While Spurs fans have been delighted with the contribution of Scott Parker since his arrival from West Ham, we were all waiting to see what would happen when Sandro regained fitness. As it turned out, Jermain Defoe’s illness meant that manager Harry Redknapp was able to accommodate both players in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Wigan.

As for Parker, he knew that a place in the starting line up was never a guarantee: “I knew when I signed for Spurs that it would be difficult and it is. I will have to work hard and prove myself to stay in the team.

“You always know when you come to a big club that there will be real competition for places and I think that’s healthy.

“But I’m up for the challenge and it can only be good for the squad to have such good competition. We’re all pushing each other.”

While Parker has played a significant part in the Tottenham revival, Sandro was our find of last season and with this in mind, should Harry always look to field both players whenever possible?



  1. Not at the moment no because we have a winning formula that does not require two DMs. But for sure away and against the better teams there will be times to play the pair.

    For now though having Parker doing the donkey work to give Modric a free reign in the middle is our best CM pairing as we saw against Liverpool/Wolves.

  2. Absolutely, yes. They’re not just meat-heads. They can both play a bit. True ‘Spurs-style’ defensive-minded all-action midfielders.

  3. Personally I dont think so as it really hinders Modric who 99% of the time is our heartbeat and creative outlet. We saw that against Wigan when he was forced out on the right. Does anyone know when Lennon is expected back?

    • Agreed.
      Modric was curtailed by the formation at the weekend.
      He needs to be in the middle and front and centre and freed by the work of his CM partner to just make the team tick.
      He never got that chance at Wigan and was subdued as a result.

    • Agree 100%. Not sure why Arry said they played well. I thot we weren’t as fluid as againts Loserpool w/o Modders at the centre, dictating the play. Also, I think Sandro’s hair is too distracting that we lost our concentration in the 2nd half….


  5. Yes why not, having them both in front of the back four would surely solidify us, it would mean playing Luka out wider, but hey he could play anywhere. My line up would be,


    Walker King Gallas Assou Ekotto

    Parker Sandro

    Van Der Vaart Modric Bale


    • I do agree but i feel Parker knows the Prem a little better. The bottom line is that we have two of the best DEF-MIDS in the league (if not the best!!) In future, Sandro will be a mile better than parker….Just not yet. 😉 COYS!! its looking good!!!

  6. All depends on who we are playing as to whether or not they should both play. Parker has to be a starter at the moment as he has shown fantastic ability in the games he has played…. Sandro, although still love him to bits (apart from the new hair colour) has just come back from a fairly long term injury so slowly slowly for him… rotation definately the name of the game. Hey bring on the Arse can’t wait for Sunday COYS !!

  7. I agree that it depends on who we play. I like them both but modders makes us tick. At home I would go woth modders and parker, away it would depend. Certainly if we were leading with 20 to go I would have Sandro and Parker on the pitch. It is a nice problem to have.

  8. We should be nurturing the Sandro/Parker pairing in anticipation of Modric’s departure in January.
    We should also be looking to sign another striker and a replacement for the inconsistent/regularly injured Lennon.

    • My we have small memory’s at Spurs Blogs. If you had bean tackled like Lennon has bean since he was 17 you would have groin problems. This lad is a one off he explodes with blistering speed and has beaten every full back he came up against Sandro has a long way too go before he can keep Lennon out for good. Let me fill you in why Sandro parker Modric Bale will not finish teams off in the premiership fast frenetic top up half time dressing rooms . Teams can look well beaten like Wigan and come out refreshed and full of running and press the midfield we had and cause a mistake that led too a goal . Only for the fast Bale dragging a second yellow out of the Wigan defender this game could have ended like the 14 games last season a draw. Lennon and Huddlestone full fit would be in my team every week even if i had to put Hudds in defense the second half is where games are won and lost and Van only plays till his hamstring tightens and then he strolls Sandro and Parker would give two many free kicks away against better teams Lennon also helps in defense Walker was left exposed against Moses. I will bet any money with these two upfront Ady and Defoe and King at the back this team would score plenty of goals just look at Utd midfield it mimics ours with Nani and Young we need this team to play 90 plus mins not 45 Freidel Walker Hudds King Kaboul Lennon Modric Parker Bale Ady Defoe .Having a player who could send ADY and Defoe over the top of pressing teams would stop this second half surge in its energized tracks because if it was not apart of footballs have time talk i would play this team Van Parker Sandro Modric Bale but because i dont want too have this jittery score every week 2-1 or 2-2 3-3 then this midfield is no good for 90 plus mins.

