Some transfer rumours just can’t be ignored and the one linking Jermain Defoe to Arsenal gathered some great momentum over the weekend. This story was picked up by throwaway tabloids and ‘serious’ newspapers alike, but does that mean it has any substance at all?

We all know that Defoe has had a bad season at Spurs and Pav’s two goals at Birmingham together with slight hints at a u-turn over the Russian’s future mean that JD could be the first striker out of the door this summer.

Arsenal for their part are desperate for a striker and Wenger will have no qualms about taking a player across North London.

It all comes down to last season really. Was that just a blip and could Defoe return to the form of 2009-10, or is he simply past his best? If it’s the latter and Arsenal came knocking for Jermain Defoe would we say ‘yes please?’



  1. I think its time defoe left us, there is no doubt he is a top class striker, but we dont play to his strengths.
    He would fit in better at arsenal but would levy sell him on a cheap i dont think so, it would cost arsenal about 15 mill (thats what we paid i believe) to sell him and they dont like spending big money on players! it will be interesting.

  2. no, wouldnt sell anyone to Ar5ena1, even if we dont want him we shouldnt sell to them on principal, they refused to sell us Lassanna diarra when we were desperate for him a couple of years ago, but being a little less petty, we are aiming for the champs league so we shouldnt sell to anyone we could be in direct competition with, much like City did with the whole bellamy to us transfer!

  3. I would love to take him off you’s I wanted him when he was at West Ham, the fact is It will not happen, we will be priced out and he will end up warming your bench while you drain the life out of his game.

  4. Yes, he scored 24 goals (all competitions) in the 2009-2010 season. However, I still think he lacked consistency during that season. He stopped scoring his goals in early March I believe, and a lot of his goals came as big chunks in big wins. I´m not saying that is bad, I´m just saying that I would rather he scored his 18 PL goals evenly spread throughout the entire season.

    Is he past his best? I would have to say yes, based on what we´ve seen from him this season. He´s been slower on the ball, more clumsy and his finishing seems to have become poorer. I would not cry my eyes out if he was to be sold to Arsenal, but of course we want them to pay more than the others clubs would. However, I don´t believe this rumor.

  5. Never sell any players to arsenal i’d prefer loan them to Scottish league than do any business with that club

  6. Would I sell him? YES… complete and utter waste of space. Like a little kid playing in a mens match.. struggling to find space.. struggling to hold the ball up and most importantly, struggling to score. We conceded a top four finish because of him starting up front. Sell him to the scum and hell ruin them too! Its weird because ever TOP player for Spurs.. has always been linked and sold to a top top club, but you never hear Defoes named being mentioned which clearly illustrates that he is indeed pony.. also, as much as I want him to go to Arsenal, this rumour is ridiculous, Wenger knows he’s useless.

  7. No way, 100% NO. He would bang the goals in for the scum and i cant understand why we never play him for Van der Vaart, no doubt Van is class but Defoe is a more dangerous player, Fuck the scum he`s ours and bollocks to the rest of you who dont mind him going there, call yourself spurs fans.

  8. We shouldnt sell to the scum as Defoe would probably end up being a huge success there. They play to his strengths which is keeping the ball on the deck. Arsenal lacked a finisher last season and Defoe could well be the final piece of the jigsaw which we certainly shouldnt give them!

  9. hahaha cracks me up that he is a waste of space now these rumours come about – when he dont go and he bangs more goals for you mob you will change back to loving him!

  10. We should keep jd he’s probobly the best natural finisher at the club. He did have a piss poor season last one out i can’t see that being repeated. DVD is an unknown quantity he seems to lack a bit of stamina and seeing out 90 mins. He could well decide to move on half way through the season if the appeal of playing on wednesdays and sundays loses its appeal. Although a very talented player our team shape is inconsistent depending on HIS fitness.

  11. He will do well at Arsenal, they need someone who just scores, gives them pace and is a selfish shooter, im sure Arsenal fans wont like him due to this but basically its just what Arsenal needs.

    We need someone who can link play, hold the ball up, physical presence, makes something happen out of nothing, consistently produces good performances, decent work ethic and world class technique……swap for Robin Van Persie then.

    I wish naa simply Defoe doesnt offer enough for us, somewhere else he will be alright

  12. Defoe is not our type of player, he can stay at Spurs.
    His stats last season aren’t very good, and remember Spurs fans, Wenger’s a bit of a statto so rest assured you can keep him or flog him off to some mugs, we’re not having it.

  13. Probably is not going to happen. But if we did sell him then it would be for a price around 15 million and Wenger doesn’t like spending big.

  14. i think we should sign defoe we is a dangerous striker that we could really use he shoots when he wants to and thats what we need somone that gets 20 a year with our passing he will get them without a doubt and it will be a great thing to get them of the yids a good team that are threatening to take over and with defoe playing for arsenal our 2 main forwards will get about 30-40 between them and hopefully mount a title challenge i heard alex fergeson is building his last ever great united team and he wants nasri we need to keep him to beat united thats our objective i think we need to sign cahill,defoe,coucuff,benzema and vergathon

  15. Arsenal needs defoe. With all those passing at the end you need somebody who have the gut to score. Currently there is so much effort done infront of goal but no body has the gut to score. We need some body who just wants to score and that is Defoe. he fits very well in Arsenal than in Spurs who play a different type of football. Lets see if Wenger will be willing to spend on him. he is a better option than Bentner.

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