With no further news on Leandro, Tottenham were linked with two further strikers over the weekend in Roma’s Mirko Vucinic and Monaco’s Park Chu-Young.

The Vucinic connection has appeared briefly on previous occasions and it’s thought that the 27 year old could be available for around £12m. As soon as the reports appeared however, further stories came through suggesting that the striker would be on his way to Juventus.

Park Chu-Young is 25 and has just won his 50th cap for South Korea. He has played in France for the last three seasons and suggestions are that he could be for sale in a more favourable price bracket – around the £6m mark.

While much is made of Vucinic and his 11 goals in 21 internationals, he averages around a goal every three games in Serie A, while Park’s overall record is slightly worse. While we may not have heard the last of these rumours, Spurs fans may hope that Harry finds someone a little more potent.



  1. DL will sit and wait as usual, trying to offload before buying in. I hope one is wrong, but, previous form suggests different. We need to keep Pav, the south Korean would be a good replacement for Crouch, get rid of Defoe and Keane and start to blood our young. I quite like Vucinic, hopefully the two aforementioned will turn from rumour to reality?.


  2. IMO Pav is the worst of our strikers and adds very little. He would be first out for me, but really I wouldn’t be concerned if we sold all our existing strikers. Leandro looks like he could be a good signing but only if we really buy a top class first choice striker. I think 2 strikers at the club may be enough with VdV playing in the position he does.

  3. I’d much prefer Leandro (who we look like getting) and a more experienced front man to go with him – Drogba, Rossi etc.
    I think we should keep Pav. He’s been our best scorer per games played. Sell the rest. VDV & a new striker is the way to go. Drogba & VDV would be gr8. Allowing Leandro to settle in.

  4. Spurs get linked with everyone during transfer windows- i for one will not want to see any of these strikers at the lane. We are so close to becoming a top team- we just need a world class goalkeeper e.g. Stekelenburg or Lloris to replace Gomes and 2 very good strikers- Falcao/Aguero or Dimaio/Huntleaar etc. This transfer window could make or break us- We by e.g. Falcao and Huntleaar we could be mounting a title challenge and to be honest if we could do it this season with our crap strikers imagine what we could have done with good strikers- If we sign the players mentioned in the article then we could easily not finish 4th and end up loosing our best players and have to start this process all over again and by then City and Liverpool would have surpassed us and we would probably be languishing in 12-14th place which is not where we should be! For me realistically i would like to see Stekelenburg, Falcao and Dimaio at the lane but if we could Aguero would be amazing at Spurs!COYS!

  5. if you watch youtube clips on vucinic and park you will see not only are they extremely talented and have scored some great goals, it is that they operate Vucinic on left side and Park on right side with a central striker as part of a three pronged attack. Their goal return is pretty good considering they are effectively advanced wingers and they have high assists if you check the stats. Both are very dangerous from dead ball too. play them with a strong prolific central striker 20+ i.e leandro damaio; drogba; berbatov, you have got potentiel for 2 x 15 goals from park, vucinic and 20+ from damaio or drogba/berbatov (thats 50 goals from your forward line!!) we could have done with that this season, cant wait to see a decent, skilful forward line play with our exciting midfield!

    the other players linked like gameiro, gervinho, hulk ..they are out on the wings too.
    with klose, falcao etc in the central striking role.

    this makes me think with the players being linked that harry maybe looking to play 4-3-3 like barcelona, or like mourinho’s superb chelsea team. i definately agree with it.

    ______________Drogba/Berb/Damaio________________Vucinic_____________________________Park Chu Young
    _________________Van der Vaart___________________

    SUBS: Pavlyuchenko;Pienaar; Lennon; Huddelstone; Parker; Akotto; Gallas; Shawcross, Walker; Woodgate, Corluka, Khumalo

    dont rip me, just an idea and i think a good formation

    • sorry my diagram came out wrong!

