Hit or Miss? Roman Pavlyuchenko

Hit or Miss? Roman Pavlyuchenko


As last season began to draw to a close, it seemed as though Roman Pavlyuchenko would be the first player to leave White Hart Lane this summer. Despite leading the scoring amongst our three regular strikers, Pav was very vocal in his desire to leave for a chance of more regular football.

All that seemed to change following his two long range strikes against Birmingham City on the last day of the campaign. Suddenly he was talking about staying and moving forward with the club.

His early appearances this year however haven’t been quite so promising and were highlighted by a dismal display against Hearts in the home leg of the Europa Cup tie.

Already, rumours have started suggesting that the Russian will be on his way in the winter and there were a couple of stories yesterday stating that Sunderland could be a likely destination.

However, with Peter Crouch out of the club, Pav will play some part in the first half of the campaign at least, albeit his is likely to be behind Adebayor and Defoe as far as Harry is concerned. In that time can he do anything to save his White Hart Lane career or is the clock ticking down to a January transfer and a replacement striker – maybe Leandro Damiao?

Will Roman Pavlyuchenko be a hit or miss in 2011-12?


  1. Pav remains a mystery, has bags of talent imo. when in the mood he makes great runs, his finishing can be lethal, the goal against young boys and the 2 against brum last yr were top drawer, he can also finish well with his head. always plays fantastic for Russia but he knows his value to the national team and maybe this is where the problem is? I would like to see him given a run of games alongside Adebayor b4 we decide to sell him as I think he could prove all doubters wrong. Has never been given a long run in the side, if played as many games as Crouch did in his time at Spurs Pav would be established as 1st team. May have a questionable attitude but so would I if I wasnt given a fiar crack at the whip. I would love to see Guus Hiddink at Spurs after Harry – this would get Pav firing, unfortunately cant see that happening and so I think he will eventually leave. summary – could be a hit but harry has not shown enough faith in the guy, so he sees him as a miss

  2. Personally I think Pav’s biggest problem is lack of consistant playing time. When Defoe just kept on not scoring and not performing Harry just kept playing him until he got out of the rut. Pav needs to get a good run of 4-5 straight games to become consistent.
    It must be hard to start one game, miss one, then be subbed on for 2-3 games in a row with 15-20 mins left in a match…

  3. Anyone who doesn’t think Pav is a complete t0sser for wasting his talent needs to stop watching football.

    The bloke has the work ethic of your average benefits cheat when even giving half the effort that most of the other Spurs players give would see him being a regular 20 goal a season striker.

    Of course that’ll never happen,he’s at the wrong end of his career and has obviously done as little as possible for most of his footballing career,which is why his ‘peak’ years have been spent on the bench for us – with nobody remotely interested in taking him off our hands (unfortunately).

    Most fans who like him only remember the odd thunderbolt shot and his catchy song – in reality he’s been a massive flop,and he’s only got himself to blame.

    Shame his attitude seems to be rubbing off on Lennon…..

  4. Can’t control the ball, can’t win headers, can’t hold the ball up, can’t score sitters, can’t pass, can’t defend from the front, can’t catch a ball played down the channel, pretty damn useless.

  5. Just not as good as Defoe, bags of skill but no heart. Just an average striker like Darren Bent. I would have broken the bank to bring in a class striker, but he ho we will now struggle if we lose Adebuyor or Defoe to injuries.

  6. He’s a very poor player and one of the most inconsistant I’ve seen in a Spurs shirt. Slow and not very strong. His performance in the Carling Cup final vs Man U was nothing short of woeful. I would have rather got rid of him instead of Crouch…which is saying something.

  7. Pav is not suited to playing in England. He lacks pace, is poor in the air, and games pass him by. At Spurs he has not formed any strike partnerships, demands to leave every window, still can’t speak English and couldn’t even score against Hearts. I think he has been a big hit !!


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