Whoever makes it on to the plane for Kazan this week won’t be joined by their manager as Harry Redknapp will be dealing with what was first referred to as ‘unexplained medical problem’ as opposed to making the journey himself.

The official statement on the club website reads: “Harry Redknapp is due to undergo a medical procedure tomorrow morning and will therefore not travel with the squad.”

This means that Joe Jordan and Kevin Bond will be in charge on the night and a young side is likely to be out on the pitch in front of them.

Harry has often voiced his annoyance at the Europa League so this seems a good a time as any to sort it out. Breaking news today however has expanded on the club’s statement and told us that the manager is undergoing minor heart surgery so Messrs Bond and Jordan could conceivably take up the reigns for longer than one game.
In the meantime we wish Harry well and look forward to seeing him back on the bench very soon.



  1. Sounds to me like Harry will have an angiogram entailing snaking an instrument through an artery, probably in the groin, into his heart and inserting a stent after clearing te obstruction. Judging from my wife’s similar experience he should be OK to take charge of the game at Fulham on Sunday. There is a slight mortality risk but it is very small.

  2. Im sorry but I cant help but think harry is timing this now to get out of the long trip to russia, and this publicity about his heart is for the upcoming courtcase to get a bit of leniency in his favour. Its clever, but the last i heard from him he was feeling healthy doing yoga, dieting etc.

    • i think staying out of prison might be his priority ahead of the england job. Im not sure he is that desperate to manage england at the moment, I think he believes it is a job that will keep, he was talking up warnock for the position the other day ..he thinks he has more to do here at spurs and ofcourse aswell as being england manager, every manager would like to win the premiership title wouldnt they?

  3. This is ironic Harry has bean taken to Hospital with shortness of breath when have bean ranting on about too much breath especially in the second half of . Harry and our fans have watched Spurs look like they will win easily then the half time Cuppa and orange has transformed a teams tempo and energy in the last 45 plus mins of games. Why Harry and fans around the country cant see what’s going on is amazing. Newcastle sold all there so called top players Enrique being the last one too leave yet they are third and there work rate is incredible Tiote Gutares Oberton against Spurs Simpson Collocini Taylor Taylor have turned into the best defence in the the premiership yet they got Newcastle relegated the season beforeScotty Parker has always had a terrific work rate all his carrear Newcastle players have not so where has it come from and if its the training ground then we are not fit and 106 klm too Newcastle’s 121 shows me we are lacking and causing Harry anxiety in the second half of games. 4411 does not suit our players we are attack minded and Scotty Parker is overworked 442 suits us better for 90 mins 4411 last for 45 mins

  4. lets all hope that HR makes a speedy recovery as the QPR game (1st half) was the best football Spurs fans have seen in a long, long time.
    hasnt shown any problems this season and otherwise seems healthy, especially if trying yoga out.
    maybe this was a reaction to BAE ultra laid back defending on the weekends LOL
    good news that gallas is travelling if correct, his influence on the kids will really be valuable

  5. 4-1-2-3 (home)

    walker; king ; kaboul ; akotto
    parker/ sandro DM
    modric AM ; van der vaart AM
    RW defoe/ lennon ; adebeyor TM ;bale LW

    4-1-2-3 (away)

    walker; king ; kaboul ; akotto
    parker DM; sandro DM
    van der vaart AM
    RW modric ; adebeyor TM ;bale LW


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