Maybe it’s because of the impact made by Sandro in the Premiership last season that so many clubs in England are being linked with a host of young Brazilian players.

While the Leandro Damiao trail may have gone a little cold, there are two new names emerging this morning from this part of South America – Lucas and Casimiro.

Casimiro is 19 and plays in midfield for Sao Paulo where he scored 5 goals in 26 league games last season. Having played for Brazil at junior levels, Spurs are interested but are reported to be ‘monitoring the situation’ for now at least.

Meanwhile, Lucas has stirred up quite a few headlines and the suggestion on Talksport is that Spurs are looking to this player with far more interest.

Lucas is also at Sao Paulo and is just 18 but his development is a little further ahead of his team mate and he currently has four full caps for Brazil. He is an attacking midfielder with eight league goals in 32 matches last season but his comments haven’t exactly encouraged Spurs or any other club that may have been interested.

“At the moment my thinking is to continue and improve at Sao Paulo because I am young and need more experience before making the leap to Europe, but I haven’t yet decided where I will go,” he said.

While we await developments it may be the emergence of Sandro that has sparked these rumours off and if we can find another player equally as good in Brazil, it will be a job well done.



  1. ganso should definately be bought from santos he is quality! would be great for spurs but possibly 20m+ for his services.

    have seen sao paulo play numerous times; these are talented players who’s value is gonna go up for certain – get them in now its a win win and good investment and the timing is gr8 because they are not too inflated yet.

    sadly we are never ones for quick business and we will faff around so much that i cant seem them going to us, we are crap at this …i think we need a director of football !! !!

  2. Leandro Damaio should be a Tottenham player by now! cos of our slow half arse approach , he has now scored against milan and barcelona and is gonna cost alot more!

    Luis Suarez should have been a Tottenham player in January – he won best player in copa america!

    the fact I read this morning we are offering roma keane, bentley etc for vucinic!! what a tempter that is ! they must have been on the phone immediately.

    Im sure Kanu must be available to play up front with crouch make sure you dont give dos santos a chance either and definately get rid! hes a mug, mexico are 2 bob arent they.

  3. one thing is certain , we would be in the CL if it wasnt for Levy/ Redknaps tactics in obtaining a striker in the January window. its cost us big time, we wouldnt of had all this modric scenario either. also he loves crouch when he caused us to be thrashed by Real Madrid.

    You would think after seeing what happened in January and what it cost us ‘a place in CL’ we would have jumped into this summer window all guns blazing and getting the players we require! but no we have learnt nothing and we are gonna mess this up royally. We dont deserve to be in top 4 we are run and managed by idiots !!

    we should have received 40m from our CL adventure last season WHERE THE FCUK IS IT !!!!!!

  4. agree that with 2 points here re the comments
    1 – harry and levy responsible for our CL qualification
    2- harry and levy also responsible for us not making the CL last year.
    we have cleared plenty of the wage bill now with Woody and O Hara that must be 80k, Gio, hutton, Bentley and Keane will surely follow so follow united stance and make the move for a top target early while the price is lowest. dont gamble on a young brazilian tho, sign a european CF such us Vuci (roma), or Llorente – less risk, more sell on value

    • Also Arry’ is one of the best in the business because look at the amount we have spent over the last couple of season and we got as far as we did in the champs league. Watch mark my words that City won’t be able to do what we did get to the quarters and win the 2nd hardest group of last season champs league.

      A bit off point here but why not bring in afellay to add more of a threat to Lennon and a world class striker like one on the madrid forwards or llorente.

    • The strikers are responsible, they had plenty of easy chances to score goals and they didn’t take them. It is their fault.

  5. We need to make a move now. We cannot wait until Man Utd or Real come sniffing. We cannot offer the glory that those clubs can. We can offer playing time and less scrutiny, but those are less attractive than CL football and the mystique of those clubs. Act soon or we’ll lose out.

  6. We were in champions league last year and still couldnt get a top class striker in.we were in with a shout for top 4 again if we had signed a striker in january and still had Milan to come and still couldnt buy one . at the end of the day it all comes down to wages .money talks and unfortunatley our money doesnt talk loud enough.6 months ago aguero signed a new deal a claims his love for athletico then yesterday he signs for!! things are a little frustrating at the moment but im sure the club are tryin to sign the right players but apparently nobody can live on 60k + a week anymore so hopefully we can get rid of 6 or 7 players and sign 2 or 3 top class players on slighty higher wages

  7. so what if they do ,they have to earn the right for an increase and if we are doing well there will be more money to reward them for what they are doing on the pitch or we keep doing what we’ve been doing,buying players that other clubs consider risks ,improve them, showcase their talents and then sell them when clubs offering bigger wages come calling while we stay a club always on the brink of challenging.

  8. What bothers me is we leave our transfers until the last minute therefore wasting valuable time in getting these players to gel with their team mates and tactics. We should have our squad by now and be preparing for the forthcoming season. Get a move on Levy………….

  9. You are all correct to a degree. But what can we do but sit around & moan?
    I agree that waiting until the last minute totally screws up our preseason training especially if it is Leandro who comes as he will take 3-6 months to settle but what can you do? I don’t see anyone above offering to buy Llorrente for the club.

    What i think is quite funny is that Abramovitch & the Eastlands Emirs must be football manager players as they are both just using the infinite money cheat, but in real life.
    We all know that a beautiful woman will marry any ugly guy if he is rich enough but money can also buy you first place in virtually ALL sports as well. Ethical prostitution is an inherent part of human life, like it or not.

  10. Actually
    Matty yid is a total dick.
    Buying Good premiership level football players with the right attitude for the right money (so as not to expose us to is to unecessary debt in a worldwide recession). We have to get rid of players like Keane but nobody wants them at the money they are on so its not easy, how many of you think its like going to Sainburys to buy them is worrying for your tiny minds.
    We actually have a good squad, the striker problem is difficult to resolve but the guys in charge know that better than the smartarse shopaholics I keep reading mindless drivel on blogs like this.
    luka is staying even though he ‘no like chicken badge/play with tall circus man or with rush goalie’.
    I love this club and am proud of the way Levy conducts himself, developing our future so we do not end up like the pikeys in East london who are quite possibly F****d.


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