Fabio Capello’s latest England squad is notable from a Spurs point of view for the absentees this time round. While Kyle Walker, Peter Crouch and Jermain Defoe retained their places, Michael Dawson and Aaron Lennon missed out.

Considering the case of Dawson, it seemed worth checking as to whether he had picked up injury considering the positive comments he drew after the Wales qualifier. John Terry in particular was effusive with his praise of his central defensive partner.

Rio Ferdinand is obviously fit once more and it was expected that he would return, but Daws can’t seem to find a place above Joleon Lescott and Gary Cahill.

Inconsistent selections have been cited as a reason for some of the recent international retirements, both temporary and permanent and Michael must be wondering what he did wrong.



  1. Because Rio is back. Someone had to drop out. Dawson is used to it. He is less glamorous, and less spectacular, yet more consistent. Plus the most important thing is that he does not pick up injuries like all his contemporaries do. Yes Dawson had a major injury this season, but it was a one off injury, and he recovered unbelievably well. Rio doesn’t have long left, and Terry is on the wane. Dawson will get his chance.

  2. typical of ‘team england’ to stick with players who were shown in the last world cup to be too old or too slow ie terry, barry, johnson etc.
    dawson is far away a better player than lescott & cahill & has more presence which will undoubtably make him england skipper one day.
    in the mean time, not all bad as hopefully daws can stay fit & rest up for the summer ready for a cracking season next time…. so up yours fabio!!!!

  3. just to change the subject!!!!
    just spoke to adebayor earlier, he said he’d like a return back to london with spurs – from the man himself – no bull!!!
    can it be done???

  4. Dawson is good but thats it.He has been caught out this season a few times but because Gomes has made blunders it has been missed.Has a habit of going walk about and this was seen in the Madrid games.He is good in the air at the back but he can be done by a fast striker as he is not going to win gold next year in the 100m.He has worked hard this year and overall has been good but is not a patch on Leds who sadly has seen better days.Pity because on his day Leds is the best at the minute in the premiership.I would love to see Hudd and Sandro as the centre pairing next year as they offer a lot in different ways.Modric to play the left with Drogba and someone to come in to replace Keane,Crouch and either Defoe or Pav take your pick between the two who you want to stay.Don’t think we now need cover at left back as Danny has made that his if not the starting spot.Walker on the right with Charlie as cover .Sell Gomes,Bassong,Hutton,O’Hara,Jenas,Bentley,Wilson,Dos Santos,Niko K,Keane,Crouch and one of the other two and lets give our youth a shot in europe with a few first teamers to help.Roll on next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My 3yr old is faster than Terry but to be fair its all the time spent looking after other players wifes that has caught up with him.Its a hard life.

  6. Dawson is good and consistent. But not in the same league as Ledley King unfortunately. But has Capello ever watched Lescott play? Everytime (which is quite a few) i’ve watched him play, both for England or City, he has cost a goal from falling asleep and / or poor positioning. Dawson over him any day.

    With all the crap around the England team these days, I really dont understand how Lennon and Huddlestone don’t get in there. Admit probably not to start, but they are players who really need to be in there over the next few years. Wiltshire should be playing in the u21s until he’s ready, as he’s not quite there yet and his attitude needs sorting.

    England really are struggling for strikers!

  7. Please guys reality check. Dawson’s a good defender, not great and certainly no leader. He’s rash and makes some pretty errors. What many get confused with is his energy and commitment over his skill. I love his enthusiasm and commitment and alongside Ledley he’s back to being awesome Dawson once again, but without Ledders?

  8. The Italian manager obviously doesn’t want any competition for places for his Golden Generation of losers.

    In the battle of top 4 clubs vs country, they are paying £6m a year to make sure that England is the loser every time.

  9. I’m not a huge Dawson fan. Nice bloke, big heart, tries hard. Awful distribution, compelled to handle the ball, poor positional sense.

    That said, his English competition is not great.

    Nice bloke, just not world class

  10. Cant think of one reason why I would want Dawson to be picked anyway after what happened last time.

    Be much better if all our players could just have a good rest now. Drop them all I say!

  11. Everyone knows Capello hasn’t got a clue, but I’m gald Michael can have a break because he deserves it as he has been brilliant fo us. Don’t forget that Capello has re-instated Terry as captain who has had an appalling season being at fault for so many of Chelsea’s goals this season from either his lack of pace or complete inability to mark anybody at set plays. Having said that Engalnd are welcome to him as most of the team are just a bunch of prima donnas anyway.


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