Over the weekend, rumours began to spread about a Spurs move for Blackburn’s Junior Hoilett during the January transfer window. While it’s traditional for the newspapers to look at ‘doomed’ clubs such as Blackburn and rake over the talent that they still possess, what is all the fuss about here?

Hoilett is a 21 year old Canadian born player who can play either on the right wing or as a second striker. Since joining Blackburn in 2007, he has made only 53 starts in the league to date which have sandwiched two separate loan spells in Germany.

2011-12 however does seem to be something of a breakthrough season for the player and his current manager Steve Kean, believes he can go all the way.

“He can be top, top notch. He can go all the way to being a very, very special player in this league,” Kean said.

Hoilett can switch flanks easily and as such, has been touted in some areas as a possible replacement for Aaron Lennon. Having an emergency striker could also be useful, but is Hoilett ready to make an impact at White Hart Lane?



  1. Haven’t really seen enough of him to make a proper judgement, but on youtube clips and a few highlights he looks solid. Definitely more decisive that Lennon…

  2. have watched his performances for the last 2 yrs and he has the potential to be a top forward. very much Ash Young type of player. Loves running with the ball and taking players on, scores, assists, and wouldnt cost alot as contract close to expiring so would love to have him at spurs

  3. his name rhymes with toilet but he still could be big! get him in give Pinear till end of season to prove himself if he dont .goodbye

    • Good spot…I never thought of that! Unlucky… He could probably get away with that in Canada because his name does not rhyme with “bathroom”…

    • Pienaar has already proved enough for me. He just needs to get fit and play a few games so we do not forget him. If you need a more solid wide player, then Pienaar is your man. He would be preferable to Niko or Lennon against a formidable winger on the other side. If Pienaar played vs Man U or Man C, we would have been more in those games.

  4. I have to admit I have watched him only when Blackburn play live most recently against Arsenal and he seems excellent.

    He was great last year during the run in…..I personally think he is exactly what we need as Right Midfield is the only position we dont have a consistent performer….Krancjar and Lennon are our best options and neither really hold the position down like someone such as Bale does with Left Mid

  5. Lennon is still young and will continue to improve, so I don’t think there’s really space for him in the team. If Kranjcar and Bentley go for good I think we should only go for David Beckham as cover and someone who could work with the kids. Maybe even help Lennon improve the consistency of his final ball? Hoilett is 21 and really he should be looking to play regular football now.

  6. ‘Me October 11, 2011 at 3:16 pm
    No Spurs fan has any idea, we don’t watch Blackburn each week to be in a position to assess him.’


  7. Anyone who knows nothing about him should go and follow another sport..They guy was outstanding last season for Blackburn and has carried on in the same vein this season. You dont have to follow Blackburn to see it but when they are on MOTD or whatever the good players always stand out and any football lover will spot and take note. The guy is only 21 and for me a much better player than lennon, has a great football brain and blessed with all the attributes to be a top player. Am sure those who know little of him also fall into the “We dont want Parker, he is not better than what we got” camp during the close season. Please go and watch a different sport.

  8. The kid is getting better. I called for us to sign him last season. This season Blackburn need someone to step up, and this guy is. More experienced heads like Dunn and Pedersen falter. This is what you need to notice. Forget the you tube clips. Watch Match of the Day or goals on Sunday. You need to see the times where he fails to do things as well as the times when it comes off. Remember when Baddiel and Skinner compiled a “Pele was rubbish” sequence? You can do anything with edited clips.

  9. Im a Blackburn fan and can say that he is the only reason we stayed up last season & is the only reason we have a chance of staying in the premier league. He has bags of potential and can see him being one of the best players in the league in years to come

  10. I haven’t seen him to judge, and he might be a decent backup player (maybe more, who knows) but should he (or similar be the goal)?
    We’re effectively a top 4 team and should raise our sights a bit. Why not aim for Goetze or Hazard for the right? Both are quality and young, long-term prospects.

    I’d say sell Lennon and get one of the above two. Possibly get Hoilett, or similar, as well for competition and backup.
    Be wise about spending our money but we do need to spend to play at the level we’re aiming for.

  11. Hoilett and Cahill are typical Spurs targets just like Pienaar was – good players coming to the end of their contracts so they can be bought on the cheap.

    We do not desperately need either player this season.

    What we need iin January s better cover for Adebayor and more competition among the strikers which means upgrading Pav.

    We should get that sorted first and then think about strengthening the squad.


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