Harry Redknapp seems to have ruled out any chance of a new contract for Johnathan Woodgate, but it seems that the door might still be open on a ‘pay as you play’ deal for the injury stricken centre half.

“It’s a difficult one really, his contract is up at the end of the year,” Harry is quoted as saying. “It’s up the chairman but whatever he does or wherever he goes – if he stays here or whatever – he’s got to have a ‘pay as you play’ deal hasn’t he?

“He hasn’t played for two years. You can’t not play for two years and then go and get another contract can you really?”

On the subject of pay as you play, Harry went on to say: “You’ve got to do a deal with someone, here or wherever, where he gets money if he plays. You can’t be paying someone massive wages if they’re never going to play.

“He’s a great guy, a fantastic fella, and an absolutely top-class player. But he’s got to be fit to play.”

Many Spurs fans may like to see the curtain drawn on Woody’s time at the Lane but according to Harry, he may still have an outside chance of a Tottenham future.



  1. He’s never going to admit ‘he’s got no chance of staying here’ to the media.

    That’s a Capello approach. Thankfully Harry is a little more diplomatic.

    • This is old news.HR said this last year.

      Notwithstanding that, as a person, I am not a fan of Woody, but as a player, I have the greatest of admiration for him and realise that what could have been a great career was seriously impaired by injury.

      Whatever happens, I wish him well and some long overdue luck.


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