With just over a week to go before the transfer window closes, the papers at the weekend were talking of ten deals in ten days for Spurs before the end of this month.

The reports included the proposed moves for Lassana Diarra and Emmanuel Adebayor which seem to grow closer by the hour and there is talk of one more signing, but most of the focus is on the exit door and Daniel Levy’s streamlining of the dead wood.

The players mentioned include all the usual suspects in Hutton, Jenas, Bentley, Palacios, Crouch and Bassong while some stories are undecided between Modric and Kranjcar as to who is the tenth man.

The only thing that does seem certain is that it will be a busier final few days for Spurs than this time last year but are those the deals to take Spurs forward this season or does it leave us a little thin in certain departments?



  1. Yes easy
    Today- Hutton to Villa
    Tomorrow- Bentley to Blackburn
    24th- Lassana Diarra IN
    25th- Bassong to Blackburn
    26th- Samba IN
    27th- Giovanni to Sevilla
    28th- Crouch to Stoke
    29th- Palacios to Stoke
    30th- Adebayor IN
    31st- Gonzalo Higuain IN

    That would be lovely

  2. For most other clubs I would see this as possible, with Spurs (and most notably Levy) I can’t see it happening.

    If Diarra comes in, we can expect to see Sgt Wilson move on (reports suggest Stoke). No-one really wants JJ so think we’re stuck with him (Carling Cup & Europa League). Hutton would have been likely to go (Villa/McLeish were interested) but I think he is injured?. Bentley is likely to only be a loan out to someone because Levy will want at least £12m and no-one will pay that for him (other than maybe Blackburn again, since they think they’re the new moneybags).

    As for the others, ModRICH is likely to go – leaving Kranjcar with us (let’s not lose both of them), If Adebayor comes in then I would expect to see a swift Crouchino departure, but only for the right money. Bassong, unless used as bait to get Samba, seems to be staying put.

    I would like to see Crouch and Pav move on if we do land Adebayor for the season, and maybe invest in Bryan Ruiz who looks lively in and around the box. Willian is also someone who should be interesting us, if we do see Modders leave…

  3. Adebayor is not likely. Diarra Probably yes.
    Crouch unlikely to go. Dos Santos has to go – one way or another. Palacios maybe out. Hutton – possibly. Cannot see anything else happening.

  4. I would like to see us swap modric for berbatov and 10-15m, Alex definately would be interested as he’s struggling with getting sneijder in and modric was his first target. I would much rather see him go to man u than jumped up chelscum!
    one point i would like to make is that i believe that our best performance last season was against ac milan in the san siro in the 1-0 win. That day we played with 1 up front crouchand 2 defensive midielders Sandro & Palcios. We outnumbered them in the middle of the park, had pace on the flanks and crouch got 1 up front, we looked very solid and professional. with vdv in the hole very dangerous.

    To play this system however it is not really possible to accomodate modric and vdv with the 2 defensive midfielders. for me Vdv is more of a captain type player who contributes assists and goals, more than modric, even kranjcar is more of a threat than modric, so my suggestion is to keep modric out of the clutches of chelsea, give him to man u, take the berb back who im sure fergie will sacrifice to get luka, he can play in the 1 up position with adebayor. That way giving man u someting but also taking something away from them (berb). better than just being bullied by chelsea, who are weaker than they were with their ageing squad.

    get adebeyor in free
    sell palacios to stoke 10m – buy diarra
    sell crouch and jenas to fulham (14m) buy Willian
    swap modric for berbatov + 15m
    swap bentley + bassong + 5m for samba
    sell hutton 5m + dos santos 8m – buy bryan ruiz
    money from keane + o’hara – buy niang

    sell pav in january window + buy leandro damaio (that is when he is available from internacional after their south american CL campaign)

    what do you think??

  5. The papers are also reporting Modric has decided to “strike” and refuse to play for Spurs. They believe Chelsea have offered 30 million for him and Luka has skipped the trip to Old Trafford. If this is the case, take the money and give yourself 10 days to reinvest it.

    Adebayor in, Diarra in, midfielder (would love Hazard, Ruiz or Afellay…probably a pipe dream) in, possibly Cahill in. Hutton to Villa, Crouch to Stoke, JJ to anywhere, Gio to Udinese, Bassong to anywhere, Bentley to anywhere. What will happen? Probably one of these deals and the club will stay largely in tact with barely any changes as we all get disappointed after another unproductive transfer window.

  6. think we are dreaming if we think teams will pay these prices lads, Hutton no more than 4m, Bentley the same, wilson 8m, etc, Dos Santos 7m. we have to cut our losses on this lot to stand any chance of landing our targets cos we’ll need to give hefty singing on fee’s and bonus to work around the wage issue. dont need Samba or Cahil – overpriced. Kaboul is the future. keep bassong as back up in emergency or sell if anyone will pay 4-5m

  7. Get Diarra. Keep Kranjcar. Rotate between Niko and VdV up front with two of Sandro, Hudd, Diarra, Livermore in back.

    Adebayor would be nice, but (by way of nothing other than me dreaming) what about Modric to Man City for Dzeko plus cash?

    City want Nasri and surely Modric would do as well, especially as there seems trouble in getting Nasri. They have enough strikers sitting on the bench right now. Selling Modric to them doesn’t really hurt us as they’d buy top quality from somewhere anyway.
    It might be a little late, though, as Dzeko is starting to show his legs in the league. Early in summer, before he’d begun to show good we maybe could’ve done this.

    Modric is great, but, like VdV, it’s hard to say where he fits in our system. He’s not a defensive or an attacking mid. I think between Niko and Diarra he would be well replaced, with either of them at least as good as Modric in their position (Niko as a center, attacking mid, NOT on the side).

    With Diarra (hopefully) coming in, use Modric as a bargaining chip to get a TOP striker.


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