It’s always hard to split idle gossip from actual news during the transfer window, but confirmation has arrived that there is real substance in the stories linking Peter Crouch and Wilson Palacios with a move to Stoke City.

Potters Chairman Peter Coates confirmed that talks had been going on for some time as he stated that his club had made their final bid for the pair.

“We’ve made our last bid. The ball is in their court. We shall not be negotiating from where we are,” Coates told BBC Radio Stoke.

“The last conversation I had with Spurs, we had not agreed anything. We’ll see what happens, but we haven’t got any further.”

It’s believed that Spurs want £20m for the pair and while we are unsure as to what Stoke’s final bid consists of, it’s thought to be some way short of that figure.

However, as many have said on here throughout the summer, if Levy truly wants to streamline this squad, he may well have to take what’s on offer to clear the deadwood from the Spurs’ fringes before the end of August.



  1. Pal and Crouch to Stoke. Nikko loan to Sunderland. RK and bentley to rovers for Samba plus cash. Gio to somewhere in Spain, Pav to Rochdale, Defoe to Brighton. Job done. Bring in Ruiz and Adebayor on loan plus a secret last minute signing.

  2. surely we can only sell Crouch if we get a replacement!!
    and by the looks of things we are nowhere near finding one. reports keep bouncing us from one player to another and its extremely frustrating.

  3. With our valuation of players, we will be selling NO ONE. I mean does Levy honestly think we will get 20 for the pair? Palcacios was shit last season. Granted he had personal problems but he was still shit on the field. And Crouch… well we all know about his season. we need to be more reasonable in our valuation of players.

  4. The thing is Levy needs to gamble we need a striker because we dont trust Crouch, Palacios is 4th choice central midfielder, just move Livermore into his role…….sell them both and then bid for strikers, he must know how much it will cost to get Rossi, Llorente etc, he has been talking to these clubs all summer.

    I heard its 17 million which is a great deal for us, I dont think the greedy git wants to spend anything this summer, with JOhara being sold for 5 mill, Gio on the verge for 6mill, Hutton going for 4mill and these 2 that will be over 30 million he has made.

    Thats not including the possible sales of Bentley, Keane, Bassong, Krancjar and Pav or Defoe

  5. i would accept 15 for both, this would be a great deal for them, we payed well over the top for palacios. he is a midfield spoiler in the same mould as Michael Brown was. done us proud when we needed him. Sandro is the future and Hudd the present. am concerned Harry will try and keep Crouch though so he can keep Rafa happy…….

  6. I read that we had been offered £20 mill, but were holding out for £25 mill. Also that these two were on a total of £130k per week.

    At £20 mill, we are nearly £27 mill to the good based on this offer, and with PSB off the books, the bottom line increases to £30 mill before we even count the fee that we might get for him.

    Word of warning though: I hear Crouch is not keen on a move.

  7. Lets put this to bed we cant sell one of only two players in the World over six foot six on the back of one season. A season i no was not real and so does Kolo Toure Paddy Kenny the five Mexicans three South African Rugby Union players and all the rest who have fiveing themselves more energy to chase Crouch and Defoe and Keane Pave and stop block and save shots they would not normally be able too. If you think a Goalkeeper who is now in the premiership and Citys Captain are the only two players in defence and attack energising then you are all in total denial. Let me warn you if Crouch or any of our player come up against Spurs we will get beat. Stokeare hard enough without giving them Crouch Palacios and Woodgate for free its our medical staff who should go to stoke and we should get Utd Liverpool Stokes even Blackpool because they can and will run till the whistle goes even when they look beat my advice keep all our players see if Kolo has slowed teams down and save money or pay millions and still struggle to score with dearer players Bent should be a warning to you all 17 goals for Villa who on paper are not as good . this was a few of the final scoring Charts Berbatov 21 three hatricks Teves 21 penalty’s included Bent17 Campbell 12 Adams 12 Drogba 11 Anelka 11 Rooney 10 Malouda 12 Kalou 12 one offside so you see no one had a prolific season if Modric 3 Van 12 Chelsea had help from midfield players 24 . We had the 9th best defence and the eight best attack and one of the worse injury list and we never had the same team twice running so our season was blighted by energised defences our revolving defence Gomes clangers long injuries to King Bale Hudds Dawson Lennon Defoe Modric Kaboul Gallas Van all had a few weeks and months sidelined and Harry joined in by Loaning our younsters and fringe players Bentley Keane Dosantos Rose Walker Kane who noes one of these could have changed the 14 draws into wins and the sad thing we was winning five of them games. Keep the squad and 5th will without all these factors and we will be in 2nd and two cups

  8. Palacios would fit us like a glove! I really do hope we sign him but Crouch I won’t lose much sleep over if he stays with you lot. He’s had FAR too many clubs for my liking.

    That said with gudjohnsen and Carew gone, fuller and sidibe injured along with Walters a doubt for Sunday – we are royally screwed up front and would happily sign a 1 legged dwarf 🙁


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