After Danny Rose made his first team comeback at the weekend, manager Harry Redknapp believes the player could have a definite future at left back.

Redknapp said: “Danny did well at left-back and I had no doubts that he would do well. That’s his position. That’s where he’ll play.

“I was delighted with him. I knew he wouldn’t let us down and he did a great job.

“We’ve got Benoit, who is also a great left-back, so it’s a nice position for us. Danny did himself no harm, he was top-class.”

With Gareth Bale now out for the rest of the season and BAE still on the sidelines with a hamstring injury, Rose looks set to continue in defence for now, but could he compete to make the left back slot his own next season?



  1. well well
    look at that
    give a youngster a start and surprise surprise
    we do have decent players
    But we will never know unless we give them a chance to play
    sounds familiar ?
    dos santos
    the list goes on….
    Harry has played his favourites
    poor player rotation
    wrong tactics
    OH and get rid of Sherwood, ferdinand etc
    Lets try Moyes

    • Oh yes the Champions League is not far enough for us is it you baffoon!

      Kranjar can’t play fast counter attack football, he slows it down and Bale is a better player. Dos Santos has been a total failure on loan which kinda throws your argument out the window. Do you not remember Harry’s comment “If he could pass a nightclub the way he passes a ball he be great!” Tells you all you need to know but idiots like you don’t think of these factors.

      Walker has been told he needs to improve his defending so why would you want to play him yet, he has gone totally off the boil at Villa.

      t you simply haven’t a clue what you are talking about.

  2. Rose being able to play at left back has saved his Tottenham career in my opinion, he had no chance with us at left midfield to be honest.

    It adds an under-21(for at least one season) English HG player to our FA/UEFA criteria and saves buying another left back.

    He’s got the chance now at such a young age to make the left back spot his own, might take a few seasons… it’s all down to how determined he is and to keep improving.

    Good luck Danny and well done Harry for potentially saving his Tottenham career.

  3. Will make a perfect LB until Bale recovers. He just needs to occasionally make his raids on the flank to distribute & recover to his position.

  4. He sure can compete. His touch and speed are promising signs. He is an intelligent, hard working kid who has the opportunity to push for a regular first team birth. Best of luck to the lad

  5. Definately! Its great that rose has ben given a chance! livermore, bostock, townsend, obika, kane, walker and naughton i would like to see next season on rotation! yes thats rotation harry! fresh legs to go with some of our injury prone geniuses! against the weaker opposition- where we have struggled to get a result, it may be more beneficial to play a couple of the younger hungrier players, that will be up for it rather than some of our players who are still dreaming about the Real & Milan,and tend to play better in the big games and dont seem to perform against the wolves, west broms etc. just an observation.
    I would love to see us get rid of all the dead wood from the squad (sorry jj thats you) even if we have to take a minor hit financially to get them out! I know how much Levy loves a profit! but get rid please otherwise they will be here when their 35! You cant expect to recoup the whole transfer fee you paid when they were younger and performing better!. looking at alot of our publicised targets wether true or not, these are the ones that stand out for me and that we may be able to prise away from said clubs.

    Subotic (15m dortmund) Cb

    Parker (10m west ham); Casemeiro (5m sao paulo) Cm

    JCole (8m Liverpool) – harry will get best out of him!

    Hulk & Falcao (40m both) Porto said both will be available as they need money @40m – established succesful partnership with CL exp, both prolific, strong, good in air)

    Lukaku 20m – anderlecht, wants to come to prem, chelsea have just splashed 50m on Torres, so we may have a chance as hes mentioned us before in interview. Young and one for the future, worth 20m inv in my opinion.

    I know what your thinking 60m on strikers, were not gonna pay that! but all have resale value , and we can sell our 4 strikers for about 45m in total.

    SQUAD Next Season 2011/2012

    akotto & rose, naughton @ LB ; Kaboul & Walker @ RB (gallas can cover)
    Gallas; Dawson; Khumalo & Buy Subotic ,( Kaboul ; Hudd can cover CB) sell bassong, corluka, hutton.
    our CM pos; Modric, Huddelstone, Sandro, livermore
    & buy Parker 10m; Casemeiro (sao paulo 5m) ;
    sell palacios, ohara, jenas, kranjcar
    bale, pienaar LW – Lennon + Hulk RW/ FW (buy) 20m, townsend
    sell bentley, dos santos

    in the hole; VDV ; cover J Cole (buy 8m), bostock

    buy Falcao 20m; Lukaku 20m, – harry kane, obika – (VDV + Hulk can cover)
    sell Crouch, Defoe, Pavlyuchenko, Keane

    Thanks , dont be too harsh, just what i would do.

    ps oh …and another quality goalie is a must.

    • Very ambitious Matt and I agree with most of your analysis. I do have a couple of things to disagree with though. The first is that I don’t see Corluka and Hutton both being sold. I could definitely see one being out but not both.

      Also, I don’t think Lukaku is going to be available for 20 million. Apparently, Anderlecht will settle for nothing less than 35 million. Someone is going to pay that much but it won’t be Spurs.

      Hulk and Falcao would be awesome and I think you keep Defoe or Crouch as a 3rd striker. I will be interested to see how much Klaas Jan Huntelaar of Schalke 04 is going for, he could be a nice get. Subotic would be a steal for 15 million and he could do a lot for our back line.

      Parker seems like a done deal and 10 million would be a bargain. He is the tough midfielder we need. I don’t know anything about Casemeiro but Sandro has been splendid so I am for a 5m buy. Not sure about Cole, he has looked old.


  6. Spurs need goal keeper – 1 centre back as backup , 2 new strikers the Russian and the tall one too slow from premier league and we need to get rid of dead wood like jenas , king ,woodgate , o,hara give the youth the opportunity to shine –next season we have good year because Chelsea will lose 4-5 current squad and arsenal captain in process of signing for his boy hood team, and rest of French squad plus Dutch striker , don’t have belly for fight plus fact 3 of spurs bogey team going down this season wolves , west ham and Wigan thing aren’t all that bad ……………… top three next season behind both Manchester club

  7. I’ve seen Danny rose few time now he hasn’t let us down so far quick got eye for goal which is key also fit in current style of Umper Lumper footballs which seem to be all the rage, i generally believe he could one day take Ashley Cole place on the left for England, while we one the subject of players what find little annoying about hole modric debate why hasn’t Manchester united got any players company through it system


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