Barca bid to test Spurs’ resolve?

Barca bid to test Spurs’ resolve?


So far, any stories about a possible departure for Gareth Bale seem to have been little more than rumour, but if you believe the latest reports, Spurs’ resolve is about to be tested by an official bid from Barcelona.

The claim has come out of Spain where reports suggest that Barcelona’s technical advisor Albert Valenti was at the Fulham game to run the rule over Bale, who could be seen as a long term replacement for Barca left back Eric Abidal.

The suggestion is that a bid of around £35m to £40m could be on its way and speaking on Talksport earlier, Ray Wilkins believes that it could be hard to turn down.

“When someone like Barcelona sits up and takes notice it makes you realise that you are playing some good football, and Gareth Bale is playing some extraordinary stuff,” Wilkins said.

“Coughing up £35million is a lot of money. In the January transfer window it will be very interesting to see if Tottenham can turn that down as it is an extreme amount of money.”

Wilkins spoke of a January move but reports in Spain suggest that an offer won’t arrive until the summer. He also suggested that £35m was ‘extreme’, but would it really be enough?

Up until now, it’s just been gossip as far as Bale is concerned but it seems as if an official offer may just be appearing on the horizon.


  1. If we can turn down £40 million for Modric then we’ll turn down less for a brighter prospect without thinking twice.

    Bale won’t move until the summer at the earliest and it will be for £40m plus

    • We dont need $$………We need quality players. End of story.

      Just take care of the top4 n CL and bale isn’t going anywhere

  2. Bale should not be allowed to leave!! I trust that Levy will handle this the same way as the Modric saga. Chelsea and Man United will come again for Modric, Barcelona will come for Bale, AC Milan will come for Sandro and Van der Vaart, eventualy a big club will come for Walker, but Redknapp and Levy MUST realise that selling any one or more of these players will simply put a finish to all the recent progress Spurs have made. We must sell 5 players (Pavlyuchenko,Dos Santos,Bassong,Bentley and Jenas) for aprox. £35million. Add to that the aprox. £25 we received on deadline day in August, and the fact that we do have money to spend (we reportedly bid £40million for Aguero) and we find ourself in a position where we can spend £75million on 3 players. I know this sound
    s absurd,but if we do this we can truely establish ourselves as title contenders and guarantee a top four finish consistantly. We must bring a CF (Edison Cavani / Fernando Llorente / Leandro Damiao) a midfielder (Eden Hazard / Marco Marin / Junior Hoilett) and a CB (Gary Cahill / Jan Vertorghen / the Barcelona acadamy targets). Our squad will then be able to compete in the PL and in the ECL. Fringe players like Krancjar and Pienaar will provide cover in depth and by keeping the core of our best players and the quality we allready have, three more players (and a new GK after Friedel like Krul/Begovic/Stekelenberg) is neede to take us to the top. If we do this,we don’t even have to think about Bale and Modric leaving for bigger clubs since we will be able to compete at all levels. In Harry and Levy we trust, break the wage strucure, bring in 3 world class acts and it will be glory,glory years ahead!!! COYS

    • I agree with you on the need to hang onto what we have but you kind of threw in the need for young goalkeeper as an afterthought. We won’t be able to spend $75 million on Damaio, Hazard and a CB and still have money to bring in a quality young keeper. In my opinion, the need for a young goalkeeper is greater than the need for a midfielder.

    • Great analysis although I would question your midfield choices. Marin does look great but isn’t he a central attacking mid? And Hazard, as discussed recently, is weakest on the right which is where we need a new mid.

      Also, I would highly push for Damiao of the three forwards listed and Vertonghen of the CBs.

      Regarding midfield, does Lennon have a place with Spurs? Up until the last two games I would have said to sell him now while he still has a fairly high value and replace him, but he’s been getting good results lately. Still, I’d rather have Goetze or Erikson than Lennon. Lennon + 5-10m? Worth it if we do have money to spend.

      @ Bobbles, Vorm would be a great addition if they go down, but I have to say I enjoy watching them and would much Blackburn, Wolves, and Wigan go down.

  3. Why are you all so concerned about speculation from Spain. Daniel Levy will not sell the crown jewells of our club when it abundantly clear that we are marching onwards and upwards and has already proved that with his stand on the Modric saga no matter what that ugly chimp Wilkins has to say on the subject. He would be wise to mind his own fucking business and concentrate on cheatski instead of Spurs.

    • It would be on our terms, straight swap for Messi if they want Bale! Its all bullshit anyway but lurch Wilkins watchout you cunt.

  4. This is bollocks, Barca don’t play the sort of game that makes Bale the sort of player they want. The tippy-tappy style is completely opposite to his charging down the flank on a break style.

  5. Al Habsi to come in as competition for Friedel. Samba in Bassong out. Pav out, Llorente in.

    Jenas, Naughton, Bentley and Gio to be sold asap for as much as possible.

    Job done.


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