One thing that’s become obvious in the early days of the 2011-12 season is that whoever leaves from our remaining front three, it won’t be Jermain Defoe.

Before the season began in anger, Harry Redknapp said that he was expecting a big season from the player before declaring this week that he was ‘looking sharp’.

We are all fully aware of the roller coaster of form that JD has endured over the last couple of seasons – top scorer two years ago, before a poor season last time out that just seemed to underline the overall lack of potency in the club.

If Crouch and Pav stay this season, the arrival of Emmanuel Adebayor seems to suggest that Defoe won’t be getting the game time that he pleaded for on occasions last season, particularly if Harry persists with the lone striker option in front of VDV.

At 28, age shouldn’t be a factor and there must be the capability to return to the goal scoring form of two seasons ago.

So we must assume that JD is staying and with that in mind, what can we expect from him? Where is he best used – as a partner for Adebayor or as an ‘impact’ player coming off the bench? Is there any hope for JD as a lone striker ahead of Van der Vaart?

Will Jermain Defoe be a hit or miss in 2011-12?



  1. A miss. All he does is shoot at the middle of the goal straight at the goalkeeper. he showed against Man U what he could do when 4 yards out, hit the post!

    We need better quality, he is no impact sub but someone who has to play regularly so sell him so he can get it. And while you are at it sell Pav too, a waste of a squad place.

    We have Ade and VDV, now buy another striker.

  2. not sure what made more painful viewing, the reality of Defoes blandness against ( JOhnny evans and co or the anomoly that is pav. Compared to Betty Couch, imo pav is a cut above: shoots – runs in to attacking positions can link up play , yet against Hearts Pav s brutally ugly side reared its head again.. i would have ABSOLUTELY no problem or after thought if we got rid of 3mp and Jermaine the ‘celeb’ leaving. Defoe and Harry typify all that is wrong in modern football.. having not earned or won any majors they assume the seat of those that do, classic english syndrome. If Ade the footballer turns up, the standards will be deservedly raised.. remember Defoe could not play with any of the strikers we had for the last 6 yars, well according to the various management and coaching staff, smoke and mirrors aside, what does thais really tell you ?!

  3. More miss than hit! But isn’t it telling that there aren’t that many sniffing around Defoe- bcos in today’s game, Defoe offers little presence, strength and presence- he is a goal threat but that is really all. We can afford to upgrade Kane to the cup games because Pav was utterly dimissal vs Hearts.

  4. As a matter of fact an intelligent player is always better and more effective than a slow-witted.
    Also it is a fact that a club won’t get much from a player who mostly doesn’t use his brains when he plays.
    I believe Spurs should get rid of all their current strikers and replace them by more effective ones who use more their brains when they play.

  5. Defoe is good and should work well in the double striker force of him and Adebayor, in the same way he works well with Crouch. But he will never work playing with VdV off him, as he’s no threat in the air, or have strength to hold the ball up. He’s also greedy, as is VdV and you can’t have both being greedy, the result is what happened against utd. Teams also find it easier to defend when both are short, as there’s minimal threat from crosses from wide, which is one of our biggest threats with Lennon & Bale. Our need was a Defoe with height / strength or Crouch with more mobility (speed / skill ), which I think we have found in Adebayor. Defoe will be usefule to change the game, going to a 442 with Adebayor.

  6. Miss. I wanted Defoe to leave ahead of Crouch and Pav actually. The others have something that you can rely on. Defoe has nothing that you can rely on. He has scored more than 13 goals in a season only twice in the top league. For a player that gives you little other than goals – that is not enough. Pav’s goal per minute ratio is very high, and if played, he will score – but other aspects of Pav’s game let him down. Like it or hate it Crouch was one of our most productive players when you add up goals and assists – and can give you a plan b.

  7. One-Dimentional, Offside,offside,offside,offside,offside……
    Try counting how many times he’s offside in games.
    The Full-Backs he play against must have a field-day!!!
    Sorry Defoe, your vout of date.


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