While Spurs fans will welcome the signing of Souleymane Coulibaly, many will be wondering today just where he will fit in to the squad in 2011-12.

Although he is two years younger than Cristin Ceballos, Coulibaly looks a great prospect who could conceivably step straight into the squad and provide Harry Redknapp with a striking option from day one.

He hasn’t played at senior level for Siena and by all accounts scored just once in 10 games for their under-19 side. However, it was his 9 goals in 4 games at the under-19 World Cup that brought him to the everyone’s attention and we’ve all seen the videos now showing us how good he can be.

For those of us who feel he’s ready to make an impact, our views have been tempered by the word of Spurs’ director of administration Darren Eales,

“For us that’s a great signing, that’s someone for the future,” Eales said.

“Obviously we’re not expecting him to go in the first team and start scoring but we’re hoping that in the future he can be a great talent for Tottenham.

“He’s a young player, he’ll come in and play with our development squad. When the time’s right we’re hoping he’ll be able to burst into the first team.”

So that may be the official word but this guy looks too good to loan out so he could he be a genuine contender for the fourth or even third striker slot?



  1. he does look good agreed, but there is a huge difference between U-17 football and the senior football in the premier league. I say loan him out for at least a few months so he can get some competitive games under his belt and then we’ll see if he’s good enough or not.

  2. With ‘Arry in charge, its always going to be a season or six too early.

    He has an appalling track record of blooding youngsters. They only get in if there are injuries to his favoured players. Look at Bale, his chance only came because Assou Ekotu was injured.

    He was quick to reloan Walker despite rave reviews at QPR, and shipped out Taarabt and Gunther really quickly. ‘Arry is only really keen on the seasoned pro, hence his fascination with signing Parker.

    • We have heard this before…and it is wrong. Harry played Bale 27 times in all comps BEFORE Ekotto got injured. If that isn’t giving the guy a chance, I do not know what is. Bale STARTED Harry’s first game in charge for goodness sake. If he did not trust youngsters, why would he start Bale away to Arsenal? Everyone keeps repeating the same “facts” without checking them. I am not denying Harry’s preference for established players, but as long as Spurs keep finishing top 5, there is not a problem.

    • Forgive me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Lamps, Carrick, Defoe and Joey Cole all come through whilst he was manager at WHU? Not that bad a track record really.

  3. To meesterlee
    Your right if Assou Ekotto never got injured he would have never scored a hatrick at san siro and we’d be contemplating selling him for 5mil or something.

  4. some of his goals are immense and i know there is a difference between u17 and EPL, BUT the crucial thing is, that he hits it hard and into the corners which is more than can be said of crouch who couldnt finish a happy meal.
    doesent matter what level it is, if you get a shooting chance and hit it hard and into the corner, it will take an immense save to keep it out

  5. I dont think next season would be too early for a cameo role, much like how David Moyes first used Rooney as an impact player for last 20 mins, this would keep the forwards on their toes until the final whistle blew. It would be nice to know we have options when the legs are tired and Crouch is looking like a lost sheep and flinging his arms in the air a lot. Harry done well with West Ham crop of youth as he had no option but to blood them due to a lack of quality already there. You would have to be a mug to not spot Rio, and J Coles talents at that age!

  6. He scored in his first outing for the 11 yesterday came off the bench scored within 10 mins hit the post forced the keeper into a top corner save. I don’t see any reason with 7 subs allowed that he shouldn’t make the bench. No point in talking about his age if he is good enough let him play. If Rooney was managed by Harry he would probably be playing league 1 or championship football now as he wouldn’t have got chances and wouldn’t have developed. Those siting west ham as testimony forget that their senior players were shite. Harry ever the pragmatist played the best players who so happened to be the youth not because he likes youth. His record subsequently shows this.

  7. Play him in the Europa and see how he sorts out. We’ve got a ready made chance to test our youngsters in Europe this year while spelling our top players, Modric included (I hope). COYS!


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