time he says Manure will buy Bale for £30m in the summer


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