As the MLS season draws to a close, the David Beckham rumours are starting to gather pace but any move to Spurs could be scuppered by the former England man’s desire to represent Great Britain at the 2012 Olympics.

Beckham believes that to do that, he needs his next club to be able to guarantee regular football.

“What will actually happen next I still can’t say, but what is very important in the decision in terms of what I do, be it staying here, or going to PSG or wherever, is that I get enough time on the pitch because I want to be part of the Olympics,” he said in the Daily Telegraph.

The rest of the interview puts a lot of emphasis on his time in the US and many pundits are predicting that he will stay there.

With Spurs already struggling to accommodate the game time demands of several players in their squad, the last thing Harry may want is an ageing Beckham who needs to play every week.




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