There may finally be some movement with regards to Diego Forlan and whether it involves Tottenham or not, it seems that the Uruguayan is hinting at a move to England.

He may equally have been hinting at a move to Turkey a few weeks ago, but Galatasary President Enrqiue Cerezo has given the clue as to where his future may lie,

“Diego will decide what happens, but it looks like his first choice will be England,” said Cerezo.

Forlan is 32 and still prolific – in Spain at least – and now that he seems surplus to requirements in Madrid, it looks like a move will finally happen. He’s not going to be a player who has any re-sale value though, so given his age, would you sign him? If so, how much would pay for his services?



  1. Nothing! Instead Spurs how about his mate whats his name…oh thats it SERGIO AGUERO that would be a much better buy and there is no excuses about his wages- give him a good signing on fee and give him wages similar to van der Vaart, Modric, Bale etc then that would be sorted! Come on Spurs- Aguero, Podolski, Hazard and Damiao is all we are asking for!!!COYS!

    • No chance for Aguero or Hazard, Podolski doesn’t seem to cut it at club football, but agreed on Damiao he does look decent.

  2. Would much prefer Gio to Forskin. Levy needs to have a word with Harry in shell like and tell him to give Gio a proper chance. DF is too old I want to see someone younger with an hunger to prove himself (story of my life really).

  3. Nothing, they should pay us £7 Million to take him. I really hope we do not sign this guy. La Liga is not the EPL, they get so much time on the ball over there and so much space. He flopped at Utd and he will flop at Spurs. Not a signing that is anywhere near good enough. I would rather give Keane a 4th chance. I really am praying this does not happen.

  4. I would pay $5 million for him. Forlan was dropped from the 1st team for most of the 2nd half of this season. He WAS a world-class striker and he could play a positive role on our side. However, it would be a stop gap for a couple of years. My wish list, in order (I am not including players that we don’t have a chance of bringing in, like Aguero…not happening):
    1. Leandro Damaio
    2. Hulk/Falcao
    3. Berbatov (with wages, not likely)
    4. Drogba (with wages, not likely)
    5. Daniel Sturridge
    6. Connor Wickham

    Keep Pav and Crouch, sell Defoe (before all of his value is gone). Good luck Daniel and Harry, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.

  5. I believe the value would be assessed on how many years he can continue to play for. At this point, I’m not sure if I would want to have Forlan over Drogba (not that any of the two are even a possibility at this point). However, we do need some star quality up front, one that possesses a constant threat to our opponents.

  6. The question is if he is still able to do the proper job.
    I still prefer Leandro/Hulk/another young and talented striker.

  7. it is too windy over here for the likes of Forlan, you cant play EPL football if you cant stand up. Too lightweight.

  8. He is old yes… But you dont go from joint top scorer and and Golden Ball winner (voted best player) at a WC to being passed it in less than 12 months without a serious injury.

    It would depend if he is physically still strong, for example Drogba is still physically up to it even though he is older than Forlan.

    I would have him in a second. Up to £8m a fair deal. Admit I would like someone more long term, but at the same time he’s still a massive upgrade on any of the 4 strikers we have.

    He didnt do great at Utd, but after settling in he fell out with Ferguson (over stud choice) and was never really played as a starter from then on.

    Maybe sign Forlan for the next 2 seasons and sign Damaio as a youngster coming through to hone his skills until he takes over from him.

  9. Nothing. Proved once over here he couldnt do it. Now he may have changed that when he was younger. But has no chance at 32. Go all out for Falcao. Oh and bring Hulk with him, if not Falcao on his own is fine. Then add Wickham and a youngster from the ranks

  10. Unfortunately this isn’t Football Manager.. The chances of us selling 3+ and signing 3+ strikers are very slim.

    It would also be a huge risk if any of the ones we brought in didnt compete at PL level. Keane + 1 other out and 1 top quality + 1 for the future should be the priority.

    There will be very few players of Forlan’s quality level available to us on our wage structure and no CL.

