There have been several changes of personnel at Spurs since our last Premiership game and the club website has confirmed that Emmanuel Adebayor and Scott Parker will both make their debuts against Wolves tomorrow.

“Scott is ready to play and Emmanuel is short of games, but he’s a naturally fit guy and again, ready to play,” said manager Harry Redknapp.

“They’ve both trained with us now and it’s given us a big lift to have them here.”

Injury concerns are also easing and the only players ruled out look to be Sandro, Steven Pienaar, Rafael van der Vaart and William Gallas.

At the back, there is still a question mark over who will start in goal as Redknapp will have to decide between Brad Friedel and Heurelho Gomes but in front of the keeper, the big issue is whether Ledley King will start the game.

While BAE seems to have nailed down the left back position, Harry has to choose between Corluka and Walker on the other side.

In midfield, Parker’s inclusion could see him start alongside Lennon, Modric and Bale while the likely absence of VDV seems to suggest that Adebayor will play in a 4-4-2 alongside Defoe. Another option could be to fit Kranjcar in VDV’s ‘hole’ (fnarr).

Here’s our team to face Wolves, what’s yours?

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  1. Same as yours only I’d swap Kaboul/Walker and Defoe/Livermore. Also Lennon is injured (groin) so I’d give Gio an outing. Then I’d play with Parker and Livermore holding and let the front four pull some teeth.

  2. Is Modric’s head in the right place, or is it up his arse?

    I’d play Walker too. Is King fit then? I thought he was due to play in the friendly the other day but he didn’t.

  3. personally id go


    4 strong tackleing players at back… plenty of attacking flare up top to give the wolves defence something to think about

      • This is what I’d choose too. Livermore, Falque, and Kranjcar as subs.

        If Ade is strong enough to play up top alone (which he is) — and we’ve not had this before — then take advantage of it and put three midfield (exactly how you show it).

        Put Modric in a position where he can send a great pass to Ade instead of one of the other mids.

  4. Pav instead of Defoe, and Corluka instead of Kaboul (who isn’t an RB with positional sense – which is required against the tricky wingers that Wolves have).

    • Why? Wolves are a hard-working team, and we need to match them with hard-working players…not Gio. Pav and Defoe aren’t hard-working, but we have little choice…

      • If you think Gio doesnt put himself about in a game then you’ve really not watched much of him playing for any team. One thing he’s not is a lazy player. Fed up of this label he has from going out on a bender when he was 18 at a christmas party. He’s definitely matured and even if he only comes on as a sub I think youll find a player with more experience and determination. If he wasnt professional he wouldnt have been pushing for a move to get first team football or be wanted be so many clubs in Spain and Italy.
        Maybe he’s ultimately not going to be suited to the English game, but he’s never had a run to really find out.

        • I have seen him a couple of times live with my own eyes, and he did not put himself about at all. He may as well not been there. I am not referring to the drunk incident… How many times have we seen that from King? But yes, he probably isn’t suited to the English game, but if you want to find out, this ain’t the game to try him in.

          • “and he did not put himself about at all. He may as well not been there.”

            Maybe because he knew that he was going to be dropped no matter what because Harry likes past it players such as Beckham

          • I wouldnt go on past Spurs games to judge the lad by. Anyone who thinks he’s been given a good crack of the whip here. In the time since he’s signed hes never even had time to adapt to the English Prem let alone our team. Maybe starting him now is a bit much but he should definitely be there to make an impact from the bench imo. He’d be something the Wolves defense hasnt handled and a live wire to prise them open.

          • I’ve said this before, we lured him away from the edge of the first team at Barca at a young age (where he was making an impact) with the promise of regular first team football and to develop into one of our stars. Then we hardly play him and then farm him out to Ipswich in the Championship under a manager in Roy Keane who hasnt proven his management credential. And then blame HIS attitude. From the Nou Camp to playing at Ipswich with Keane effing and blinding in some incomprehensible language to a young Mexican new the this country and its game. IF you dont play him in the first team you should be nturing him and sorting out any ‘problems’ Harry just couldnt be bothered, as with players like Taraabt, and preferred to stick with his favourites.

          • Of course I have to go on past performances! Because that is what is likely to happen again. I really have no idea why people have blind faith in him. It is just like those people who had blind faith in guys like David Dunn – who never achieve what they promise. I have nothing against Gio. He just is never played in his correct position. He is never a winger in a million years. Yet people seem to think he is….

        • Never seen Gio put himself about in a Spurs game myself. Tries a few runs and if they do not come off he stops trying runs and just lays it off sideways and too often gets tackled losing possession too. I would play Kranjcar or Lennon if fit or another first teamer.
          Let Gio get games in the Europa League and see how he cuts it against the minnows before the Premier League games.

  5. The players i would leave out are Parker and Modric because Wolves will be full of T-T and when a better team arrives they up it more last years results prove this. Based on these facts we need to contain there extra tempo and in the second half hit them with our attack . The changes would be in defence and a bit of a shock and heres why last years 3-3 Fletcher targeted Ekotto and out jumped him to score so with the extra tempo Mad Mick insists on this would be my first half team. Gomes Walkerl King Dawson Kaboul Lennon Park Hudds Bale Ady Defoe Subs Friedel Modric Pav Yago Falque Kanjcar Townsend Corluka

  6. I think 4-4-2 away against a in form Wolves side will leave our team (who have already let in 8 in two games) a bit vulnerable.
    If Hudd has shaken off his injury I’d be going for this line-up






    I’d pick Walker at right back to allow us to counter and push out faster and allow Lennon to play further up in support of Adebayor who needs players off of him if one up top is to work. Saying that if Lennon isnt fit (also his suspect form) Id plump for Gio to play there.

    If Hudds not fit could still play Modric in his place and bring in Krancjar or Gio to play in his place. I think Gio would complement Adebayors game well.




    Lennon Krancjar/Gio BALE



  7. ————Adebayor——–
    Bale—-Krancjar——Dos Santos
    – —Defoe—Adebayor—
    Bale –Parker—Krancjar-Dos Santos
    ——- — Friedel———
    – —Dos Santos—Adebayor—
    Bale –Parker—Krancjar-Modric
    ——- — Friedel———

    Substitutes to include: Cudicini, Walker, Kaboul, Cebellos, Carroll, Falque.

  8. this game will give Defoe a chance to gain some confidence and finally establish a true partnership that will suit his game. Corluka has better positional sense than Kaboul so i would go for

    Corluka – King – Daws – BAE
    Modric – Parker -Hudd – Kranjcar
    Ade – Defoe

    Livermore for hudd if over-ran, Gio for whichever winger aint cutting it COYS

  9. Freidel
    walker king dawson bae
    Hudds parker
    Kranjcar/gio Modric bale
    lennon needs a kick in the ass and should be made to sit on the bench.. Could be used as an impact sub late in the match.. Also kranjy and gio deserves a chance

  10. The Guardian hacks have picked this team

    Walker Dawson Kaboul BAE
    Lennon Hudd Modric Parker Bale

    I would be very happy with that.
    Rather have King back of course and if Lennon
    cannot start I would start Kranjcar.
    But the above looks quite strong and solid with
    plenty of attacking flair too.


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