Having listened in recent weeks to Harry Redknapp’s comments suggesting that we can’t compete with Manchester City’s money, it may have surprised a few people today to read that our manager feels that City are ‘no better than us’.

“It seems to me they can go as far as they want to go,” the quote reads. “The sky is the limit.

“They have an owner who can spend anything he wants and they could go out and buy another four or five world-class players in the summer and try to win the Champions League. It won’t be beyond them.

“They have good players already but I wouldn’t say they are any better than us to be truthful.”

The money thrown around by City and Chelsea led Harry to question why any Tottenham supporters would expect us to be in the Champions League every year. Perhaps these latest comments indicate that he knows where the season has really been defined and three points from a possible eighteen against the sides currently in the bottom three has been a key factor in our final 2010-11 placing.



  1. We have to learn to be humble in defeat. City are better than us this season, they weren’t last, who knows what next season may hold.

    Let’s just hope they don’t have Bale away, eh?

  2. if city want to pay 80 million for bale they can have him , question to all has made big difference this season- no first half yes great but he and few other players need 4-5 weeks they all had hard 36 months

  3. Last night, City played 90% of the game in their own half. This fourth place was never about last night. It was about other results like losing to Wigan at home, not beating crappy West Ham and drawing with the likes of Blackpool.

    The only good thing to come from this is we do have the makings of a good squad and with a couple of top quality additions we will improve.

    • “This fourth place was never about last night.”

      That’s right. It’s about winning the matches we’re supposed to win. Every time Chelsea or City fucked up, we played after them and had a chance to make up ground or pass them in the table. And every time we played a bottom of the table team. And every time we couldn’t get the three points.

  4. I was greatly encouraged by last night’s performances and feel that we played as a team, where City played like eleven individuals. Rose looks a superb prospect and if Harry can only find a couple of forwards with real bite I think a top four finish is very likely.

    • Totally Agree!!! Performance last night was excellent! Just need Benzema and Auguro to give us goals and the extra bite then we will be up there. This team has a bit more experience due to this seasons exploits hich i think will be the difference next season between us and Liverpool and City.COYS!

  5. the reason we are not in champs lge againis our haul of 3pts out of a poss 18 against bottom 3 teams, relegation form not top 4, we need a boss who can say more than “we will have a go”, is that the guys team talk? we need more inspiration!


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