Many people were shocked when Aston Villa paid such a large transfer fee for Darren Bent last season and perhaps even more shocking was the hefty wage packet offered to Wayne Rooney to stay at Man United, but look at what these forwards have produced since and you start to realise just how important these deals were to both clubs.

Darren Bent’s goals lifted Villa away from the relegation zone, and United went on to lift the league title, largely to an improved and re-motivated Wayne Rooney’s partnership with Javier Hernandez.

Things didn’t really work out for Darren Bent at White heart Lane, but there’s no doubting his finishing credentials and while there aren’t many Wayne Rooney’s on the market at present, its clear to see that the current crop of strikers at spurs just don’t have the necessary attributes we require.

Alan Sugar brought Jurgen Klinsmann to the lane years ago, and the positive effect this had on the players and fans was immense.

The time has arrived for Daniel Levy to make a similar signing now, as last seasons goal statistics demonstrate just how desperate and ineffective we are.

I think Spurs need to pay whatever it costs to land a proven goal-scorer, and we need to agree these deals early to avoid missing out.

The South American goal machines at Porto (Falcao, and Hulk) seem to be available for around 20m each, but if Spurs feel that these valuations are too high then there are plenty of cheaper options out there such as Drogba, Adebayor, or Podolski, who are all looking for transfers.

If Levy or Redknapp won’t sanction deals for any of the above then Eto’o or Milito from Italy should be seriously considered, regardless of their age.

Unfortunately this calibre of player won’t be seen in Spurs shirts unless we alter our pay structure. As the phrase goes – ‘if you pay peanuts you get monkeys’.



  1. I’m not even a Spurs fan, but is this written by a spurs fan when you call the ground white HEART lane, & suggest the signing of adebayor?

  2. typical careless fan. Yes, we all would like one of these signings, but if we dont have the money then we dont have it. We cant spend what we dont have. Im not prepared to risk the future of the club and nor should you.

    • we are better off spending big on one quality player then keep spending 5 and 6 million on players like peinaar. plus if i have to watch crouch for one more season ill go nuts

  3. Have you considered the fact that maybe none of those players actually want to play for us? No CL football and any of those that become available would all have at least a dozen teams with more sway than us trying to sign them. Money is one thing, actually making a player want to come to you is another…

  4. You say we pay peanuts and look at what Rooney did i thought Berbatov was top scorer. Man Utd have 76 thousand fans every home game to pay high wages Spurs have 36 thousand stadium. There is a false conception our striker cant score well we only failed to score in 8 games two of the teams had the best defence and the other two had the worse Man Utd City West Ham and Wigan. We never played the same team twice and playing Van and Crouch only worked when Huddlestone was playing because without his passing there was no supply and Van and Modric played too deep. The other reason for Defoe was twofold he got injured and came back too soon and when he did score Harry dropped him for 4411 or what it turned into 451 for the champions league this left Defoe sulking and knocked hi confidants Pav was also brooding and feeling overlooked again. So these are the main reasons our attack was blunted but not like you say not good enough Keane not loved missing Berbatov lack of regular playing time to be sharp enough for the premiership i no is full of sharp defences enhanced with Kolo juice he was loaned. Defoe also lacked game time and never played much with his best partner Crouch who became Vans Supplier for a spell and even when he scored he got rewarded with the bench verdict needs to play when he scores and with Crouch. Pav suffered the same fate has Defoe. Van was the man till defences and his lack of finishing a game because Harry kept hooking him and upset him. All this meant he stopped scoring for months and suffered from Hamstring pulls when he wanted a rest Harry then tuned back to his other strikers who where blunted by Harry’s 451 and the most telling and the missing link was not Modris missing for four games with appendix operation but the long absent and badly missed Huddlestone and King and along with Brazilian gifts from Gomes all these things conspired to stop us getting enough points to keep a very rich club with a drug offender defender whose team stopped us scoring twice when we had our best team on the pitch.

  5. I agree that we are in desperate need of of a quality finisher and a striker with real presence. However we are in the position that the strict wage structure at the club must be maintained to ensure the financial stability and future of the club is preserved. Paying a one off player a large salary won’t break the bank of course but other senior players wil soon start rocking the boat and demanding parity which we could not afford.

