If you read Harry Redknapp’s comments after the Blackpool match on Saturday then you could be forgiven for thinking that they could have been taken from any of Spurs’ games in recent weeks. Phrases such as ‘not to be’ and ‘just not our day’ seem to permeate all of our press conferences at the moment and this weekend was no different.

“We’ve struggled of late to score goals at home and we’ve not been able to kill teams off,” Redknapp is quoted as saying on the club website.

“We’ve had a few games where we’ve had lots of the play, passed the ball great but not managed to beat teams because we’ve not taken the opportunities we’ve created.

“You have spells like that. You have opportunities and you look at games, you think you can win them but it doesn’t go your way. It’s difficult to put your finger on it.

“It just wasn’t to be for us. It wasn’t through lack of effort, we couldn’t quite score the goals we needed.”

The draw virtually removes all hope of Spurs finishing fourth this season, leaving us to battle out for fifth with Liverpool who travel to Fulham tonight.



  1. Basically mate, Redknapp really hasnt got a clue tactically, he brings on Lennon at the start of the second half when he should have been on from the start, secondly, Bale gets injured and he sticks on the 6′ 7″ beanpole who was totally useless (we suffering fans have known this to be the case with Crouch all along except Harry) when it should have been Niko to help drive us forward, he is excellent with both feet and could pull a goal out from nothing where as Crouch cannot. No wonder certain players want to leave and who in fairness can blame them. Redknapp has his favourites and anyone who opposes him will be punished even to the detrament of the team. I wonder if the board have the same feeling as most of us do now.

  2. As an arsenal fan this is all very amusing to see. I hope u enjoy being back in the europa league next year (if u are lucky) where u belong. Saviour your year in the champions league this year it wont be happening again any time soon. Arsenal fan laughs in the face of spurs fans as always. Your club is an utter joke ahahahahahhahahahaha


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