There are injury doubts over Jermain Defoe and Rafael van der Vaart ahead of tomorrow’s match with but it seems quite possible that Spurs will start the game with an unchanged side once again.

There are two schools of thought on this: On the one hand you can apply the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it theory’ or you could suggest that it’s time for a little bit of squad rotation.

The latter option doesn’t seem likely at the back at least where it seems hard to believe that Harry will rest any of Friedel, Walker, BAE, King or Kaboul unless he has to.

Moving into midfield, Bale, Modric and Parker seem cast iron certainties as well and the only question here is whether Redknapp will find a place for Sandro – possibly at the expense of Aaron Lennon.

Up front, Ade’s two goals against Villa together with JD’s injury concern will have ended any faint whispers that he should be switched with Defoe while VDV will surely start as long as his hamstrings have held up.

It’s rare for any side to have a settled, injury free starting XI that keeps winning games but at Spurs it’s almost impossible to remember when that last happened. (1986-87? 1960-61?!!) With that in mind, here’s our team to face West Brom – what’s yours?




  1. Some sites saying vdv is not fit so that blows your team out the window.Defoe also carrying one so either play Pav or put Sandro in with Parker and give Luks the free role or bale or just tell them to switch about.

  2. I dont think Lennon does enough, we would be better without him and play Sandro, allowing the flair players to attack more.

    Walker will cover the right flank, Bale & EKO the left.

    Parker & Sandro can patrol in front of the back 4.

  3. well if indeed vdv and defoe dnt make it i think this a perfect oppertunity to give the 4 2 3 1 a chance esspecially as we r away
    walker kaboul king BAE

    parker sandro

    lennon bale

  4. Mine would pretty much be the same, except I would bring in Gallas for King to give him a rest, Supposedly VDV is a doubt so I would play Sandro in the middle and move Modders into the hole.

  5. If VDV & JD are not fit then push Luka up behide Abe and slot in Sandro next to Parker. WBA are not a bad side, and this gives us more bite in the middle

  6. yeeeeehhhhahaaahaaaa. boring fellows!

    WBA will turn us over if we muck about up there, i watched us there a couple ao seasons ago, we were turned over 2-0 and we DID NOT WANT TO BE THERE. from the second the lads walked out you could see we were for the taking. with Sandro and Parker in the middle king a Kabaul behind them we stand a chance of coming away with a point. If we put Livermore in there with Parker (Sandro coming on when we build the 2 goal advantage). Then we will have a better attacking balance. but HR needs to be ready to haul Livermore off in favor of Sandro as soon as we get 2 goals up, don`t be afraid to close the game off, even if its only half time.

      • It was cold, damp, dreary, and our lads just did not want to be there, I am sure you will agree that energy drugs or no, we were asking to be turned over that day. I love our Spurs but i tell you after watching that game i really knew what the pundits were saying was true (at the time) Spurs just did not have the “grit” needed to win games at places like the hawthorns. I hope that has changed, but it is the first real test of this season away from home no glamour cold wet windy, CAN WE STEP UP? i sooooo hope we can.

    • When we got beat 2-0 the player who scored the second goal and made the first was all over the News of the World buying 500 pounds worth of drugs. Have a little more faith the only thing that has bean causing shock results in the past three season was energy abuse if we match there tempo we will win easy just like Liverpool did 2-0

  7. Iv being wanting spurs to play a 4231 for quite awhile now so it should be 4231 …..
    Walker king kaboul bae
    Parker Sandro
    Lennon modric bale

  8. Team to beat West Brom Tempo Top ups. Friedel Walker King Kaboul Ekotto Lennon Parker Modric Pienaar Sandro Bale Ady upfront yes Bale can play second striker

    • yeah that squad would surely have the upper hand, its always nice to have an extra man roaming the middle.. the consensus seems to be dropping VDV, slotting Modric in the hole, and giving Sandro another well deserved start.


  9. i just think with Sandro and Parker in the middle we are too negative especially with King and Kaboul behind them. I think King Kaboul Friedel ASO And walker at the back we are tight there anyway, lets have some attacking flair start the game fast grab our 2 goals. He who dares wins Delboy!


    —————–RVP—————-||LONDON 4-2-3-1

    ———-Aguero—-Dzeko——–||MANCHESTER 4-1-2-1-2
    Ashley Young———-David Silva


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