So Spurs fans have finally discovered David Beckham’s reasons for training with Spurs. We were all of the opinion that he was teaching Aaron Lennon how to hit the perfect cross, whilst explaining to David Bentley that looks alone won’t win competitive matches.

It would appear though that he was actually on a scouting mission for L.A Galaxy with the intention to lure some talent back across the continent. The worry for L.A Galaxy is that we haven’t heard Robbie Keane list them as a boyhood club yet, so he may be looking for another move in the not so distant future.

In 2009 many Spurs fans voiced their concerns with the return of Robbie Keane from Liverpool, they were unhappy with the lack of loyalty displayed by the player when the Reds came calling initially. Keane’s inability to make any impact at Liverpool was a believed to be an indication of his decline as a Premier League striker. On his day the likable Irishman could win any match, but sadly those days are a distant memory and the striker even struggled to make an impact at West Ham during his recent loan spell at the club.

The term ‘legend’ is used loosely these days, but I honestly believe Robbie may have become one had he stayed loyal to Tottenham when Liverpool approached. Not only would he still be loved and cherished by Spurs fans, but there’s a strong possibility that his career wouldn’t have spiralled in the manner it has done. The player must have known that the grass isn’t always greener as his transfer to Inter Milan proved years ago.

When Glenn Hoddle signed Keane in 2002, he declared that Robbie could make Spurs his ‘spiritual home’ and to a degree he did just that. His Spurs career had more highs than lows, and his strike rate of 107 goals in 254 games is very respectable.

My memories of Robbie Keane will be the dynamic partnership he formed with Berbatov in the 2007-2008 season. Both players were deadly and each scored 23 goals in all competitions. As a Spurs fan I hope one day we can find two forwards who form a similar understanding and who knows what might have been had we kept the duo together.

Whilst Ireland’s record goal scorer will have his critics, every Spurs fan should remember that Robbie Keane was the first player to reach double figures in six consecutive seasons for our club, and when he pulled on the shirt he wore it with pride!

Good Luck Robbie, I wish you well.




  1. So…LA Galaxy is going to pay his wages for us and they are going to pay us $3.5 million? Thank you, we’ll buy his plane ticket! This was a great deal for Spurs and should (again, should) help us finally get the ball moving in the transfer market.

    Thanks for the service Robbie, good luck at LA.

    • I read that too. So I have taken the middle point as being the most likely. I even heard 3.5 EUROs…. Amazing how information is so easily misconstrued…. Perhaps they are ALL inaccurate. Just glad that a player that clearly was not an option to be played, and was preventing signings coming in, has moved on.

  2. When you look at the situation of robbie Keane leaving Spurs the first time you have to take that in loght of the fact that Spurs bent to pressure from Manure and sold them Berbatov. Robbie had built up a good rel;ationship with Berbatov and that was being allowed to broken up. had Spurs not sold Berbatov Robbie would not have for Liverpool or anyone else. FYI the majority of your Irish boys grow up supporting a local Irish team, an English premier league team and Celtic. It would be a dream of the majority of you Irish boys to play for all 3.

  3. If irish boys grow up supporting 3 teams maybe it would be respectful to the fans of respective clubs if they just said they didint have a favourite? its a well known saying that players always use to get the fans immediately on side every time they’ve just signed another signing on fee!
    As spurs fans appears we got a bit more loyalty from Robbie than in other cases i guess

  4. its all about opinions i guess – never really rated him only one season above 20 goals is pretty average and he was always piss poor against top teams. couldnt belive our luck when bins gave us 20 mill for him knew hed fail. goodbye mr average dont let the door hit you on the way out

    • Oh ya, piss poor against the top teams even though he’s scored against all of them. I take it you’ve forgetton that belter against Chelsea to level it at 3-3, the class goal against Arsenal when we hammered them 4-1 plus the delicious pass for another, scored against ManU, scored against Liverpool. Has 50 international goals including goals against Italy, France, Portugal, Germany etc. and 3 at a WC finals. I take the criticism that he could have been a better finisher but when your movement and link up is that intelligent you create twice the chances most do and he did that which meant his record was still excellent, and was excellent against all opposition.

  5. “Whilst Ireland’s record goal scorer will have his critics, every Spurs fan should remember that Robbie Keane was the first player to reach double figures in six consecutive seasons for our club, and when he pulled on the shirt he wore it with pride”!

    I take it that Jimmy Greaves, who managed this feat on NINE occasions has been expunged from the record books? In the year that he caught Hepatitis, he still finished top scorer with 16, in spite of missing half the season. I think, but I am not certain, that Bobby Smith and Martin Chivers also achieved this feat.

  6. SpurredoninDublin – Robbie Keane is the subject of recent tottenham news, this is prob why we are not discussing greats of yesteryear, hear your point tho COYS

    • The article was quite specific and named him as the “first”. If they want to qualify it, so be it. But if you are going to use facts to validate your case, they should be accurate.

      As I read this, it’s a bit of a fluff piece, and quite clearly, PSB’s career here was not earth shattering, and he would never qualify for a place in Spurs All Time XI.

      When he played for us, he kissed the shirt and then gave us a kick in the bollocks. That’s the measure of the man, and that’s the PSB I will always remember.

      As for his private life, that just a duplication of his hypocritical displays of loyalty.

      Glad he’s gone. Like all bad smells, it took too long to get rid of him.

  7. he was a great player for us 124 goals, better than 1 in 3. yes him and berba were great together that year. and he won a trophy with us and that always gives a player a special place. 51 goals in International football is world class and as an article written about him the other week said, that will be what what he is remembered for in years to come (as well as his staggering list of transfers). never has a player been so keen (pardno the pun) to play a friendly match than Keaneo. Smart lad with the transfers totalling 72m him and his agent must be absolutely loaded. not a Spurs legend but certainly around the top of the second tier of Spurs greats. i wish him well.


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