Harry Redknapp’s use of Niko Kranjcar last season was a little puzzling for most Spurs fans and his attitude towards the player was emphasised at the start of the year. After scoring winning goals against Bolton and Sunderland, Niko was despatched to the bench and continued his role as a bit part player.

While Harry would always say this was a player he liked to have around the squad, he was rarely used even when Steven Pienaar and/or Gareth Bale was injured.

Moving on to this coming season, while rumours of a move have continued, nothing has happened thus far and the player’s agent has now said that any move will be entirely down to Tottenham.

“At this moment I cannot comment on any market rumours, it is for Tottenham to decide whether the player leaves or not,” said Adrian Aliaj.

“I read a lot of news about him in newspapers, but his future is in the hands of the English club,” he added.

So if it’s all down to Tottenham, should Niko be kept and if so, should he play a bigger role next season? Would you rather see Steven Pienaar sold instead?



  1. He was so poor against Charlton. He did his job covering for Moddle. Bale is better on the wing, VDV is better of a front man and Pienaar is a better all-rounder. Thus it is probably best for all if he moved on. Sad but true.

    • Ever heard of squad rotation? If he had been rotated with VdV and Bale then there’s a chance neither would have faded in the 2nd half of the season. I’m sure he would have chipped in with a few more goals too (like the previous season). This may have been the difference between 4th and 5th. Harry likes to run his players into the ground. Let’s remember that he almost got rid of Bale too and it was only BAE’s injury that stopped it happening. I like Harry but he’s by no means perfect

    • Pienaar better all-rounder? i dont think so.. Kranjy’s got a much better scoring record, more flair, more creative passing, an amazing FK, he’s got two other croatians in the starting XI to blend with, and hes 4 years younger.. I like the way Pienaar tracks back and get in the way but sometimes it can find us playing to defensively.. Kranjcar should be subbed in when down to pull back game winners and Pienaar when up to help retain lead. AND IF A PLAYER PLAYS GOOD YOU PLAY HIM HARRY after he single handedly won us 4 points in two back to back games he should’ve be given a chance to win us more, dont you think?

  2. One option is to give him a berth on the right and see how he takes it. No doubting the guys talent its just about finding a place for him without having to adapt our system or drop those that are stronger in each ones respective position

  3. No I definitely would NOT sell such a talented player as Nico Kranjcar, its not all about being fast enough. I don’t remember David Beckham as being fast!
    We need a squad of players not just a team of 11, and last season I don’t feel that he got a fair chance to show his skills.

    • But Becks did 2 things which made his lack of pace irrelevant: 1) He crossed the ball from deep – therefore no need to venture too far forward. Plus this drew the full back out. 2) He stayed in position, on the wing. Plus Becks would work really hard & battle. Niko’s game suffers badly from his lack of pace & fight. It makes him unsuitable for the midfield battle. it is not just the 11, but with Bale and Pienaar both better left midfielders, Niko has to find another position. It is a shame to see talent go, but our team has enough talent in it already.

      • Since when did Nico have a lack of fight? I didnt know that wearing your sleeves over your hands constituted being lazy and weak. Theres plenty of times he’s put his foot in a pushed the team on. These are regurgitated falsities like the one about Lennon having no end product.

        • Without Niko, we would have finished 7th if lucky 8th! And that says a lot seeing as he hardly started a game for us! Niko needs to stay!COYS!

      • But unfortunately we play a fast counter attacking game and that style of play doesn’t fit it.

        Excellent player but no good enough to get in our best 11. We have moved on.

  4. Why on earth would you sell Pienaar over Kranjcar? To buy someone for 3m, play him 5 times with him not letting you down, then selling him. You’ve only seen Pienaar a few times in a Spurs shirt, and not enough to form any negative conclusion on the guy. Niko on the other hand has been here since 2009, and we can see that he is not capable of fighting his way back into the team. Faster, stronger players have taken his place. He can score goals, but our midfield is weaker when he is there. If someone stumps up, sell him. Either that, or offer him the chance to be our “Europa league VDV”, and play him behind a lone striker – hence resting VDV for the league. Niko is finished as an option on the left.

