Niko Kranjcar has featured reasonably heavily in Tottenham’s pre-season. While the player has been very quiet about his future in this transfer window, it remains to be seen whether Harry Redknapp’s view of the Croatian has changed and it has emerged today that Sunderland are keen to take Niko on a season long loan.

Black Cats manager Steve Bruce is quoted as saying: “Bringing someone in on loan remains an option and Kranjcar is a quality player who we are very much aware of.”

A loan however may not suit Spurs who are looking to end this type of deal and arrange some permanent moves for the fringe players in the squad. In addition, with news that Steven Pienaar will be out of action for around six weeks, Niko is likely to be needed for Gareth Bale back up duties at the start of the season.

The rumours are continuing, but it may be some time before Niko Kranjcar departs the Lane, either permanently or otherwise. Do you see any merit on him leaving on loan?



  1. I would say there is almost zero chance of him leaving on loan this summer,not only as we’d want cash for him but more importantly because Pienaar is out injured.

  2. the idea of transfering players in and out is to get better players, so as i see it 2 questions need askin, how much would we get, i think we would be lucky to get 6 mil [although i rate him at worth more]as we havnt used him, and i would expect it to cost 10 mil plus to find his replacement. who then needs time to settle into his new team and learn how the team plays, so the answer is no we should hang onto him. but use him!!!

  3. Niko is the perfect understudy for VDV, and I can’t get my head around why Harry doesn’t use him like that.

    I’d rather see him played as our AM/striker when VDVs injured/suspended/on crack than going out on loan.

    • I agree exactly.

      He CAN be used as a back for Bale on the side, but he always looks best playing in the center.
      We should use him — as you say — as a backup/understudy for VdV, or even along side him with only 1 defensive mid when we need more fire power (which it looks like we might if we start the season with the same forwards we ended last with).

  4. Letting him leave on loan would be senseless, as having a player of his versatility and who provides a real goal threat in the squad is valuable. Why let him leave to a Premier league team on loan when, especially with Pienaar injured and Modric’s future still somewhat in doubt, he could end up playing a number of games up to Christmas! If the player is desperate to leave and wishes to move on to be guaranteed first team football, the only logical move would be to sell him. A player of his quality, age and experience, in today’s market would warrant a transfer fee of upwards of £12 million.
    Nico could end up having a great season this year if he stays, after last season being left sat on the bench. The only way Spurs should consider letting him go is with a hefty transfer fee that could be used to pursue genuine targets, in particular a prolific number 9.

  5. one word – NO…

    he scores goals like crazy. harry should play him more this season, either as replacement for vdv or to give bale/modric some rest…

  6. One of our best players in my view,just wish he’d play him more,reckon he’s got 15 goals in him at least,unlike modric!

  7. No way. We need to quit this non-sense of sending established and valuable players out on loan to other PL teams. Either give him a chance or sell him.

    Whenever he gets a chance to play he performs very well, so I don’t understand why he doesn’t get more opportunities. As a general rule, we should only loan out young players who need to get experience and send them to good non-PL teams.

  8. no way on gods earth should we sell nico kranjcar – he’s one of our best players. a midfield goal sniffer of outstanding quality. I look forward to him featuring heavily this season


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