As Euro 2012 draws ever closer, the speculation over Harry Redknapp’s future continues and during the course of the weekend, several stories emerged resurrecting the link between Spurs and former Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti.

Ancelotti hasn’t managed since leaving Stamford Bridge at the end of last season and speaking on Radio 5 live, the Italian reiterated his desire to stay in England.

“The Premier League is the best competition in Europe, so I would like to stay here if it is possible,” he said. “The life here in England is beautiful.”

It’s a case of looking where possible vacancies may lie and Spurs could be an obvious conclusion to draw from those comments but could Carlo be the man to take Tottenham to the ‘next level’.



  1. Ancelotti? God no. He just stands there looking bemused then throws 50m at the problem. He did a woeful job last season, losing their 3 most important matches against a shite Man U team

  2. We may well have no other choice – (if he is up for it that is). But peops beware. He cleaned up in Italy, but is famous for his defensiveness. Complete polar opposite to Harry. Enjoy Harry while it lasts…

  3. These are halcyon days for spurs. Love Harry and the results he has brought. I am scared as to who the next manager is around the corner! Lets have another Ramos.

  4. Harry is not getting the England job Pierce is getting it this is part of the sale of the FA to City Oilers and Bersnstiens appointment has Boss. This will guarantee City players becoming Internationals

  5. I still think it will be Ancelotti. He is the polar opposite of Harry as someone mentioned. He has also done very well at every club, however, he is defensive. I love watching Bale, Modders, VDV, Adebayor, Defoe, Lennon, wih Walker bombing on. Moyes has never had money to spend…..would he spend it right? I am not sure what will happen next, but manure are in bigger trouble….when fergie retires he will sit on the board and step in as caretaker every year…………

  6. I very much doubt that Harry will get England job due to his tax case baggage so he will be with Spurs for a while yet.Ancelotti would be a reasonable replacement and i cant think of many other names to be put into the ring.The chosen one Jose would be my prefered choice but i think he will be at Real Madrid for some time to come.It worries me when i see some of the names that are being touted around,Ramos on paper should have been a good deal but we all know how that went.

  7. As i think Ancelotti is capable of doing a good job at spurs, i’d like to throw 2 more names into the ring, Micheal Laudrup did very well in spain plays attractive football , tactical uses his formation very well, did very well with Grefete with no money. The other is Van Basten with Ruud Guillet all are available. We would be able to attract quality players , attractive football, different formations.

    • Ruud is a no no, especially after his recent ‘chelsea should go back in for modric in jan’ comment. He can fucking do one and his managerial sucess is zilch.

  8. As the song goes you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, i’m dreading H getting the england job. At the moment the club’s stable and seems to keep improving something we as spurs fans have not had for a long long time until Harry came along. I have my worries about another foreign coach Jol was a good bloke but i do think his time in charge is looked upon with rose tinted specs, personally if anyone it’d be Moyes for me and i’m a little unsure even about that. Not to constructive i know sorry, Mr. Levy has some hard choices

  9. My choice would be Moyes as well. The only problem I see is that he hasnt had any “big” club experience. But I suppose neither did Redknapp and that hasnt done us any harm…

  10. Ancelotti is the higher profile “showbiz” candidate, has won many trophies & is the leading contender. He also has ambitions concerning his national & “traditional” domestic teams. But he would leave when it suited him. Moyes is the quiet custodian. Loyal to his chairman & fans, morally sound & stoic. An overachiever with a wafer thin squad. Less hassle for Levy when releasing funds. A possible Bill Nicholson/Keith Burkinshaw hybrid in the making & my choice of the 2.

  11. i dont really know why everyone is so hyped on moyes?….
    he hasnt really done fuck all has he…
    ancelotti would be good, he is pretty defensive tho…
    but a proven winner….
    i have a feeling hughes is gonna creep in somewhere….


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