With Jamie O’Hara on his way out of White Hart Lane, could Niko Kranjcar be set to follow him? There have been rumours over Niko for some time and while there has been little movement up to now, there are strong suggestions over a concrete approach from Dinamo Kiev.

The Ukrainian Club’s President Igor Surkis had this to say on the issue: “We are negotiating for Kranjcar,” he said.

“If Kranjcar thinks over our proposal, searches his soul and wants to come here, then we will buy him with pleasure.”

While many Spurs fans can’t understand Harry’s stance over Niko, there is even a suggestion now that selling his compatriot would give the wrong signal to Luka Modric. While there may be a need to show Luka our ambition, there is no suggestion that he should dictate our transfer policy. However, is it valid to say that the sale of Niko Kranjcar sends out the wrong message to Modric?



  1. The day we start making transfer decisions based on what one of our players may think is the day hell freezes over. Who cares what Luka thinks, he is a player. NOT the chairman. NOT the manager. A player. I’m a bit sick of hearing how we need to show Luka our ambition, is it too much that he shows a bit of fucking commitment to the club that pays his wages? If he wants to go because we sell Kranky, fuck it, let him go. We’ve sold big players before and survived and we will again. Sorry, rant over. As for Kranky, would be surprised to see him go to the Ukraine but they normally pay quite well so maybe. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.

  2. I hope both that we don’t lose him and that we start to play him more consistently.
    He’d be the natural backup to VdV. He’s played well when given the chance and his form would only improve with more consistent playing time.

    As much as I like him, though, I don’t honestly expect Harry to start proper squad rotation and Niko is too good to just sit on the bench all season — even for Spurs.

    Good luck to him wherever he goes.

  3. Niko has been the most misused player in the EPL. I’m not sure what Harry has been thinking this past year. Niko has been more then fair to the Spurs and Niko deserves better. Although I’m a spurs fan and I think he’s a valuable player, to Spurs, for Niko’s sake I hope he leaves.


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