While Spurs are being linked with multi million pound moves for teenage strikers, should we not be looking closer to home and maybe promote Harry Kane as our fourth striking option?

Kane isn’t eighteen until later this month and he spent a fair part of last season on loan to Orient where he scored 5 goals in 18 appearances for the club. While that isn’t a particularly prolific record, he has managed 8 goals in 8 games for England at under 17 and under 19 level and those are better stats than some overseas teenage strikers who are being linked with multi-million pound moves across Europe.

While it’s unlikely that Kane is ready to step up to the first team side and answer all of our goal scoring problems, the fourth striker role may be suited to a player of his age and experience. There isn’t a lot of game time involved as we saw with Robbie Keane last season and surely an 18-year old making his way in the game will be prone to less whingeing when he isn’t first on the team sheet every week.

Having said that, he could still make an impact off the bench and could be used in the Europa League. As a fourth striker, Harry Kane could be our best option and this is the ideal way to find out if he can make it on a long term basis at this level.



  1. If you’ve seen Kane play you’ll realise he’s not ready

    His first touch isn’t good enough yet. Potentially a premier league player but not yet

    He wasn’t even a regular starter for Orient (which makes his stats more impressive) but that tells it’s own story

    One for the future, definitely not yet

  2. not ready – If we re struggling for goals up front, this isnt the answer, someone like Connor Wickham would have been 🙁

  3. Sorry but I disaggree. What a player of his age needs more than anything is playing time, sitting on a bench for most of the season will just hinder is progression!

  4. I agree from what I have seen really promising player but not ready to step up YET but saying that does any1 know if he has been taken to SA?

  5. I have watched him aswell, what he definately does do is score goals, his all round game isnt as great but I feel ability to be in the right place at the right time he is much better than any of our existing strikers.

    I feel with the way our team plays that is what we lack a mobile striker, Defoe is a lost chimp who should be playing playground football with the rest of the 14 year olds, Crouch dont move and Pav is too lazy to utilize his technical ability.

    What I will say is he would have to score a few own goals to do any worse than the 4 we have at the moment, but as for comparing him to U17 players then you are naive.

    Just watch Coulibaly when he signs the guy has everything in the U17 world cup he scored 9 goals, 1 was a overhead kick, 1 was a right footed half volley on the turn, 1 was an instinctive tap in, 1 he ran past the players along the byline and scored, 1 was a header, 1 was a scorching left foot effort in the top corner, and another was a placed shot from 18 yards with his right foot.

    He has pace, strength, skill, finishing ability and work rate, if he signs which my sources tell me he will then Kane wont play a first team game for spurs


    ” if he signs which my sources tell me he will then Kane wont play a first team game for spurs”

    Not only is there a pretentious “I’m ITK” in there, it’s also nonsense. They’re totally different players

    Kane is still considered by some as better in midfield. I take your point about his goal scorers instinct but there’s a lot more potential to his game than just goals – his movement just happens to be good for someone his age.

    I think he’ll be a reasonable player, and probably as a deep lying forward, and I definitely don’t see us buying another young striker as a clear indication that he has no future at Spurs – what a stupid thing to say

  7. Personally, I think either of the USA’s strikers from their women’s world cup squad could do a damn sight better than our current options up front!!

  8. I saw him 6 times last year play for Orient and he is not ready yet. I am not sure he will be a striker anyway more second striker. Ne needs to grow into his body more and would gain more if he was sent out on loan to club in division one but a club that would give him game time.

    He looks a very good prospect and i expect if he improves he will be ready in a year or two maybe three

  9. This is simply not just about Kane. It is about Spurs general reluctance to give youngsters a real run when the opportunity arrives. Kane or some other young striker should be the ‘fourth” striker and not search for the elusive foreign Messi clone. If we do not give youngsters a real chance they simply will go elsewhere.

  10. Why you slag our strikers of is beyond me and makes me despair if i told you who stopped scoring where getting help from super fit teams then would you understan why all strikers struggled even 50 million ones and 27 ones at City..Last year defenders where on top and Berbatov 20 goals had three hat ricks and both him and Hernendes shared the strikers role for week at a time Spurs had defoe one game dropped Crouch and Van played good then Huddlestone got injured and Van got deeper and left a battered Crouch on his own heading balls to no one , Then Harry Turned to Defoe and Pav both short of game time they scored and we threw it away at Wolves Defoe scored two and hit the post his next game was the bench at Madrid and this is why our strikers where impotent Harry using 4411 that became 451 when Huddlestone was absent for four month. The next time we scored three Huddlestone scored and made one v Stoke and he was still not fully recovered and broke down lets hope we get him back full fit because i looked at our whole campain and one thing was consistent and it was when Huddlestone and King played we concede less scored more and created more so its not Modric who is the play maker but the thud Hudd Missile launcher even on on one leg Our striker will score if Harry uses them correctly and one golden rule is if you are chasing goals at home don’t swap a striker for another striker be bold and we will turn draws 14 into wins and have all our strikers happy and in form.

  11. He’s already scored 2 goals in tonights friendly at forest .
    we have got to give some of our young players a chance in the first team might buck some of the regulars up


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