It seems that the newspapers are ready to latch on to any perceived dispute between club and player in order to produce a transfer rumour and today there have been many stories appearing linking AC Milan with a move for Rafael van der Vaart.

Last week, VDV reacted with surprise at being left out of Spurs’ squad for the initial stages of the Europa League,
“I still think it’s a peculiar situation. Spurs could at least have consulted me,” the Dutchman said on his own website.

Harry Redknapp laughed off suggestions of a falling out but the stories today seemed to be based on suggestions of a rift between the two. The report seems to have originated in the Daily Star and suggests that £12m could be on the table as early as January.

Whenever VDV is mentioned, he attracts praise and criticism in equal measure so does a £12m offer sound almost too tempting to refuse?



  1. I wouldn’t worry, all these stories are just copied off of talksport and they’re about as credable as Nick Clegg. Perhaps we would be more balanced without him, but it’s nice to have the option of slipping him into another formation if the 442 isn’t going well in a game. A nice guy with genuine passion for the club, hope he stays for a long while 🙂

  2. Too early to tell. If the Defoe / Ade partnership keeps it up and we can 100% secure the arrival of Leandro then it might be something to consider. With this said Pavs needs to get the F out of our squad and we can prob get 7-9 for him from a Russian Club making a sale of VDV unecessary. Also no guarantee Ade will be in the squad next year so again, seems like he is one we must keep.

    Echoing Chris the guy is class. He was a fantastic addition last year and is a guy who we should really try to retain further than January. I know it hasn’t worked in the past but VDV as a pinched in RM leaving loads of space for Walker to run into I still think is something we should give a try! If Niko can play it reasonably well then I think VDV can as well. Get the man on the pitch!

    • I agree. He definitely should stay but his place is as a RM. Lennon should be viewed as a backup / impact sub due to his underwhelming performances and with Walker on the overlap it’s not such a concern that VdV doesn’t have a lot of pace. Those two could make a great pair.

      I don’t think we should put him back in the center; if we use a 4-4-2 there’s no place for him and in a 4-5-1 (many variations) I’d rather see Modric as the attacking mid with 2 holding mids (two of Sandro, Parker, Hudd, and Livermore).
      VdV should be a RM now.

      Only sell him if someone offers 20m and use that towards getting Goetze.

  3. He is worth a lot more than 12 million.Perhaps 16,000,000
    might be a better offer.VdeV has his failings! He cannot last 90 minutes and who is to know whether this lack of stamina might get worse as time progresses

  4. I love how shit gets spoken based on a simple formation change and then a committed comment from a player.

    Also, where does evaluation come from? He was bought last season for £9m, had an outstanding season; got nominated for Player of the Year, and lets not forget had just played in the World Cup Finals with the Netherlands.

    I am quite sure his value has gone up higher than £12m.

  5. £12m is too low Spurs would probably do business if a sensible offer comes in. He is injury prone, unfit, selfish prima donna, will never be a team player as long as he lives and is difficult to fit into a system as he runs about like a little kid in the playground chasing the ball. He has ability but doesn’t put it to the best use of the team.

  6. Complete and utter bullshit as usual from talksport, very soon they will come around to Modric again, the January window can’t come quick enough for them, only a matter of time before they move on to Bale followed by Sandro and it’s anyones’s guess who they will pick on next from the Spurs pack, perhaps BAE. Only a couple of weeks ago the Itiy’s were banging on about Sandro to Roma aided and abetted by talksport before he signed a new extended contract with us, a few months befor that he was going to be swapped for the Arse reject Flamini. All stuff and nonsense dreamt up by these pricks.

  7. I would take that deal if we could spend that on another striker. I like VDV but he struggles with fitness and injuries and his form this season has been unspectacular. He seems to have fallen away from the level he showed when he first joined as he was very good for the first six months. Having said all that I would sell Pav and Gio before letting VDV go as those two are 0.1% of the player that Rafa is.

  8. Lol @ his form has been poor this season, we’re only 4 games in, lets talk again at Christmas. Vdv is quality just need to use him correctly, every player has good and bad spells, thank god we held on to Bale in his dip! Just give the players a break get behind them and you might find their form returns a bit quicker.

  9. There’s no way Adebayor will be here next year. Plus I like VdV. He seems genuine, and he has a big match mentality. Unless we get silly money (20 mil +)I say we keep him. That being said, his fitness needs to improve!!

  10. VdV and Milan´s superstar Zlatan IBRAhimovic cant get along. These guys hate each other since the played in Ajax togheter. This deal is never ever gonna get thru!

    Sorry for my bad english!

  11. VDV is a quality player and a valuable squad member, he should be kept as long as we have a decent target man to play him with in the big games. Adebayor will stay if he hits 20+ goals as he will prob put us back in the top 4 if all players stay fit. If he leaves we must replace him with another strong forward such as Llorente. I dnt think Rafa can play im Midfield unless he has another 2 ultra defensive mids with him as he doesnt stick to instructions. He has a great will to win and great vision and ability from set pieces so must be kept, people such as Jenas, Bentley should be off the books before we consider tinkering with the 1st team. we have a good balance now thankfully

  12. I find myself questionning some of you peoples sanity sometimes. VDV for 12 million? Our leading goalscorer last year for 12 million? Are you mad? JD and ADE will not play well every game and any really good team has a plan b. VDV can play 3 roles in my opinion. RM,LM or behind the striker. What a player to have coming off the bench or play 5 in midfield for big away games? Come on people he is a winner and better than nearly all of our other players. Himself and ADE could be the dream pairing whenever JD falls back into mediocrity again.


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