    • How is it a gamble when our current strikers are all donkeys. H. Wouldnt mind forlan for a few years but we could do better like cavani, rossi, hulk, erik lamela and falcao. We need to hurry up otherwise we will miss out mr levy, im still very very angry with you levy.

  11. Matt, finally a man that talks sense.

    This player would be the ideal man to sign. Class act who can play up front on his own, knows how to finish. If we keep builiding for the future, players will continue to leave and we will never get there.

    Take a “chance” on a player who was voted player of the world cup less than 12 months ago, and get in a younger striker as an apprentice.

    Spurs have need experience and leadership to go with a young squad, not more ptential for other clubs to poach when they get blosom.

  12. I would’nt. I would prefer to twist Eto’s arm (right off) into comin to the lane. Where’s poldolski at, even take Pato or just throw the cash at Nymar.

    • Our wage cap won’t allow for anyone like Eto’o or Pato to come to the Lane. Not even close. Neymar’s asking price is at least $40 million. We need to be realistic or we are bound to be disappointed.

  13. not for spurs.lost the confidence of his supporters and directors.we have the same problem with our strikers.dont buy a headache.

  14. Couldnt hack it in the prem with the Mancs, dont see why it should be any different now and at the age of 32 doesnt exactly show Modric we mean business does it !!!! All this bollocks about wages we need to start paying top players top money or we will not attract the type of players to get us back in the champions League. One top striker would have been enough to get Champions League again last season and would have paid for himself.

  15. In his poorest season he managed to score more than Defoe and Crouch combined. 12 months ago he was running the show at the World Cup, he is 32 but takes care of himself, if we can get him for £5mil he is well worth a punt, I’m confident he would perform better than the aforementioned, although admittedly Podolski & Hulk would be more inspiring signings.

  16. I personally dont think Levy would pay a lot of money for a player who will have no sell on value. I think levy will pay around £3 mil. Having said that I would want a younger proven striker who would be around, as we strife to get back into the top 4 and try to stay there.

  17. As long as he is bought in with another proven striker, I think it would be a great signing. People knock his time in England but I don’t recall him doing too poorly against English opposition since; just ask Fulham and Liverpool fans. Forlan & Adebayor/ Podolski/ Hulk and I would say we had a real chance next year. People are talking up Leandro, but what do we know apart from a few mediocre you tube clips where he seems to be playing on a Sunday league pitch.

  18. Fulham at their best? If thats what we are competing against we should give up and Liverpool were poor as fuck at the time. They were only that close to us due to the lack of fire power and poor management decisions. Forlan proved he couldnt cope when he was young in the prem. He has no chance now hes 32

    • At 32 I reckon he could still be useful for a season or two, he’ll surely have a better impact than Gudjohnsen did. Besides I would be more optimistic starting against Everton with VDV playing behind forlan than VDV playing behind Crouch. But nevertheless we do need a younger striker “marquee type” signing, but it won’t happen if they use the same strategy as they did on the last day of the January window.

      • Id be happier playing with 10men than playing with Crouch. So yes, on that point you are correct. I was very surprised about Gugjohnsen, really thought he would have done the job. Was a little gutted, cause always wanted him to sign for us

  19. Right on. Everyone just wants young inexperienced players with lots of potential. What we need is someone who van help secure CL now. We also don’t have any leadership. Whether it’s Forlan or not we need someone who is going to encourage player retention. You can kiss Bale and Modric goodbye next season if we don’t. Do we really want to become a mid table farming team for the top 4?

  20. Could not agree more about Forlan as a leader type, especially if Damian comes in. Somelike Diego would be a tremendous mentor for him to help acclimate him to the European game. Plus he could make a nice sub off the bench, so I think he’s worth around 6 million. However, we do need a real top class striker to start in front of him. His compatriot Cavani would be ideal in a player plus cash deal for Palacios. I think that having Forlan would make Cavani more at home right away and all the strikers I mentioned above would be happy. Am I being a little optimistic here? Probably, but it’s all possible and to me represents the perfect scenario for Spurs and their supporters, and honestly, I think with those three, we could challenge for the title.


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