In all the fuss over transfers yesterday you may have missed a rather interesting scoreline from Brisbane Road yesterday. In the group stages of the NextGen tournament, Spurs’ youngsters demolished an Inter Milan team by seven goals to one.

Included in the Tottenham line up was new signing Souleymayne Coulibaly who marked the match with a double strike which was matched by two goals from Alex Pritchard. However, it was 16 year old Croatian striker Tomislav Gomelt who stole the show with a first half hat trick that saw Spurs go into the break with a 6-1 advantage.

We can only guess how much damage Gomelt and Spurs would have done in the second half, but unfortunately the Croatian received a red card on 38 minutes for a foul in the box.

The NexGen tournament always seemed like a great opportunity for these players and maybe more Spurs fans will be keeping an eye on it after this result. Our next game is away to PSV at the end of this month.



  1. Does the lad who scored the hat-trick (and the left back who seems to have done well in both games) have a club at present, or can we still sign them up even though the window is closed? I notice neither are on the official web site list of players as far as i could see?

  2. Tim Sherwood has been keen to praise Massimo Luongo in almost every match he’s featured in this summer. Though he doesn’t score goals, it seems he plays a pivotal, almost Modric-like, anchoring role in the U19 side’s midfield. One for the future perhaps alongside Soli and the Croat boy.

  3. to think if we had all 11 players for the full 90, and put Kane, Carroll, Fredricks and Waller-Lassen. After Next Gen these players NEED to go out on loan somewhere (apart from Kane who i’m hoping will be a first team player by then)

  4. A ray of hope shines through for our club…hopefully by the time they rise up through the ranks, we’ll have a good sensible manager who has good eyes and wouldn’t squander or waste the talent when he sees it.

  5. Don’t go by the Club Web-Site. It is one of the slowest in the league at updating what goes on at the Academy level.
    Soulibaly does not appear anywhere on our players roster
    nor does the loan signing from Juventus

  6. Is there a good place to follow our Academy level, then? I’d love to watch matches — or at least look at results — to see what’s coming in the future.

    It’d be nice if Spurs would offer download videos of their amateur teams.


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