  9. Rotation eh? Modric (our best player) must play as much as comfortably possible. Currently, he is not playing in Europe nor in cups. So that means he must play EVERY league game he is fit for. 38 games is in no way tiring for a guy in his mid twenties and in peak condition. Parker, Sandro and Hudd can be rotated yes. BUT, you feel that Parker gets better when playing all the time. However, some games we need to be a bit tactical. Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City away, I can well see us playing Parker AND Sandro/Hudd in the middle. Modric either ahead, or left or right. I see nothing wrong with playing that for some away games…

  10. Come to think of it, Parker and Sandrio complement each other well….in terms of haircut… One incredibly boring ‘do, and a ridiculous one!

  11. I think we have to accomodate Parker and Sandro in the same midfield when playing against top level teams. when at Home play modders CM with one of the two. against the gooners play both as they will track the runs of the att mids. sandro can keep Arteta quiet, whilst Parker dictates the tempo. Modders will have to make do with a RM slot, and Bale on Left. Lennon must not be allowed back in whilst the team is winning. we are currently keeping the ball better with him out of the team. if we have to play one or the other the Parker for now as he is less prone to naive mistakes around the pen area COYS

    • We keep the ball better without Lennon what do you base your theory on the first half against Wigan or the secon when they had 10 men. Firstly i told all our fans Lennon was not fully fit since he was missing for three months and Hudds ankle we must hae the worse medical team in footballing history. Just look at WOODGATE Huddlestone played last season with missed theneedles in his ankle look what has happened his operation has not cured is battered ankle because with needles masking pain he has done more damage Lennon missed three months with groin trouble he was finally sent too Germany and he recommended more rest he came back and you could see he was avoiding any painful contact and he had stopped taking full backs on the outside because just like Bale when he hurt his back it causes fear of ending up in a lot of pain. Lennon fit Hudds fit offer somthing both of these players have not got Sandro and Parker Lennon explosive speed late dramatic goals when defenses are tired getting behind pressing and good defenses aRSENtracking back Asenal chelsea Milan Liverpool have all bean on the end of his pace. Huddlestone scored twice last season with one ankle full of painkilling injections both where stunning he created Goals for Crouch and others he allowed Modric to roam freely and then disater he went missing for 4 months and if you check our states you will see stairing you in the face D we never created half has many chances and finished 5th and 8th best scorers and ninth best defense and it was one leg Lennon and one ankle Huddlestone who dragged us too 5th and the quarters of the Champs. Remember this Hudds and Lennon have not played with King and Parker Ady so you cat judge who would be better in our team yet and i will bet any money we will score enough goals in games so we are not crossing fingers and biting nails hoping we don’t concede and draw or get beat 0-1 in future

  12. I think we should play 5-3-2 with wing backs.
    bale and walker are quick and fit enough to go up and down the wings all day and it would make it harder for the opp to mark bale.

    3 centre backs would make us very hard to penetrate kaboul, king and gallas (they are strong and have pace – backed up by the experienced friedel.

    2 holding midfielders Sandro + Parker – would dominate midfield as great in tackle but also good passers (play away from home with either vdv or modric behind front 2 running on scoring goals similiar to lampard role)
    at home we can afford to play 1 holding player with modric in cm and then vdv behind front 2 – adebeyor + defoe (he needs to play and he will score)

    play adebeyor + defoe up front but rotate with vdv and damaio (if we sign in january) or negredo / huntelaar – sell pav.

