Is this week’s man of the match a formality or does someone other than Rafael van der Vaart deserve the champagne after his double strike in yesterday’s 2-1 win at Blackburn?

The Dutchman is in a rich vein of striking form with five golas in his last four games and was singled out for praise by manager Harry Redknapp after the match.

“Rafa’s a class finisher, a clinical goal scorer,” said Harry.

“He did the same last season, scored goals for us week in, week out.

“I’ve said this season that he’s capable of scoring 20 goals and being right up there with the top goal scorers, he’s a fantastic finisher.”

Elsewhere, Luka Modric could have equalled VDV’s contribution with shots that brought decent saves from ex-Spur Paul Robinson while Gareth Bale’s trademark runs punctuated the match. On the opposite flank, Kyle Walker showed those Roberto Carlos qualities in setting up the first goal while Rafa praised our entire back four for their contribution after the game.

So who is your man of the match from yesterday’s win?



  1. Scoring goals obviously wins you games but equally keeping the opposition out prevents you from losing them. My vote goes to Kaboul for his tenacity and the way he cajoled Bassong through a very tight game. VDV’s two goals were exceptional. I appreciated the first far more after seeing it on TV than at the time. How he took the ball, which was slightly behind him, then executed a shot that was perfectly placed, was sheer genius, but he’ll forgive me for selecting our unsung hero Kaboul on this occasion.

  2. VDV………Kaboul a close second.

    I’ve been down on VDV as well………..But he clearly can play only position ……that of the second striker.

    Adebayor was pretty wasteful and poor ….maybe give VDV & Defoe a run vs QPR to mix things up.

  3. Looking at those results, does it mean that somebody actually voted for bassong???? I was there and he was appalling, VDV scored two great goals but workrate was lacking, Parker was a 10 out of 10 for tenacity but it wasn’t really flowing for him. My vote goes to walker for making the most positive overall contribution in both and attacking and defensive sense.

  4. There were of course other good performances, also from our goalkeeper. But even if only for his two finishes VdV just showed class – our very own Dutch master, intelligent, skillful, visionary and accurate. And this time he played all but the last three minutes. Long may he run.

  5. Yo Ben – Agreed on Bassong……….he simply does not belong in top flight futbol.

    how was the Riverside experience ?

    And I agree about Parker……..the entire MF looked out of sorts….The one observation w/ Modric/Parker. I saw both of them on a few occasions occupying the same space…..which definitely disjointed things…….

  6. As a dutchman, and Ajax fan i vote for Rafa

    Thanks to him i have become a Tottenham fan, and i love to see Rafa playing, along with the other fantastic Tottenham players

    I have to admit that even if Rafa is not playing i am still watching the Spur matches

    Rafa is not only a good player but a down to earth guy, while he has every reason to act like a star… but he doesn’t


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