While Spurs have been linked once again with Scott Parker, much has been made this morning of the fact that his former West Ham team mate Thomas Hitzlsperger is training at the Lodge with Tottenham at present.

While some areas of the press have been quick to highlight this, it does seem most likely that the free agent is being allowed to train with us for the player’s convenience and while the hint of a possible move is there, it seems unlikely.

Thomas Hitzlsperger had an injury plagued spell with the Hammers but at 29, he has over 50 international caps and is the type of player who could still do a job in the Premiership, if he stays fit.

With that in mind, is there any value in taking a closer look at the player or should he made to train on his own in the corner, in the hope that he doesn’t catch Harry’s eye?



  1. As a free agent there is no time deadline by which he must be signed. Harry may be thinking that if other targets dont come off we could offer him a deal on 1st sept.

    Must say though that i would like to see Bostock, Parrett or Livermore given prefrence over Hitz.

  2. Nooooooooo. Too expensive in terms of lack of solidity in midfield – West Ham went down remember? With Parker alongside him. There would be little point in letting Niko go, and replacing with Hitz. I am sure he is merely training. Our squad is full enough thanks. Although it is suspicious that he is not training with West Ham still.

  3. great left foot on the lad, but then again so did christian Ziege and he was always injured too. we should only sign the lad if Krancs and Palacios leave and we are short on numbers, but I dont see an improvement on what we already have with the prospective signing of Hitz. Prob just Harry thinking he can sign another bargain and look great when the player is sold at a later date, as with Johnson,Diarra,Krancs, etc

  4. Excellent talent but may struggle to make our first team somewhat. Hope he gets over his recent injury problems and gets back to playing somewhere, be it us or wherever else.

  5. Interesting quotes from Harry Redknapp.
    “Tom Huddlestone has an ankle problem. Luka Modric is struggling with his groin. Jermaine Jenas has got an achilles. Wilson Palacios is not going to be fit. And Sandro is out long term with a knee injury. It leaves our young lad Jake Livermore as our only central midfielder. He’s a promising lad but you can’t go into the new season with just one midfielder.”

    Speculate away on what exactly long-term means for Sandro but that could explain Hitzlsperger’s training. Harry also said Levy was talking with City about Adebayor and making his wages work. I guess Harry still doesn’t see Niko as being of use. He could certainly step in and play central midfield when we are in an injury pinch. If nothing else, bring in Ruiz before Monday.

  6. We want 2 players minimum for each position with a couple utility players that can cover multiple areas.

    For midfield we have three (counting VdV) starters: Modric, Hudd, VdV. Backup would be _____, Sandro, Kranjcar. This assumes that Palacios will go, that Jenas SHOULD go, and (generously) that Pienaar is a utility player not really counted here.

    Hitzlsperger always seemed reliable and if his wages were reasonable sign him for a year with a possible extension. If he doesn’t work out we’re not stuck with more deadweight.

    As a more long-term solution I’d like to spring for Pjanic. He’s young, relatively cheap, and looks quality.

    If we get both then offload Pienaar as well and leave VdV, Kranjcar, and Pjanic on the attacking end; Hudd, Sandro, and Hitz more defensively and Modric somewhere in between. There’s 7 with some flexibility.

    It won’t work of Harry doesn’t rotate the squad (as in the past) but if he did it would be fine. I think I’d even take Pjanic and Hitz over Modric as long as the money from selling him was actually reinvested in a top quality striker and/or CB — both young enough to be at the Lane long-term, not these 29/30 year olds that seem to be linked most of the time.


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