Would Barton be a better bet than Parker?

Would Barton be a better bet than Parker?


Contentious 28 year-old Newcastle United midfielder Joey Barton could soon become a potential transfer target for Premiership managers following the news that talks with his current club have broken down.

Though Barton is said to want to finish his contract with Newcastle, which still has another year on it, the price that could be fetched for him in the transfer market has lead the Newcastle hierarchy to confirm that they will be looking to move him on next January, and it is hardly a stretch of the imagination to argue that he could be released even earlier in the summer window.

Instinctively, when one thinks of Barton, it is difficult to avoid jumping to terms such as “cocky”, “aggressive”, even “violent” and “unsporting”. His extremely temperamental nature has lead to a string of incidents both on and off the pitch, resulting in a consequences ranging from high-profile sending offs, match bans and even a short stint in jail for common assault.

Equally, however, it is possible to argue that such labels, while true, fail to capture the aspects of Barton’s mentality that have made him an asset to the managers that have played him throughout his career. It is these same attributes that could make him an excellent coup for Spurs should Harry Redknapp decide to throw his hat in the ring to sign him if and when his club release him.

Initially this idea might seem difficult to come to terms with; how could a loudmouthed and difficult player highly unpopular with a huge section of Premiership fans do anything other than disrupt one of if not the strongest and most dynamic midfields in the league? The answer is that it is precisely the bulldog nature of Barton’s game that might fix a weak link in our current squad’s game.

In his time at Newcastle he has developed into a skilled box-to-box player, coming deep to fetch the ball and inspiring attacks with a never-say-die attitude. In this respect he is very much like Scott Parker, a player who has been also linked with Spurs since January- but who is a little way further into his career and may prove more expensive.

It is the tenacity of Joey Barton that makes him seem an appealing transfer for any manager looking to add a mental edge to their side. It would be difficult to imagine him rolling over and accepting the string of disappointing draws and defeats against lower-tier clubs that has slightly sullied what had previously been a golden season for Spurs this year.

Partnered with Modric in the centre, the muscle and clout of Sandro or Huddlestone would certainly be sacrificed; but the gear-shift that giving Barton play instead of these other plays may help the squad to just edge out games that prove to be more tight.

Obviously, it isn’t tough to imagine the negatives of such a deal easily outweighing the positives- bringing the Barton media circus that has been brewing in recent months to the Lane as well as his highly challenging attitude would be more than enough to scare the club hierarchy off a deal for him. But if Redknapp is serious about bringing a little more inspiration and edge to the squad (as the speculation over Parker suggests he is), I feel he could do far worse than at least carefully mull over such an opportunity should it arise in the near future.


  1. Nope he’s rubbish as is Jose Enrique. You’d be much better getting Ryan Taylor in, that lad is destined for the top. Avoid Barton at all costs!

  2. It would be ideal if Arse was getting Barton and Spurs Parker.
    By the way, are you really a Spurs fan?
    I mean do you really want Spurs to be a great club and win championships and trophies or not?
    Do you know what Spurs need in order to become a winning team that seriously competes for domestic and international championships and trophies?
    Do you know why Spurs although it is always among the biggest spending clubs never has won a domestic or international championship last decades?

    • I am indeed a Spurs fan, and it was just a little “what if” suggestion to try and getting people talking a bit, not a reflection of my serious view about how the club should go forward.

  3. Of course Barton is better, try watching the games instead of reading about them in the Sun. He’s involved and busy, breaks up play and can pass the ball well. Yes, he’s tenacious, but so what! I’m sick of seeing us rolled over in away games and Barton’s aggression will make sure that happens less often. But why do need either of them? Sandro will be better next season and bringing in yet another mid will hamper his progression surely?

  4. If Spurs had signed the 2011 versions of either Barton or (preferably) Parker back in the day when we plumped for Zakora,then they woud have been significant upgrades and most welcome.

    As we stand today i personally don’t think you’ll find a better midfield ‘4’ than Bale,Modric,Sandro and VdV (Lennon not in same class as other 3 unfortunately although still a good player).

    It’s almost an insult to name Barton and Parker in the same breath as the players mentioned above tbh.I honestly don’t think people realise how good these players are/can potentially be,they are a class above what Barton and Parker could ever be (although i have nothing against either player but there is a reason they play for Championship side W.Ham and ex Championship side Newcastle).

    While many will scoff,we should/will be looking to sign the sort of players that United/Chelsea/City would want to sign and i guarantee those clubs wouldn’t have Barton and Parker on their radar !.

  5. I hope he stays right where he is, but if he does leave I hope he goes to a club where can can continue improve both his football and his rehabilitation. You mugs who slate him obviously haven’t seen his form in the last 2 seasons. At least the guy who wrote this article if thinking outside the cockney box. Having watched both play for NUFC Barton is a better & younger player than Parker and would easily be a better investment.

    Here’s hoping he has a change of heart and stays!

  6. No he’s absolutely crap, if you’re going to look at any Newcastle player, look no further than James Perch.
    Now there’s a talent *whistles*

  7. Let’s make it clear.
    Spurs need players who, next to other skills and qualities, have a strong personality and a winner’s mentality which means players who play with the will, the intention and the determination to win EVERY personal duel and EVERY game.
    This is the most crucial factor on having a winning team.
    A winning team must have a sufficient number of players who have a winner’s character.
    Another special aspect that Spurs are missing in the midfield is leadership.
    None of the current midfield players of Spurs is a leader.
    Parker is a leader while Barton isn’t.
    Another aspect is experience.
    Parker is more experienced than Barton.
    Anyway we shouldn’t stick on names (Parker, Barton etc.) but on qualities.
    The right player for Spurs is that one who has the qualities that Spurs need at the moment
    namely leadership, a strong personality and a winner’s mentality.

  8. Ask any newcastle fan and, having watched both over a few years, they can tell you there is no contest here. Barton has, over the years, been a sorry excuse for a human being. But in the last 2 years, he has been phenominal. He leads, inspires, has great quality, has a fantastic cross, is truly box to box and really is a huge miss when he doesn’t play. He also seems to be addressing his demons. Parker is not a box to box midfielder, he is a holding midfielder. He is not creative and his one trick is to spin with the ball in a circle (it gets really predictable and annoying after a while). Parker is a mid-table player at best whereas barton could play for a better team than us. we just hope his personality puts you and very other team off him, so he stays with us and signs a new contract. we’ll be gutted if he leaves now. take parker instead but you’ll regret it.


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