    • well.. Bale took his place, pienaar is not a faster stronger player. He is obviously capable of fighting his way back into the team by scoring two back-to-back game winners, Harry just doesnt give him a chance. The games all about scoring goals and when your strikers cant put the ball away its pretty nice to have a midfielder who can.. I like the “europa league vdv” idea but this time when he wins us games at least bring him in as a sub in some PL games.

  5. Wouldnt want to sell him, but he doesnt look good when playing on the right, Bale better on the left and Mod / VdV better in the centre. If we can get a decent fee, then maybe cash in, but he is a quality player.

  6. Big fat no imo we need players of his quality and would be perfect to play right midfield if kyle walker plays right back i fear if we see lennon and walker together that they will both be looking at the same space to run into if corluka is right back then lennon would compliment him better.And if we sell jenas wilson bentley gio aren’t we leaving ourselves a bit short cant see why harry cant use him as a first change for rafa instead of it being pav or crouch all the time he wants his fair share of games and thats all. some people on here have short memories niko was great for us when luka broke his leg so if the same happens or worse he is sold! niko would be an ideal replacement surely?.

  7. Likeable player with the right attitude but not good enough for our first choice midfield and Pienaar is a better all round player as back up,which leaves Kranjcar in no mans land.

    The sort of player who’d star at Fulham (or Spurs 7 or 8 years ago) but not now.

    Wish him all the best though as he seems a genuine good guy (unlike a lot of players).

  8. Pienaar is crap. Total waste of space/money. Niko is highly talented and a valuable squad member. Yet another example of Arry losing it.

    • Id be a bit confused if I was some of the player, with the comments he’s made. First the public ridicule of Bent after THAT miss, sure to inspire his confidence, and raise his sell on price for that matter) He comes in and say ‘Prince Boateng is a player and ‘If I cant get the best out of a player like him then what am i doing here?’ He then proceeds to sell him. Says of Dos Santos, he could be a big star for Spurs then farms him out and doesnt give him a decent crack, then the mixed signals hes given Kranjcar. Harrys done wonders in certain areas, Gallas being one such masterstroke. But he has his faults too. And bleating on about 2 points 8 games isn’t any good (we had just won the carling cup against Chelsea and had 2 5th placed finishes). If we’re not moving forward we’re going backward. I still think that Harrys the right man for the job in many senses but this season really is time to step up.

    • i agree get rid of pienaar and keep nico he is much more skillfull and scores goals unlike pienaar who doesnt do anything very well.

  9. Niko has to stay without a doubt, reasons for this are he can cover accross all midfield positions and also as stated could play the rafa role when rafa fades after 60/70 mins.
    Niko would be as dangerous as Charlie Adam was for Blackpool if played, but instead we bench him after wonder goals. what does he have to do? how many bloody chances has Jenas had, only difference is he runs alot! but he couldnt lace niko’s boots. the man is quality for Croatia, just like Gio is for Mexico, and Pav is for Russia. Time to start playing to peoples strenghts!!!!!!!!!

  10. Niko’s a gamechanger..FULL STOP! Selling him would be stupid! I don’t get all this talk of pace when we’ve all seen him ghost past players & deliver a final ball or shot ON TARGET! Gazza or Hodd weren’t fast..but their ability (or genius) to make something out of nothing was waay more important. He’s one of the few players we have who, given a run, can score on a regular basis. As for ‘lack of fight’, I’ve seen the guy literally win games for us in tough winter matches ‘up north’ more than once. I’m a Harry fan but he wasted Niko last season and overused Bale – which I believe led to much of his injuries last term. We’re weaker without Niko and an equivallent buy at his level would set us back at least 12-15mill.. Plus, he seems to have a guenuine affection for Spurs!