    A new and larger stadium is a must to enable us to move on as a club and be able to afford the type of players to consistently compete at the top. Until then we need to be realistic and sensible with who we buy and continue to unearth little known and young talent eg Sandro or get lucky with some others eg Van Der Vaart.

  6. Can just say this, then I’ll make my comment…
    Anyway I support this view we need just 1 big name up front and possibly the 2 tactical ones in MF and CB positions and we are formidable force to be reckoned with, I don’t need to comment on Modders as we all know he isn’t going anywhere this season

  7. I cant agree that spending big money on a transfer fee and astronomical wages is always the way forward.Chelsea paid a Kings ransom for Torres last season whilst United paid “peanuts” for Javier Hernandez. Granted Torres can only get better but I know which one of the two I would rather have in my squad. In my opinion Harry Redknapp has been tremendous for Spurs in the transfer market and in Harry you should trust. Would you really want to see either Drogba or Adebayor in the white of Tottenham? As for Eto’o and Milito,both are a fading force looking for one more big pay day. There are value for money players to be bought,its just a matter of scouting the right ones.

    • Prat! How many buys like Hernandez have you had before you got one like him? Many, never made it. So you had the cash to splash and it didn’t pay off to you had a little pea!

      • What a mature comment.Before you start throwing insults, not once did I say all signings are cheap,I think you will find I said value for money CAN be found and I used Hernandez as an example. I will wait in anticipation for your apology.

        • Man Utd, under Fergie have always poached the better players irrespective of price. Look at the way you (Utd), flaunted every ounce of decency during the Berbatov transfer? There are bargains out there Huddlestone 2m, Lennon 1m, even Defoe’s original price of 7million and Keane 7million. were all bargains at the time. Carrick was 2,5 million and Berbatov 11. However it pales into insignificance when teams like yours use underhand and immoral methods to entice players and leaves a deficit in team performance and continued success on the field. It’s high time the league authorities stamped down on illegal approaches by making obvious ‘tapping-up’ incidents a point deducting offence!

          • Is this site for football fans who read posts for what they are or is it for bitter fans to abuse other teams without reason? Once again I will state I used Hernandez as an example and said there are bargains to be had.

  8. As mentioned it’s not simply a case of getting a player just because you’ve deemed him worth it (financially). Agree we need a ‘Klinsman’ signing, but we certainly can’t spent what we haven’t got. I wonder if a Man City player will fail a test again next year?

  9. I’m not even a Spurs fan, but is this written by a spurs fan when you call the ground white HEART lane
    You didn’t need to tell us that

  10. All this ‘attracted only by CL’ is rubbish. Most of our current squad we with us before we qualified for the CL, and there was no guarantee that we would get there. Most of the players talked about here wouldn’t come to us anyway – they are out and out mercenaries and would go to Outer Mongolia if someone coughed up enough money. Look at SAF’s example this year – generally looking for young UK talent, which in fairness is what Spurs did with Bale, Lennon, Dawson etc. That said, I wouldn’t say no to Adetbayor, or what about Annelka – he too wants out, and would be every bit an asset as Drogba and not as costly I suspect

  11. This reads like an overly wordy attempt to justify the same old “get your chequebook out” whinge that has led so many clubs to ruin, including spurs for a long time.

    Howabout – what spurs do now seems to work so lets hope they keep doing it and it keeps working?

    • Spurs’ financial crisis in the early 80’s wasn’t because of overspending on players. It was Scholar’s financial mis-management, by diversifying into area’,other than football. Shame he got it wrong, but for the right reasons!

  12. Arguably, Tottenham’s two best recent signings have been Van der Vaart and Sandro, both of whom one might say were picked up for peanuts.

    The immediate effect of playing new signings Klinnsmann and Dumitrescu alongside Barmby, Sheringham and Anderton (The famous five) was the leaking of a deluge of goals, the sacking of Osvaldo Ardiles, and his replacement with Gerry Francis.

    You state that “The South American goal machines at Porto (Falcao, and Hulk) seem to be available for around 20m each”. I suspect that it is only to you that this seems to be the case. Others would be surprised to see such a low valuation, especially after Porto screwed over £13 million from Chelsea for their Coach, and with both stating they are happy to remain at Porto playing CL Football. Also Porto don’t want either to leave. Try nearer £30 million each.

