After news of Joey Barton’s Newcastle release yesterday, Spurs have emerged as clear favourites to gain his signature and at the time of writing, you can get as little as 2/1 on Barton becoming a Spurs player by the start of the new season. With the player available on a free, he suddenly finds himself within Harry’s transfer budget and the suggestion in today’s Metro newspaper claims that talks are already being lined up.

Earlier this summer, we asked if you would welcome the arrival of Barton to White Hart Lane and the answer was a pretty emphatic ‘no’. But as our other midfield targets, Charlie Adam, Scott Parker have drifted out of sight, has anything changed our point of view?

While Barton’s off-field misdemeanours will follow him wherever he goes, his impact on the field seems to have gathered momentum in his time at St James’s Park and when you saw Newcastle fans being interviewed yesterday, they were unanimous in their support of the player.

So is it possible to disregard baggage or is there more to it than that and is it simply a case that Joey Barton won’t add anything to our overcrowded midfield? If we were happy to welcome Parker or Adam, what is the essential difference with Barton?



  1. Is he a reformed character? Otherwise I don’t want to have to cheer him, he is a ****.

    Do we need more midfielders? Presumably he’d only play if Sandro was injured.

  2. Sign him up and set him to work on the last remaining landowners, Planners and central government pen-pushers holding up the NDP

  3. simple answer…. YES!!!
    he will also behave himself as he will no longer be the main man as he always has been with his previous clubs!

  4. NO!!! the guy is a scum bag! if this happens levy and redknapp should leave. levy keeps on bleating that spurs need to sell before they buy, well how comes we can sign below average players such as pienaar, freidel and now barton. the answer they are cheap. spurs continue to show no ambition but this would put us at an all time low, barton should never be aloud to play football again let alone for spurs.

  5. Reckon it will happen. Willie McKay is his agent and a close pal of Harrys. Chimbonda came and went and came again through Willie. Good signing IMO….a character that Harry is looking for and for a free is a bargain!!!

  6. Yes.

    It’s yes, because when you take away his persona he is a solid footballer. To be honest his ability is far greater to that of Charlie Adam, and the often injured Scott Parker. He has a good record with injuries and is not afraid to track back and tackle. If his temperament can be kept in check, which I think can under Redknapp then he’ll be a solid pick up.

  7. not even read this but im disgusted its even being sugested! this guy is pure scum and should have been kicked out of football a long time ago and into prison. No way would I ever want to see him wearing a Spurs shirt. I have stuck by Harry when others are slagging him off but if he signs Barton then thats it, He will have brought shame to Spurs.

  8. Please dont, not the type of character we need. Send him to City with all the other scumbags and over inflated egos, had a decent season last time but is he better than Modric, Sandro, Huddlestone, Kranjcar, Van der Vaart? Who can all play in the middle (I wont mention Palacios or Jenas, as I wont be taken seriously!). But even if he was better, hes still a ****.

  9. Joey Barton on a free I would take that and free up some funds by selling Wilson! Anyone that thinks purely on stats and skill that Scotty or Charlie are any better than Joey must be blind. Yes the guy is a head case, yes he has caused problems, but you can say that about a load of great players that have graced the game. As it stands I am concerned that Harry has signed a veteran, yes I am starting to feel that with our defeatist approach to the transfer market we may as well sell Modric and roll over to die. But then I remember I’m a fan and I want the best for my club. In all honest belief we must clear out the deadwood so we can afford the better players. With a smaller wage bill we can increase players wages to keep them on and pull them in. In my opinion sell Crouch, Defoe, Keane, Bentley, Dos Santos, Hutton, Palacios, Jenas and Bassong. I think that would generate a hefty warchest without selling Luka “No Like Chicken Badge” Modric. The question then is whether we can afford the wages of the likes of Llorente, Mata and Cahill (forget whether they would want to join us, with enough money anyone will come to your club).

  10. Actually thinking about in a bit more of a serious mode he might just become our new Graham Roberts. Nothing wrong with a bit of nastiness in the middle. Sometimes we’re too soft. Does Harry want the aggro at his stage of life and with England possibly in the wings?

  11. Yes

    Barton isn’t below average he is a cracking talent. He has pretty much cleaned up his act and would definitely strengthen the squad

    When will people get it through their thick heads that you need two quality players in each position. Otherwise you go into the season get a couple of injuries and its all over before youve started. The key with barton is he is versatile. He can play central mid defensive or further up and wide right and he is better than Jenas, Palacious, Bentley and Piennar.

  12. If we sign Barton I’ll be even more confused as to what our actual transfer policy is this window. What are Levy and Arry actually up to because for me it doesn’t seem like either have a real clue as to how to take the club onto that next stage.

  13. Mike Ashley has gone right up in my estimation. Its about time someone stood up to one of these self obsessed prima donnas. I hope no one signs Barton but of course they will. At the end of the day he is a good player and has ruined what should have been a glittering career, as unfortunately he does not have the brains to keep his head down and just get on with his football, he will always self-destruct.

