Last week we were told to expect a lengthy lay off for Dutchman Rafael van der Vaart following his hamstring injury but according to the player, a period of intensive training could see him in line for a shock return against Liverpool at the weekend.

“I have been treated intensively by Dick van Toorn,” Van der Vaart said.

“I was able to do proper turns again and regular sprints. Next weekend seems like no problem to me!”

Meanwhile, the aforementioned physio, Dr Van Toorn was effusive in his praise of the patient,

“In the hospital they said Rafa would be out for more than a month but he can play in next week’s Tottenham match,” he said.

“I will leave that decision up to the medical staff of Tottenham. Rafael is a crown jewel for football. I have rarely met a player in all those years who is so dedicated to his job and who wants to work so hard to get back on the pitch.”

Good news maybe but given VDV’s injury record since arriving from Real Madrid, an early return may not be the best option and following on from Saturday’s win over Wolves, could he really expect to walk straight back into the side?



  1. Yes he can walk straight into the side.
    Keep the 442 going and play him on the right. We all love kranjcar but VdV is different class. Kranjcar wil get oppertunities again since injuries allways takes its toll.
    Walker kaboul/dawson king BAE
    VdV parker modric bale
    Adebayor Defoe

    Liverpool WILL lose 3-0

    • I don’t really like 442 but I think Dawid’s right. Give Defoe a chance to score again, get on a run. That’s what he needs. Keep Ade next to him because he played well.

      Only worry is that sometimes a good side will break up a 442 by getting in between the lines. Am I right?

  2. I would start VDV on the bench. he will start to fade after 60 mins anyway. this sends out a good signal to Niko Kranjcar also. If Gio has a good game in Europa maybe give him a chance.
    my team to face Liv
    Walker Kaboul King BAE
    Kranjcar/Gio Modric Parker Bale
    Ade Defoe

    bring VDV on as impact sub or up front to link with Ade, this will have Carragher chasing shadows COYS

  3. The problem with VDV is that the team may be set up to play 442 but as soon as the game starts we degenerate into a 432 with the wandering minstral anywhere except where he is supposed to be. Fine if the rest of the team have been briefed that we are playing “total” football, but usually they haven’t been told that and so confusion sets in, no cover on the right-hand side, useless succession of corners and free-kicks and impossible shots from 40 yards or so.

    He plays like a school-kid who owns the ball and tries to be all over the pitch like Rooney, except that he has neither the pace nor the stamina to do that.

    Personally, if Lennon is not fit, I would prefer either Townsend, Rose or Gio to be given a chance there, and only bring on VDV if DeFoe hasn’t scored on the hour mark. That’s for all games, I certainly would not include him for the next 3 or 4 weeks until his injury is properly healed.

  4. Dave K. Wake up idiot. He’s one of our best players. Would also like to see Gio get a chance but not against liverpool. But yes perhaps Rafa should start this one on the bench. But I can’t believe a spurs fan would speak this way about him.

  5. I would put him on the bench and give him a run out later in the game against Liverpool. Don’t want to risk his hamstring tearing again plus we did well without him at the weekend so no need to rush him back.


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