There’s been little interest in David Bentley this summer other than a couple of fleeting rumours involving Fulham and Athletico Madrid. Martin Jol however was quick to reject the stories concerning his own club and the feeling amongst Fulham fans was that his off field behaviour at Birmingham was the prime reason for Jol’s lack of interest.

While his misdemeanours may not be in the category of some other players, it seems the feeling among managers is that he lacks the application to convert his talent into telling performances.

So where does that leave everybody? Recently, Norwich City were rumoured to be after Bentley on a season long loan and having spent 2004-05 there, that was a reasonable suggestion.

A loan move may not suit anybody, but if that’s the only option should we take it, or would we be better keeping him at the club as cover? If not, who could possibly take him off our hands?



  1. i’d sell him…but what would we get really? £5m if we’re lucky. with lennon and vdv ahead of him in harry’s thoughts for the right will he realistically get any games at whl? maybe in the cups. can see him going on loan again and lose even more of whatever value he has left.

  2. I wouldn’t just sell him,i’d do the footballing world a favour and shoot him.

    Useless poser who doesn’t deserve the money he gets for playing football (badly).

    And if anyone disagrees i suggest you rewatch his pathetic efforts in the Carling Cup v Arsenal last season,when he spent most of the time trying tricks and back heels despite us fielding a very inexperienced team that needed some leadership from the older players.He capped off the pathetic display by choosing to shoot from 25 yds out rather than playing in the better placed striker – unsurprisingly it went high and wide.CNUT.

  3. I would offer him to clubs for 3 million, hes on big wages and nobody will pay more for him, surely he is worth a punt for someone like Villa after losing Ashley Young.

    We are going to have to practically give Keane, Bentley and Hutton away, they will never play next year, are all on big wages and all have big characters that wont settle with being squad players

    The one criticism I have on Levy is he has no idea about the football transfer market he is too business minded

    Ok if you buy a ford escort for 6,000 and sell it 6 months later you would expect a figure around the same mark but we are chatting about 3 guys who cost 8 million, 12 million and 16 million……nobody will pay that out.

  4. During Lennon’s injury last season (2009-10), he put in some pretty good shifts. But I would think that HR isn’t keen on him and hardly played him last term, he’s on big bucks and we’d take a massive loss, both of which are prohibitive to any outgoing transfer. Also judging by Lennon’s posturing and possible rift with H, would it wise to shift him?

      • I think he would pick Pienaar over Bentley as well when Lennon is out so he has no chance of playing Lennon and VdV will alternate that position 3rd inline Pienaar then Townsend or Bentley.

        I would have Townsend ahead of him if it was me

      • 2009-10, when Lennon was out for ages just after that Christmas,Bentley came back into the side and performed pretty well..until the ice bucket that is!

  5. i would keep him until the jan transfer window and use him in the euro cup along with the rest of the b team players.

  6. Saw Bentley in the flesh for first time at Old Trafford last season and was hugely disappointed to discover that the opinion of most Spurs supporters was more accurate than mine.

    I had always given him the benefit of the doubt but he resembled a lightweight wing half, short of ideas, strength and composure against a well organisaed Man U defence.
    But if Lennon continues to misbehave then maybe …just maybe HR will relent and give Bently a third chance????

    Interesting to note that:
    Bent missed a sitter and was sold within months,
    Keane took Spurs pals on a bender in Dublin without permission and has been isolated since, and
    Bentley poured a bucket of iced water over HR after the win v Man C and, like Keane is rightfully paying a penalty for a lack of respect to the gaffer.

  7. bentley.a lesson should be all dealings with arsenal or ex arsenal players(with the exception of gallas)we have come unstuck.this also applys to friend sid,arsenal supporter of about 70 years.said of recond that he was better than berkamp.his immaturity will haunt him for ever.grow up and look in the are a not saleable item.

  8. Has ability, but zero application . Less assists than Pav has goals. Showboating big-time Charlie at best , abysmal on a bad day. £ for £ THE WORST SIGNING EVER for us . Aside from a fantastic (flukey?) goal at the Scum he has been a waste of space . I’d offload him at whatever we can get, was on loan at Brum and still didnt give a flying whatsit after a few games . NO MORE CHANCES.

  9. I think Bentley could be a really good player but the problem is in his head. He’s immature (remember Harry’s suit) and messes about on and off the pitch.

    The only question is whether he will grow up before he’s too old to play. Let him go.

  10. Listen we’ve got to be realistic and accept we are unlikely to shift him Keano (who at least gave us six years good service) on the wages they demand. This means if we
    Can’t loan them we are stuck with them for another season.
    I didn’t realise big Hutton was being forced out if I’m honest
    Superb athlete but when you watch him live it’s easy for fans to see his positioning is woeful so perhaps no wonder he is being shipped off. Is the speed merchant that is Charlie corluka getting the job of right back next year or Kyle walker? Ps first time on site, die hard oxford spur and like it guys


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