    We don’t need big names, necessarily. We don’t need marquee signings, necessarily. The criterion must be whether any new player will improve the team, and make it more successful.

    • My goodness there are alot of angry spurs fans on this site. Im guessing you have a candidate in mind that you think could do a better job than Harry?

      • Not really, Harry’s done OK, but tactically naive and is overly loyal to some players who quite frankly don’t deserve a place. He managed to coax the side through a nightmare of injuries, when you consider King and Woodgate were out for almost a season. Dawson and Huddlestone;almost five months and Kabul a couple as well. Gomes was a nightmare and cost us dearly in the end and a strike-force that was pretty dire, so 5th place and the quarter finals of the CL wasn’t too shabby. But we still could’ve done better against the lesser teams and that was down to poor tactics and attitude and that’s exactly where & why we missed out on 4th, Don’t let Harry fool you into thinking otherwise!

  13. One point that really irritates me, well, there are two actually.
    When Harry came to Spurs, we had Bent and Pav, he then bought in Defoe,Keane & Crouch. He sells Bent, because in his own words his wife was a better striker. Now, point one.Who actually coaches the forwards? because whoever it is, isn’t doing a good job, five of them who cant hit a cows arse with a banjo. Perhaps there’s something that could be put right for starters. Secondly the net’s awash with posts saying ‘all we need is two strikers’ but who, as even the 50 million one’s aren’t exactly prolific!, talks cheap reality however, is a completely different thing.

    • Well, the coaching does need a review. 3 issues that stood out from last season: 1) Frequently going a goal down early, 2) Too many fundamental GK errors – which didn’t really happen last season, 3) Strikers had trouble scoring – and in the second half of season, they didn’t really score inside the box. Crouch not being able to shoot harder than an 8 year old. I was glad that we sold Bent, because I do not see him as a top 5 player. Yes he scores, but you will find that Pav scores more goals per minute. Pav scored 9 league goals, but played less than half of the games. Bent just is good at crying when not played all the time. He knows that if he plays every minute, he’ll score 15+.

      • Couldn’t agree more. I didn’t rate or want Bent and was as happy as Larry to see Keane bugger off as well, especially for what Liverpool paid. Defoe struggled after his injury, but what really go my goat was HR dropping him directly after he’d scored two! Anyone knows Defoe is a confidence player and tends to go on scoring streaks, but blow me, HR did it again soon after so its little wonder Defoe’s confused. as for Crouch, great in Europe but otherwise he’s a waste of space, which really only leaves Pav, bless time but not the sharpest of tools is he?

  14. It’s not the fact we don’t have the money, our bids of £30m+ for Aguero and Rossi in January tells you all you need to know about our finances, the problem is two things:

    Firstly it’s been well documented that we have a strict wage cap with Keane, Modric and King being our highest earners on £70 to 80k p/w I believe. We are not Chelsea or Man city who can pay their player £150k a week + which is why we’re having trouble with securing the likes of even Adebayor who is on a reported £170k p/w

    Secondly we cannot offer what most top players wan’t; Champions League football, one of the reason’s we got VdV was because we were in the CL last season. Now taking both those factors into account how does anyone think we’d be able to sign the likes of Falcao, a player who is ready to make the step up to the top level?

  15. Whilst the peanuts and monkeys saying is true, it is not at all applicable. Spurs are generous wage payers. SEVENTY THOUSAND POUNDS A WEEK is not “peanuts”. Let’s not forget that we originally signed Modric for something like 25-30k a week. He came because he wanted to, not because he was gonna become minted. Changing the wage structure requires a change in the revenue stream to pay for it. Simple. Did you see the difference in revenue between Spurs and ManU/Liverpool? That is why they can pay that high wage. We simply cannot.

  16. How can Liverpool’s revenue be that much different to ours, same size ground with tickets at Spurs some of the most expensive in the country, cant be much of a difference just on shirt sales. How much was the difference havnt seen anything in the media

    • Liverpoos’ ground is 10k bigger. They have a world pedigree that we don’t. They have been playing every season in Europe for a bloody age. In fact i cant believe i am even responding….


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