Tottenham’s surge up the table has left them with the possibility of going third tonight if they beat Aston Villa by a sufficient enough score line to take them above Newcastle.

However, with teams such as Liverpool and Arsenal starting to find form, assistant Joe Jordan has stated that Spurs need to keep on winning games such as these if they are to stand a chance of regaining a Champions League slot.

“We’ve done very well after the first couple of matches,” said Jordan.

“Fulham was a tough place to go where we’ve struggled in the past, but we came away with three points two weeks ago.

“That’s an indication that we have made progress. Let’s hope it continues.”

Joe carried on to claim that Villa will provide tough opposition this evening.

“It is a tough game for us, they have a lot of pace up front,” he added.

“They are very quick on the counter attack so we will have to be very conscious of that.”

Spurs’ challenge for top four places was undone by their failure to win games such as these last season and let’s hope that the prospect of going third tonight doesn’t weight too heavily on the players’ minds.



  1. 1-0 is a sufficient enough score line as we have scored more goals than them!

    If you watched the Arsenal as I did if that is them on form against a dreadful Norwich side then there is nothing to worry about, the mediocre players they have bought have dragged them down, Van Persie is the only goalscorer they have.

    We on the other hand have them all over the pitch. People are under estimating us still. We have 2 games in hand both at home, have played 6 away games, will have played the teams in 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st, leaving only Chelsea out the the top 9 we wouldn’t have played after tonight. Keep the run going boys.

  2. Agreed but we can not get complacent we have this tendency to throw away leads and even believe are own hype. Villa will be a tough game tonight Bent will want to put one over us and if were not strong at the back we could suffer Adebeyour
    could do with a goal too…… COYS


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