Rafael van der Vaart has been dominating the headlines after his double strike on Sunday made it five goals in four games for the Dutchman.

After complaining of being played out of position against Arsenal, Harry Redknapp claimed it was a straight choice between VDV and Jermaine Defoe and while many thought that JD’s partnership with Adebayor shouldn’t be broken, it’s hard to argue with the manager’s choice.

However, Rafa has stated that he feels a great deal of sympathy for Defoe and suggested that the two of them could form Spurs’ first choice strike pairing in the future.

“I just score my goals when I am picked,” he said. “I feel that I am a starting player so I am not worried about starting, but of course I feel sorry for Jermain.

“I feel also that we can play together, so we will have to see what happens throughout the season.”

While it seems unlikely that Harry would consider dropping Adebayor at this stage, Spurs will at some point need to prepare for life after his loan deal is up so could VDV and JD be the long term answer to striking issues at the Lane?



  1. Rafa and the midget who wont pass, together? hell no! is the answer that anyone with even half a brain would arrive at.Hes just giving JD a leg up, if Ade is injured redchump would surely play pav? , and if rafa gets injured again , Ade and JD in a 4-4-2, whos with me:D

    • I would agree that this combo is the worst of the 3 options…

      And I dont have Roman P factored into any equation…….He needs to be sold asap. he is a bad fit and his value (w/ his age) is plummeting…..sell asap

  2. It wasn’t very successful last year……That was obvious.

    But giving them another try at it should be in the cards…..Defoe has pace and w/ VDV’s passing ability, one would think VDV can find Defoe clear on an occassion or two…..

    And, w/ Adebayor having his worst game so far and being really wasteful, maybe give this combo a shot vs QPR to give it a chance…..In watching QPR’s defense, a speedy player like Defoe might be perfect next weekend.

  3. Adebayor knows he has to reduce his wages so give him out top wage and a bonus package with loyalty payments in it to top it up. Future solved.


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