    • The problem is that absolutely no one plays 3 centre backs. And there is an obvious reason. Organising the defence is incredibly more difficult. Offside trap with 5 defenders? Plus too many cooks etc… Plus with King, Gallas, Kaboul commonly picking up injuries, maintaining a consistent set of 3 centre backs would be impossible – as opposed it merely being tricky for us to maintain a pairing…

      • okay point taken – thinking about it more; its the defoe + vdv issue thats causing me a problem. Do you sacrifice a good pairing in defoe + ade to play vdv, can you play all 3??

        bale – modric – vdv
        sandro – parker
        akotto – king – kaboul – walker

        adebeyor – defoe
        bale – modric – parker – vdv
        akotto – king – kaboul – walker

        • VDV is a luxury in my opinion. Great player to come off the bench if things aren’t going well as he can make a goal himself out of nothing, but playing him in the first eleven unbalances the team as it has to be changed to accomodate him.

          • @Mattyboy

            I pick the exact same two formations; 4-4-2 against easier opposition and the 4-2-3-1 against top teams.


            I agree that VdV is a luxury and shouldn’t play the whole game, but he should start. Lennon hasn’t been doing well enough lately to deserve a starting position but his pace could be a real threat later in the game when the other team starts to tire.
            VdV should play as a RM, allowing Modric to dictate just behind Ade. He would offer a different form of attack than Bale does on the left and after 60 minutes or so when he (always) begins to tire bring on Lennon to run the other team into the ground.

  13. Tottenham needs to play a 442,that’s how we get results. Modric needs to play in the middle. So only one of Parker and Sandro should start.
    Walker kaboul king BAE
    Vdv parker modric bale
    Adebayor defoe

    Parker is a bit better going forward. Parker and sandro should rotate.
    I’m sure Harry will see the sence in this

  14. I think the 2 DMs is a great plan, they are both class acts and add to the attacking aspect of our game as they’re both excellent all-round footballers.

    An attacking midfield trio of Van der Vaart, Modric and Bale is, in my opinion, the best system for Tottenham to use. Bale is a proper winger, he stays there and continually looks to break through down the left hand side, he is ably assisted by Benny Assou-Ekotto whose defensive prowess gives Bale the license to attack. To have two attacking players the quality of VdV and Modric and not use them both would be foolish, both like to wander around the pitch, deploy Rafa on the right but let him swap positions with Modric, the support for Adebeyor would be excellent and we would not miss Defoe’s profligacy in front of goal at all. Kyle Walker’s preference for getting forward at any opportunity also gives us width in the same way that Assou-Ekotto’s defensive discipline allows us to threaten the opposition on the left wing.

    • Walker’s tendency to bomb forward also makes playing someone like VDV on the right a liability. He buggers off and gives no defensive cover to Walker’s runs.

      • But playing parker and sandro would be enough defencive cover to allow them to do that. I think Regit is right i wanted this same formation played on saturday with the same players. dont forget lennon can be rotated with Vdv Modric and Bale in this formation too, 4-2-3-1 is the way to go for spurs.

  15. No one seems to remember… our best line up this season has been Bale, Modric, Parker Cranjcar. Cranjar is far better than Lennon, VDV is not a Right winger and neither is Giovani. Why does HR Insist on playing people out of position just to keep his favourite players in the team

      • When Rafa is fit you might be right but at present he tires badly after 45 minutes. Niko Kranjcar started as RM against Wolves and Liverpool which were our best two performances of the season.

        Walker Kaboul King BAE
        Kranjcar Parker Modric Bale
        Adebayor Defoe

        So until VDV is fit Spurs are have looked best starting Niko and using VDV from the bench.

        • It is just 2 games with Niko. It does not prove anything – just like the 2 Niko performances vs Man U and Man C do not prove anything. No point is changing a proven Vdv, for Niko who stay has lots to prove after last season. Kranjcar is yet to put in full season of quality and fitness. Vdv has done that – albeit on the fringe of fitness!

