Surely Spurs wouldn’t buy Zigic?

If you believe everything you read, Spurs could be about to swap one giant unprolific striker for another as Nikola Zigic’s agent claims that Tottenham are interested in signing the Serbian centre forward.

Zigic is still under contract at Birmingham City but it is claimed that he has no intention of playing in the second tier of English football. While the strongest links seem to originate from the Bundesliga, the Birmingham Mail suggests that Spurs are one of several clubs that are monitoring the situation and the player’s agent had this to say,

“As for Redknapp, he is also heaping praise on Zigic, but he already has Crouch among his ranks.”

And that appears to be the basis of a story that Sky has now picked up on. At six foot seven and a half inches, Zigic is actually taller than Peter Crouch and his striking record since leaving his homeland is somewhat worse.

At times it’s difficult to separate the real stories from the idle gossip but this one seems easy to categorise.

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11 Responses

  1. parley says:

    ha Grzegorz Rasiak springs to mind

  2. cmg says:

    Absolute PONY

  3. yid4ever says:

    Talk about ‘tall stories’. What a load of b*ll*x
    At least 3MP can kick a ball and hes sh*te. Imagine replacing him with a taller but crapper version? Yeah that would solve our striker issues and placate the fans hahahaha!

  4. mike says:

    Christ, I hope this is just newspaper/agent talk. Surely even Harry can’t be that dense. Zigig is worst than Crouch

  5. J says:

    Apparently Man City are interested as well…

    LOL!! What a joke of a story, his agent knows how pants his client is and is trying to drum up interest

  6. Big Mal says:

    100% nonsense

  7. Chris says:

    dont forget we are the side who signed rasiak and frazer campbell. he will join 11:30 on august 31. after we have had 40 million pound bids turned down for messi, ronaldo rossi rooney, lorente oh and phill neville

  8. bog says:

    apparantly Aguero only signed for Man City so he could fulfil his dream and play alongside Zigic.

  9. Mark says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised given how tight we are. We should also go for Liam Ridgewell, Steve Sidwell and Kevin Phillips while we’re at it.

  10. DJ says:

    snor, snor, zzzzzzz

  11. s says:

    Of course they wouldn’t why are you bothering to ask? His agent is trying to associate him with clubs to generate any interest in hm at all.

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