While many Spurs fans might like to see a total clear-out of our strike force this summer, it had been looking increasingly likely that only Roman Pavlyuchenko would depart. Publicly unhappy with his lack of football, it seemed that all parties were content to let him move on.

However, rumours are gathering pace that Jermain Defoe could be first out of the door when the season comes to an end, despite having finally started to contribute with some goals this campaign. Suggestions were that Harry was backing him to lead the line in 2011-12, but the increasing gossip suggests otherwise.

Rumour and conjecture are all very well, but if you look at the situation and compare it with say, that of Niko Kranjcar, it starts to make sense. Niko scored two winning goals out of nowhere but was rarely, if ever, trusted with a starting slot. Defoe’s goals haven’t won games but they have also been created out of nothing, yet he still lines up with the subs on most occasions.

It seems that when Harry’s mind is made up it doesn’t matter how many a player scores and the rumours about Defoe could well be right. Do you think that it’s time to cash in on the player, or do you think that he can recapture the form of last season?



  1. strong words – he good player who need service i get rid of Russian and peter crouch both too slow spurs midfield one of best and defence not bad real issue is goal keeper and two quick strikers …. no way get rid of defoe

    • SP4EVER I agree with you. The Russian misses a lot of chances and crouch for being 6’6 rarely doesn’t win nearly enough air battles. Defoe is the best of that lot. However I will say its no coincidence England National Team struggles scoring when they didn’t have Rooney and had to play Defoe and Crouch.

  2. harsh words Chris. In comparison to our other forwards he’s got a lot more to offer. He’s an impact player in my opinion and should be held onto. We crave pace in all positions and he’s got that in abundance. We could be looking at selling: Pav, Crouch, Niko, Hutton, Palacios, Keane, Bentley, Giovani and O’hara. King and Woodgate will probably retire. That a full team of players. Too many more changes will unsettle our main men so i vote keep defoe.

  3. I think with players to go it’s a case of needs must, in other words who definitely needs to go first whether it’s a case of no lingers required or hearts not in it etc. For me the list for strikers should be in this order Starting with the 1st the most important to leave:-
    1. keane (heart and head left a few seasons back, shame)
    2. Pav not in the running with Harry, and has been quiet because if it.
    3. Defoe he’s tottenham but to be fair if better options are out there I wouldnt be arsed to see him leave, too inconsistent for first team.
    4. Crouch – keep as he is different and a useful sub.

    • Keep Crouch?

      Bad in the air
      Bad on the ground
      Can’t hold the ball up
      Shocking movement
      Can’t shoot
      Can’t tackle
      Can’t pass
      Can’t dribble

      He has as much use as my left nut on the pitch but yea I think he should start every game!

  4. I wouldnt get rid of Defoe just yet, he is much better than both Crouch and Pav. He is faster for a start and can play but I feel that you will get the best out of him if he is played alongside a big skillful partner who can take the pressure off him and allow him the time and space to be effective. I remember his days with Berba where both himself and Keane thrived because of the man beside them. Neither Pav or Crouch are in the same league as Berba. Crouch for all his height is a light weight, the fella cant jump to save his life, he’s very slow almost padestrian, weak on the ball and cannot shoot either plus he is accident prone. No one can convince me he has a footballing brain. The EPL are very used to him and his play acting antics and know exactly how to handle/play him. The European teams got wise to him eventually and he was eliminated as a threat as were we from the Champs League. Pav on the other hand can play if he wants to but is very lazy, prone to making wrong decisions like shooting from stupid angles and against brick walls. When he gets it right it seems to shock him but he knows that Harry only plays him as a very last resort instead of Crouch if he feels the pressure from the fans and has I feel resigned himself to leaving us in the Summer. I cant see Redknapp getting rid of Crouch because he feels comfortable having Crouch around, rather like father and son really so I wouldnt be surprised to see Defoe and Pav leave before Crouch does.

  5. Pav and Crouch, both shite and for Defoe i `d give him another season the problem is Van der Vart he may score a couple but gets lost in most games now, so we need two upfront who stay there, no point in crossing the ball into the box when one of the strikers is to slow to catch up.

  6. Gotta keep Defoe… On form he is lethal as he proved scoring a hattrick for England before his injury.

    He has taken a while to get back to form but he hasnt had a run of games adjusting to playing with Crouch,Pav and VDV who are completely different players. That said he has still shown glimpses what he is capable of (Charlton, Wolves, Blackpool goals)

    A run in the team, fully fit he could be banging them in especially with a quality partner upfront

    • He’s got to go. He went before because he was 3rd/4th choice.

      Defoe lethal?

      Bad awareness
      Bad in the air
      Can’t hold the ball up
      Offside with startling regularity
      Will shoot regardless of options around him i.e. Will try to shoot through a defender instead of lay off to a teammate Dreadful shots to goals ratio
      Can’t tackle (but which strikers can generally?)
      Can’t pass
      Selfish/Won’t pass

      Awfully overrated player. Ditch.

  7. I think pav and crouch should leave before Defoe. Defoe still has the leg of old on him, he just needs to be taking more shots from around the box. When he does that he’s been putting them in really..shuffle shuffle shoot. It’s when he’s getting crosses and these sorts of things that he does F*ck all.


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