Many of the transfer rumours involving Spurs at the weekend centred around Barcelona’s Bojan. This isn’t the first time that stories have appeared that have linked us with the player, but after a frustrating season in Spain, it’s now felt that the player is ready to move on.

It’s thought that Harry Redknapp personally watched the player during the recent European Under 21 championships and although his appearances were limited, the manager saw enough to prepare a bid.

Bojan can play as an out and out forward or as a winger and currently averages around a goal every four games for Barca, although many of those recent performances would have seen him come off the bench.

It’s felt that £14m will be enough to take the player from Spain, although there are reports of interest from Liverpool and from Italy.



  1. A little bit mof Yes Please..
    We would still need a target man type striker though to compliment everything else we have in the team.

  2. Yes please sign him up, get rid of Keane at whatever cost to Bolton as £70k p/w is way too much for someone not contributing anything toi the club!!!!

      • Even with a lack of experience, honestly, how much worse could they be than the current batch?
        You ever watch the episode of the Simpsons where Homer fights Dredrick Tatum, and Tatum is so uninterested in the bought that he talks to people in the crowd from the ropes while Homer just stands in the middle of the ring in a daze?

        Our current batch of strikers are Tatum and Homer is the rest of the team creating chances that the frontmen just can’t or won’t put away unless they either stick their foot out due to a sudden spasm in the leg or remember they’re playing a football game once in a blue moon due to an epiphany!

  3. Despite the fact we’ll probably end up with “triffic world class players” who averaged 10 goals in 30+ appearances for their also ran Spanish and Italian teams… this would be a dream.

    Assuming we can reach a miraculous coup of Bojan (little) and Damieao (large), then we should see a return to Martin Jol’s fairly successful employment of the ‘little and large” strikeforce.

    Anyone remember the erotic days of Mido and Keane/ Defoe circa 2004/2005/6 anyone? *drools*


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