Harry Redknapp tried to focus on the positive last night after Tottenham’s Champions League dreams were finally last to rest at Eastlands.

“The players are disappointed, they all thought we deserved something,” said Redknapp after the game.

“I thought we controlled the game for long periods. For an away team we had a lot of the ball and played ever so well again.

“Luka had a great chance in the first half and the keeper made a great save in the second half.

“I’m delighted with the players. We played some great football against a top, top team. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

The game did seem to swing in the space of two minutes when Luka fired wide and then saw City score almost immediately afterward, but despite having chances, it seemed once again like our strikers were never going to find the net – not at the right end anyway.



  1. I never felt like Spurs were going to score. It’s frustrating how far our offense has fallen since January. I thought Sandro played well and Lennon provided some challenges for City. However, we had City pinned in their own end for long stretches and managed to only get a couple of quality chances.

  2. It is no wonder we struggle for goals.. I like VdV, think he’s quality and know he likes to drop deep, but often last night when we had City pinned in their own box, VdV was coming back to our CBs to collect the ball. Mod & lennon (or Crouch really) are huge goal threats, so he needs to be up around the box! Playing off the striker / as a second striker afterall.

  3. Sack Harry (I said this when he joined – worthless man), Keep Pav and get rid of VDV, Bale, Crouch, Gomez, Defoe, O’Hara, Bently, JJ, Paclios, Bassong, this should generate about £100million and then get a manager who knows how to run a team .. i.e. José Mourinho and then see us fly (oh and I hope we don’t get Europa football, let Liverpool burn out playing in the tin pot cup, these are games we should have won (MC 1 Spurs 0), but bad management, bad team selection, inactivity in two transfer windows, buying the wrong players (Pinnar when we already have a better player in Kranjcar as just one example) … No we need to change from the top down .. and that includes Levy

    • Agree with everything apart from selling bale, why would we want to sell him! If we had brought some /a quality strikers in the wimdows we would of been in the top4, pathetic.

  4. ,
    agree we should get rid of VDV 15m , Bale 47m , Crouch 8m, Gomez free transfer , Defoe 18 million , O’Hara 7m , Bently 8 , JJ 6, Paclios 9 , Bassong 4 that should give us 122 million enough to buy 5 very good players as for getting rid of harry i remember being on the site like this few years ago when Jol didn’t quite make it the spurs team has played well the main reason why it went so badly was the beckham factor we never really recover are form after the 4-6 weeks he was at the club coupled with the fact that we only have one good striker in defoe it been easy for team to defend against us my view will be that next season arsenal and Chelsea will struggle which should make top six interesting

  5. Wow i didn’t realise it was so easy to make Tottenham the best team in England. Get rid of Harry, cos i mean he only got us into thw CL for the first time, and we only got to Quarter Finals beating AC Milan, and lost to that load of shit Real Madrid. So we’ll have Jose Mourinho in the summer and 122m quid. Sorted! Quick someone tell Levy! Oh no, sorry, sack Levy, tell whoever is chairman to sack Harru. Or get Levy to sack Harry then someone sack Levy and get someone else as Chairman. Then sign Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney and Hernandez. Sorted.

    You lot are genius’s!


  6. crazy talk!!!!

    we need to get rid of giovani £5m,pavlyuchenko£9m, keane£5m, bentley£6m, ohara£6m, jenas£6m, palacios£6m, hutton£4m, and kranjcar£7m(only because he wants to go)

    thats £53m
    plus get woody and ledley on pay as you play deals.

    and get kyle walker back from villa.
    then sign at least top striker like llorente, cavani, rossi etc.
    a new goalkeeper like steklenberg, foster etc,
    another left back like bridge(in case bae get injured)
    get scott parker in,

    so thats
    lb-assou ekotto, bridge
    cb-dawson,gallas,kaboul,khumalo,bassong(king and woody)
    cam-van der vaart
    st-llorente,defoe,crouch, and one other

    and blood others through like livermore etc


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