  14. Why not? He proved last season that he’s a great talent. One who’s head never drops and keeps going until the final whistle. He may not be world class – but after finishing outside of Champions League spot, we might not have the option of bringing in top-drawer names. I think he’ll add depth to the squad and by the way – he’s free!

  15. Just seen bartons latest tweet “not going to spurs, redknap pulls to many faces” #topupcard

    Not sure what that means???? who knows with Joey

  16. Whilst the guy is clearly a P.O.S. and does have a tendancy to generate drama, the biggest difference between him n some of the other premiership stars is the media coverage.. he’s never been a golden boy so is therefore an easy target.. Gerrard is far from being perfect off the pitch but he’s never been villified for his actions.. the only thing I care about is his performances on the pitch, and he would offer something we desperately need, heart! He’s one of the few players left with the old school midfield enforcer mentality.. he plays to win.. he may not be the most graceful of players but I’d much prefer him over Parker or Adams.. I’d have cried if either of them had been signed

  17. Chris, i think levy and harry have done brilliantly for spurs and i think criticism is like a spoilt child bleating for getting 10 xmas presents when they wanted 11. However, i agree with you about Barton – a time bomb. Newcastle stood by him through a whole heap of crap, ungrateful.

  18. He would be a great signing to replace Luca in centre-mid. Then with that cash we get from Chelski we could buy Adebayor and Bellamy.

  19. N o N o no nooooooooooooooooooooooo, what in the hell is this story about, we have as much money as most prem teams, why the hell would we want this horrible chav cunt, on a free? newcastle have released him potentially losing millions due to the fact that hes pond scum, redtwat cant handle the poofs we have now, let alone this wanker, no no no no no no

  20. I really want this to happen. I don’t care whether he’s a nice bloke or not. In fact, our players are probably too nice and that’s why we struggled against Wigan, West Ham and Blackpool.
    He’s got the mean streak that we need.
    Not only that, he’s still youngish and might have an eye on representing England. If he impresses the future England manager (Redknapp) then he might get his chance.
    Don’t sign him if you want to get into the top 4 of the Fair Play League.
    Sign him if you want to get into the top 4 of the Champions League.
    You get nowhere in the Premiership being nice.
    Look at the horrible c*nts that have had success with Man Utd!

  21. Hi, I hoe you do not mind me posting on your site but I am a Newcastle Fan and I am glad he has gone from us and I hope you do not sign him as he completely disrupts the team. This guy should be left to rot to set an example to other prima donnas who think they run the show

  22. how can people say he has cleaned up his act! just cos he hasnt stuck a cigarette in someones eye or beaten the s*** out of someone with a 5 iron in the past 6 months hardly makes him a saint.
    stafftoon i assume you are a newcastle fan and any chairman and manager would look good compared to ashley and the numerous managers they have had. plus it is more like asking for the same present for 3 years cos your old one is peter crouch and ending up with a 40 year old goalie and a psychotic prick

  23. No f@cking way. That ape can f@ck off. Even if he s a half-decent player, c&nts like that do not belong in a team alongside proper quality like Rafa and others. A disgusting EDL-supporting troglodyte who should be at Leeds, Millwall or Chelsea. Spurs are better than him and his ilk.

    Joey Barton has been convicted of attacking 2 black players in the past, leaving one without an eye. His brother is in prison for racist murder in Liverpool.

    This guy is scum. Just like Lee Bowyer. I was gutted when Spurs got Woodgate too, who is seriously dubious, but probably led on by Bowyer in the incident concerned.

    Anyone that says that we should lower ourselves to the historical disgrace that is the takeover of clubs like Leeds, Chelsea and Millwall should f*ck off and support those dirty little clubs – and join the EDL too.

    Racists are dangerous. Ask the black guy that lost an eye at Joey Barton’s hands or the family of the guy that his brother killed. Before the EDL trolls get on here, I would not want a radical Islamic nutcase with a history of attacking whites at Spurs, just the same as I would not want Joey Barton. The EDL are full-on without a doubt racist. That nutter in Norway loved them. The Islamic jihadis are too. The both of them are ignorant w@nkers. Defending either of them is ignorant. Not all Muslims are fanatics. Not all white people are EDL. We need to defend nice, decent sensible people who want to get along with each other. Defending the EDL, Joey Barton or any other ignorant nutcase like Abu Hamza (the Hook Man) is defending hatred.

    I am Spurs pure and simple and we dont want that at our Club.

  24. Do it! Forget his actions in the past harry can handle him (good practise for the pre-Madonna’s he faces when he gets the England job) clearly a good player the stats speak for themself given Newcastle’s record last season with and without him. Then we can sell sandros back up team of Jenas and Palacios, use the money for llorrente.


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