      _______________Van der Vaart___________

      • It is certainly interesting but I think a bit of a reach. I see no way we are able to sign Parker, Shawcross, Park Chu-Young, Vucinic and one of Drogba/Berbatov/Damaio. That would be a ton of money. Rough estimates (Parker-$6, Shawcross-$10, Park-$6, Vucinic-$12, central striker-$12) put the total around $44 million and I don’t us spending that much money unless Modric, Bale or Sandro are sold and I think we can all agree, we don’t want that to happen.

        Again, very interesting idea and the proposed lineup would be exciting and lethal going forward. Unfortunately, I don’t see it being a realistic reality.

        • I think this is what harry might do.

          – sell palacios to Napoli for 10m
          buy parker 10m or Diarra 15m

          – sell keane and Jenas to QPR 10m + o’hara to wolves 5m = 15m
          buy leandro damaio 15m

          sell crouch, hutton to sunderland 16m
          buy berbatov/ drogba 10m o + park chu young 5m

          swap kranjcar for vucinic with roma + 5m

          swap bassong for shawcross with stoke + 2m

          sell dos santos to real zaragoza 8m
          sell bentley to fulham 5m
          sell defoe 14m to newcastle/ villa/ evrton/ sunderland/ fulham (jol) – someone will definately have him.

          Total net 20m + from player sales and purchases
          with this money we should spend on young players
          lukaku/ wickham/ ganso

          or failing that..some of the below, i have just been to brazil for a month and got quite into the footy over there, watched lots of games, i noticed so many young technically gifted players with lots of composure and skill, and if you get in early you can get them for peanuts. santos forward 3 are 18, 19, 21 years old and they are wicked. we have done well to strike that deal with Internacional, sandro is immense.

          BRAZILIAN U20 INT’L PLAYERS Still at their home clubs.
          AM 18 Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva SAO PAULO
          CM 21 Paulo Henrique Chagas de Lima SANTOS
          CM 19 Oscar INTERNACIONAL
          DCM 19 Danilo SANTOS
          STR 18 Leandro GREMIO

          CB 22 Welington (he’s 22 but well thought of)

          • all that without even touching the CL money we made – Levy will be happy, but the dead wood has gotta go anyway!

          • Ganso is, problably, the best brazilian creative midfielder. No way he could be bought for under 35, 40 thousand euros. Chances are that he will be transfered to barcelona ou real madrid. And please, dont buy both oscar and leandro damião, they are our best players. Cheers from the south american champions.

  6. What is it with the Pav lovers!!?? I mean yeah the guy can shoot…….but thats it!!!! Offload Pav FIRST if possible. Selling Crouch and Pav buying in 2. Who, I dont know. Defoe to stay and regain form??? I hope so.

  7. when we qualified for the CL , pav finally got some game towards the back of the season where he went on a great scoring run which was arguably important to a final league position!
    i am confident he will score during a full 90, he may not do anything till he scores but importantly he knows where the net is. He is a natural finisher who can score tap ins and wonder goals (i love that van basten style volley he scored!) he scored two crackers in the last game and a hatrick for russia the other night. I think he finally has got rid of this chip on his shoulder (gave it to jermain now) ..he had when not playing and being outspoken at wanting to leave. Now he accepts his position in the squad, can speak englsh and his family has settled, i believe if we keep him we will see the best out of him now. his movement and finishing should warrant him a place in the first team on rotation or where form warants, do not sell.
    undecided about defoe but dont think he can play 1 up on his own so could see him limited. def sell crouch and keane.
    bring in leandro damaio and berb/drogba

  8. We need to sell Pav ASAP and Keane aswell. Bring in a new striker. One of the following: Aguero, Berba, Huntelaar, Leandro, Falcao, or Vucinic whilst keeping: Modders, Bale, VdV, Sandro and Hudd. We desperately need to sell: Pav, Keano, One of our 7 playerble full backs, Jenas, O’Hara, Palacios, Woodgate and Bentley.


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