          • Modric should start in the middle and have Kranjcar as a sub.

            VdV should start as RM with Lennon as a sub.

            Parker in the middle (alongside Sandro if in a 4-5-1) with Sandro or Hudd as a sub.

          • What this highlights is that we’re short of genuine options on the right, having to play players out of position to cover when Lennon is injured, yet its never a position anyone ever seems to mention during transfer windows.

  16. Would like to see Sandro get another run-out against Shamrock, perhaps with Hudds and/or Livermore, resting Modric and Parker for Le Arse. Stick with Kaboul/King for Le Arse, Gallas/Bassong for Shamrock. I know Gallas had a blinder against them last season, but I’d save him for the away leg later this year, let’s let him get a few more minor matches in to get fit

  17. Been thinking about this for awhile now. Yes I am a self confessed Thudd fan, a player in the Hoddle mould my all-time favourite. When we start talking about the Parker/Sandro combination I see all that is wrong even to this day wiht the England squad – boring and safe players. Bring them in next to Thudd, but have a player who can put the ball into thise intelligent spaces and keep the opposition guessing. In out most successful season to date, we have Thudd playing in most of the games. Stop asking him to be Sandro – rather let him blossom next to a Sandro or Parker with Modders there as well. Bench VDV as a super sub!!

  18. I think due to the inconsistent form of Lennon and Defoe when they are on the pitch (both go missing for large periods of a 90 min match) VDV, Sandro, Parker, Bale, Modric and Ade are the 6 who should start in midfield/upfront……..you fit them in anyway possible.

    Lennon and Defoe are used if you need an injection of something different.

    Hudd is a problem, a player I do like and when he is on form he could make central midfield his own.

    The problem is in the past when we have had strong squads we have never had anyone fit…..and shock horror everyone is fit at the same time and either on form or proven quality……enjoy it now coz when one gets injured about 5 will be out at the same time.

    Choosing between Hudd, Sandro, Modric, VDV, Krancjar and Parker is impossible as any 2 could do a job you need to line them up according to who your playing.

    For Arsenal they have a weak defence but in my opinion the best right back in the league in Bacary Sagna, Bale has never got the better of him therefore I would have Modric left like he used to play, Bale right, Sandro and Parker in because of there 3 man midfield which we would dominate either way but Sandro and Parker are dead certs to dominate… and then Ade and Defoe upfront although VDVaart if he is told to play higher up the pitch would be my choice.


  19. It’s all about formations.

    For me, they both should play in a 4-2-1-3 formation, with Modric as the 1 behind the front 3 which can be adjusted to suit the game eg: Lennon, Ade, Bale or VDV, Ade, Bale or even have VDV as the 1 in some games.

    The key is to keep a solid defensive base with the back 4 and the 2 “holding” MF’s (they can both attack and defend as both are box-to-box players) and to allow the front 4 to move around wherever they can gain an advantage.

    The only problem I see is with Walker who once again on Saturday demonstrated that he is a great asset going forward but a bit of a liability when defending. As soon as Wigan targeted him with Moses he looked dodgy and I am sure Wenger will not have missed that.

    • It is not about formations, it is about personnel & lineups. That team you list there will end up playing the same as if they are in a 4-4-1-1 because Bale, Lennon, Modric, VDV – or whoever you play in the front line will instinctively drop back. Only if you play with Pav, Defoe, AND Adebayor will you get a 4-4-3 style attack.

  20. The spine of the team is left-inclined… to me the following 8 players are a must in every PL game :


    Walker/Corluka/Bassong? for RB (Corluka if Lennon plays)
    Kaboul/King/Daws for CB
    VDV/Kranjar/Lennon/Pienaar for 4-5-1
    Defoe/Pav for a 4-4-2
    Hudd as backup for Scott/Sandro

    • Somewhat agree with that. What we have done is added a central spine of Friedel, King, Parker & Adebayor to that left-ish spine of Ekotto, Bale and Modric. There is little wonder in why we appear stronger already.

