It’s tempting to ignore them but the rumours over a possible Spurs move for Emmanuel Adebayor just won’t go away. Newspaper reports have appeared sporadically over the last week or so, but the Evening Standard now carries a story stating that the player would be happy to come here and he claims that his first choice destination this season, prior to Madrid was White Hart Lane.

“I would go there and sign for them and listen to what they have to say to me,” said Adebayor. “I will definitely come back to the Premier League, I do not know when but I miss it.

“I felt sad because before joining Real Madrid my first choice was Tottenham. I was supposed to sign for Tottenham before Madrid came in.”

Speaking of Spurs fans reaction to him during the recent ties against Real Madrid, he went on to say: “I did not take it badly but it is bad because people have to realise that we are footballers, today we play for one team, tomorrow we may end up playing for another. What if I am wearing a Tottenham shirt tomorrow?”

So is Adebayor the answer to our goalscoring prayers or is this an ex-Goon too far?



  1. erm they guy is on 170k a week??? also city can afford to let him rot rather than sign for a team to maybe rival top 4 spot, eg: s w phillips, never gonna happen same with given bellamy etc…………..

  2. For one thing come the summer when Man City have spent another £100 Million + they will no longer consider us a threat on the top 4. They will see Liverpool more of a threat. I think if we can do the deal then we should get it done ASAP. Maybe then the Forlan rumours will go away and all these Osvaldo etc will stop doing the rounds. He would be a good signing for us and he is saying he would come without CL football and a player of his quality should not be a missed opportunity. He is a the type of plyer we have been missing all season.

  3. Who said he was on 170k ?? the sun I suppose ; he is not going to get that money anywhere and will have to warm the bench if he stays at citeh.

    Looks likely we will break the 100k pw barrier this summer and Ade is worth that; him and Van Nistelrooy would be acheivable and if Levy and Arry are serious about the club they should tie these deals up now. Look what happened when we last signed a big name player very early in the window, Luka, and we know how he has done. Ade is better than Crouch in the air who regularly loses out on 50/50 headers to 5ft nothings. Get the deals done!!!!!


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