  11. ———————–GOMES———————





      • Benzema instead for me- he is world class and King is better now so we do not really need another centre back thus my team would be
        ——————-van der Vaart————-
        With Podolski, Parker, Kranjcar, Dos Santos, Rose etc all on the bench!So we buy: Benzema- £26million, Podolski- £13million and Parker- £8million!

  12. Christ i’m glad some on here aren’t in charge of Spurs,we’d have Kranjcar,Gio,Pav and Lennon all first choice starters…..then be lucky to qualify for the Europa League (although with those light weights we’d barely make a tackle so we’d be top of the fair play league i suppose).

  13. the thing about us spurs fans (ok, im not talking about everyone) is that we often get attached to players!!
    For example, Lennon… would we not like to sell him because he is an outstanding player, or because we like the little guy!!
    Same about Nico, i think most of us like him as a person and his attitude etc. but lets be honest, there are better players out there. If we can get a good fee, then let him go.

  14. Pienaar has been ineffectual when he’s played. Another Jenas, has a decent touch but gives nothing going forward most of the time and often loses possession or runs down a blind alley at important times in build up play. He is also 29 and not going to develop any great deal more as a player. He was a typical Harry bargain basement signing and one that was to try to fill the void of a lack of signings during January. Links to Chelsea making it look like some kind of coup. He’s a decent player, but not an amazing signing, no better than what we have, and i’d suggest his best of his career was spent at Everton.

    Kranjcar is a match changer, he offers something different when things need shaking up. He can shoot, score, adds a physical presence, is strong on the ball, and very rarely gives the ball away. He has a great touch and is clever with his passing and has a calm head.
    Saying he lacks pace is stupid. Modric isnt fast, and for that matter neither is Pienaar anymore. Look at when he played well when we signed him and when he was at Pompey as well as when he plays for Croatia. People forget just HOW MUCH he contributed to us getting into the Champions League in the first place. He put in many Man of the Match performances.
    Kranjcars positions are playing attacking centre midfield or left wing, mostly as someone who cuts in. The guy is one of these player that can take a game by the scruff of the neck and lead by example, as seen in the past (for those with short memories). He’s also just 26 with years ahead of him with his best to come, and had he been playing more he’d have developed more. Not to mention the bonus of his natural understanding with Modric.

    I’d also suggest that the treatment this season of Kranjcar (and Corluka to some extent) has gone a good way to unsettling Modrics stability and state of happiness at the club. Seeing his mate/compatriot treated like that and sold probably leaves a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth. Kranjcars OWN attitude has been top class while he’s been dropped for no reason, particularly after the Sunderland and Bolton matches and I’m sure it raises the question to Modric about the clubs cavalier attitude to some of its players when Harry falls out with them for whatever reason.

    • Top post.
      I had not even thought about him being a key to keeping Modric. Harry always raves about the Croats and their top class technique and attitude. Just don’t understand why he did not play him more especially when we needed to turn draws in to wins.
      He is a Spurs type player and one we would chuck money at in the transfer market. NICO TO STAY!

  15. Who said anything about starting anyone automatically? It’s obviously gonna depend on form, opposition, tacticts, injuries etc.. However, there were a few games last term when Bale should definitely not have started in place of Kranjs, but he was! Kranjcar’s quality!! Never really rated Pinnear, even at Everton.. Always thought he was just ok.. Hope we also give Gio a bit more of a look in as a back-up for Lennon or even as a 2nd striker – he’ll cause a defence way more problems than Crouch (God bless him)!

    • For me I cant see how a midfield of diddymen in Modric, Lennon and Pienarr (plus VDV / Defoe) can work. Pienaar and Lennon are no Messi, Xavi or Iniesta before the ‘Barca do it’ brigade come out. I’m not saying Kranjcar should be first on the teamsheet but he should be first on as an attacking replacement alot of the time. I dont think his unrest is anything to do with not being guaranteed a starting berth, he’s the type to know he has to earn it. But when he’s dropped after displays like that against Bolton and Sunderland, and snubbed in favour of Pienaar not just now and again but everytime, he knows its more than ‘he’s just unlucky not to get a game at the moment.’ Especially when both are injured.
      Usually you cant expect a player to just come in and shine after being out the team so long with no match practice, but the way he did in those mentioned matches shows his worth.

