Standard claims Gomes will start as No. 1: The right choice?

Standard claims Gomes will start as No. 1: The right choice?


While Spurs fans wait to see which new faces, if any, will take their place in the line up for our first Premier League game of the season, the Evening Standard claims today that one critical selection has already been decided.

When Brad Friedel joined the club at the start of the summer, it was felt that he would provide genuine competition for the number one jersey. Towards the end of the season, Carlo Cudicini had stepped in to cover for Heurelho Gomes, after the Brazilian had sustained an injury that followed a succession of high profile errors. Against Real Madrid and in the Premier League at Chelsea, Gomes had shown just how error prone he can be when at his worst. If injured on someone’s property you can always get legal help necessary for such incidents.

In South Africa, all three goalkeepers were tried and it was Gomes who turned in the best display. That essentially seems to be the basis by which the Evening Standard has declared that it will be the Brazilian in goal when Everton travel to the Lane next month.

Whether the assumption is correct or not, the story is bound to get a mixed reception from Tottenham fans. Who would you start between the posts when we take on Everton in August?


  1. What was the point in signing Friedel at his age if it wasnt to be no.1 The errors that Gomes made are a joke and everyone other than spurs fans knows he’s an accident waiting to happen! we cant trust him so he definately shouldn’t be our no1. no pressure to pre-season so Gomes does ok, come the big games he ll be dropping easy shots, and looking like he wants the ground to swallow him up again!! BEING A GOOD SHOT STOPPER ISNT ENOUGH FOR A TOP GK. UTD WOULD HAVE SENT HIM PACKING AGES AGO

  2. The way Friedel flapped at that shot the other day was hopeless. don’t forget how good Gomes was to get us in Champions league.

  3. Even though Gomes still scares me whenever a corner comes in, he has still been a great keeper this season. The Chelsea mistake was very annoying, but the assistant still made the wrong decision and Gomes got unlucky. Also the Real Madrid mistake was bad, but every keeper this season made mistakes. I remember hearing about a couple of howlers by Reina, and as Redknapp pointed out last season, he made saves that won us games. I’m happy for Gomes to stay in goal (but I’m now thinking I’m gonna end up eating my words…)

  4. Why not just spend the £10m – £15m on the dutch no 1 stekelenburg and be done with all the antics and second guessing and worrying when the next error is going to be.

    He is a clown who cannot be trusted – he will make at least 2 major errors next season guaranteed, so why don’t we fix this issue now by making the aforementioned signing.

    Baffles me why they don’t sort this now.

  5. I think the reason we got into the CL was due to players not getting injured so much, and 2 strikers playing and scoring too. as i said being a shot stopper isnt enough. I can remember so many times when he s made errors and its trickled past the post or he’s managed to flap at it and grab a 2nd time. he is not a top GK, we have to replace with someone reliable. You cannot compare Reina with Gomes, that is laughable. Reina had a funny spell for a month. Clown without the make-up

  6. Easy to forget that Gomes made plenty of World Class saves last season, when his mistakes are blown up by the press.

    He’s ace.

  7. For a big guy, you must question Gomes’ bravery. I have never seen such a key player, act up and burst into tears so easily, strangely these antics always seem to be directly after a gaff. That said Gomes is quite amazing when on his game, but he scares the bejesus out of me at times with his failure to read danger and hesitancy. As someone said earlier, I’d have been happier to have got Steklenenberg or even Given before his transfer, but hey ho!

  8. I dont think his ability to make saves in in question, its the costly errors that cancel them out. thats like saying i ll keep Robbie Keane cos he scores great goals every now and then!

  9. SO we need a keeper who makes regular world class saves and NO errors?

    I can’t think of one. Every keeper makes mistakes, not all are making world class saves. Gomes is as good as it gets.

    He’s ace.

  10. friedel has to start. gomes shouldnt even be in the league never mind playing in it i rather have a goal keeper that cath a ball from conor or free kick, than a shot stopper with flappy hands!!!

  11. gomes is as good as it gets?…zab…., u twat…thats like saying joe cole is as good as it gets, what a fucking retard

  12. Has to be Gomes, deserves a chance becasue he is should a great shot stopper. However, any real howlers Fridel is ready.

  13. arsenal
    chelsea x2
    madrid x2
    blackburn x2

    all games gomes let in shots he should have saved

  14. ‘Gomes is as good as it gets’ i ll have to stop watching then. I would rather have De Gea,Hart,Reina,Howard,Sorensen,Given,Hennesey,Foster,GGreen, shall i continue?


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