  21. I think there is definitely a time and a place to play both players in the middle, away against harder opposition for example. However, against wolves and liverpool we looked much more creative with modric in the centre and parker protecting the back 4.

    Fpr the time being i think we should stick with parker, although sandro is definitely going to be the future of spurs.

    I think the starting lineup should be

    Walker – King – Kaboul – A E

    VdV – Modric – Parker – Bale

    Defoe – Ade

    VdV would give us much better delivery than lennon on the right imo.

  22. For me, these two have to start. Sandro was awesome last year and was becoming a real top player. Parker has been outstanding for us this year, and fits the bill perfectly. The only time I would say it is better to drop one, would be against defensive minded teams coming to WHL. Against the big teams, having those two in their will make us a solid unit, and give us a real platform to beat these top teams. Against Arsenal , for example, they both have to play in my opinion!The problem is Modric/Van Der Vaart..I would play Luka just in front of the two holding boys so we don;t lose his creativity, and play Rafa as a Right Wing Forward with license to drift inside. Whatever Harry chooses, we have some great options, and this adaptability will make us a force to be rekoned with as the season progresses. COYS!

  23. Why! Why! Why!.. Why are you all intent on playing people out of position just to “fit them in” . The pairing of Modric & Parker works.. Parker on the Right….Out of the game. Its either Parker OR Sandro or as proved this week..Upset the balance of the team. but dont forget Harry will have to include Hud and Piennar (why did we buy him.. oh yes cheap at the time). so with Harrys mentality, whats the odds of Bale reverting to LB just to fit them all in…ok rant over.. we work best with 442 and the middle 4 HAS to be Bale Modric Parker Cranjcar. the only place for VDV is up front,with Ade, but shouldnt Gio be up with Ade. Surely HR can see neither player is suited to the Right Wing. Oh silly me, our super strike Defoe has that slot. Harry is Good, but will never be a Great Manager because his team selection is always with his heart NOT his head

    • How daft.

      Wigan in the first half showed both playing works and nobody is out of position. Gio does nothing in every game he plays, even dropping his head and walking around when he loses the ball yet clowns want him picked. Krancjar can’t defend yet clowns want him picked.

      You clueless Harry haters should go support someone else.

  24. I think we have enough quality now to rotate!!

    Midfield pairings
    Modric + Parker
    Hoddelstone + Sandro

    Wing + fullback pairings
    Akotto + Bale. (left)
    Bale + Kranjcar (left)
    Walker + Lennon (right)
    Walker + Pienaar (right)

    Striker pairings
    Adebeyor + Defoe
    Leandro Damaio + Van der vaart

    Centre back Pairings
    King + Dawson
    Gallas + Kaboul

    Away from home against good teams play 2 def midfielders from Sandro Parker and Huddelstone and 1 up front with bale Modric and vdv or kranjcar pienaar and dos santos behind Adebeyor or leandro Damaio

  25. Depending on the opposition, yes they should both start.

    Walker, Kaboul, King, Assou-Ekotto
    Sandro, Parker
    VDV, Modric, Bale

    Walker, Kaboul, King, Assou-Ekotto
    Lennon, Parker, Modric, Bale

    Walker, Kaboul, King, Assou-Ekotto
    VDV, Sandro, Modric, Bale
    Defoe, Adebayor

  26. This would stop us shitting our pants and whistling for the game too end. Friedegg Walkinfast KIingfisher Karboot Lemonade Parkinticket Huddletogether Baleout Moddsanrockers Defootanmoutth Adebsogoodforyou

  27. I think 4-3-3 with Modders or VDV in behind Defoe and Adebeyor would work well.

    Walker, King, Kaboul, Bale
    Parker, Sandro, Hudd
    Defoe, Adbeyor


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