    • Gio would have to change his attitude and put in the kind effort he obviously does for Mexico, but otherwise I agree 100% with this post.

    • As much as I like Lennon he has become so predictable with what he does and his end product often lets him down. Gio however I feel is more skillful and would cause far more problems for defenders.

  16. I could understand harry leaving him out at start of season because he was overweight and off the pace but again he got in nick after christmas he was back to the player we know he is and should of been given a run in team when vdv was struggling with hamstring and bale missing but what does harry do go and waste a whole transfer window with his Beckham love in way to go to make niko feel wanted boss if it was’nt for krankjar I don’t think we’d of finished fourth previous season, so yes he should be sold because i’v a lot of time for him as a player and with his talent he deserves to go somewhere and play every week if he moved to Spanish or Italian league I bet he would be appreciated more, he has been linked with fiorentina we should look into possibility of a deal involving stevan jovetic and niko or offer him to Palermo for Abel hernandez

    • We WOULDNT have qualified for Champ League without him, thats a fact. He stepped into the fold when Modric broke his leg and carried the team at times. That Christmas period alone he won us vital games at a important time of the season momentum wise too.
      As someone said though, If Harrys going to just mismanage him after telling him to follow him from Pompey then he is better off playing for a club that uses his talents. I just hope he doesn’t get sold to someone like Liverpool as has been linked. Because he would most definitely show what we were missing.
      Harry should be giving him games to rest Bale/VDV and keep them on their toes. Not have Pienaar behind Bale, knowing that he’s only really there as back up and will never start ahead of you if fit.

  17. good player but if we can get £8m+ for a player who makes a handful of starts a year to strengthen in other areas we should take it. bale and modric ahead of him and we haven’t seen pienaar really yet so he’d be ahead of him too you would think.

    • Pienaar is rubbish. Kranjcar is a match winner and yet you’d be happy to sell him for a paltry £8 million. Sort out the following word jumble….. have poo brains for I

  18. you’re missing the point fella. i’m not saying he’s not a good player. what i’m saying is ‘if’ he’s not going to start and we can get that sort of money to strengthen then we should do it. what’s the point in having a player like that to come off the bench once a month? i’d rather use the money from him & o’hara (who i also think is a good player by the way but was never going to get a chance so might as well sell) and invest in a £10-£12m left back for example to replace bae. i don’t think you have poo for brains either….just learn to read things properly.

  19. No I agree with you. But u know English players are way over priced.niko should be worth 12m+ but I think it’ll end up being 8-10m…

    • I’d still keep him and rotate the squad. The guy knows where the net is which, ironically, is where we fell down last season.

    • I think they should realise their mistake (same one as buying back Keane on the deal we did) and sell Pienaar while he’s got a sell on value at 29. If they have to sell Kranjcar too before he want out now then so be it, but get in someone that improves the team and gives a different option. Not another ‘all rounder workhorse’ to play on the wing.

  20. I like to watch Kranjcar play and am happy to have him in the squad and especially on the bench fills me with confidence that we have a plan B other than lump it up to Crouch.

    I don’t see what Pienaar gives the team, don’t know why we bought him. Nico fills in for Modders when he is out and I am happy to see him play anywhere offensive in midfield. Nico is class, but if Harry is not going to play him, we need others in the 25.

  21. alot of sensible posts and clearly alot of support for Niko, Harry will prob be gone in a year and then the new man can come in and give Niko a fair crack of the whip. I m sure the new man would rather use Niko than Jenas or Pienaar. Why can so many fans see if but not Harry. People who dont think he fits in our midfield should remember we have Sandro to anchor the middle now and other strong defensive options such as Hudd or Bale. gotta keep Niko!


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